First Look At New Silver Tesla Roadster – Video


Leave it to Bjorn Nyland to be the first to present the new Tesla Roadster, dressed in sparkly silver paint, to the world.

The new Roadster certainly stole the show away from the Tesla Semi last night and it continues to be the highlight of today.

We’ve seen it in red (full details here) and watched it zip from 0 to 60 MPH in just 1.9 seconds.

Now you can check it out in silver courtesy of the video above and a few choice screenshots below.

Silver Tesla Roadster

Silver Tesla Roadster

Roadster Tire & Wheel

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41 responses to "First Look At New Silver Tesla Roadster – Video"
  1. bro1999 says:

    So what’s up with that windshield wiper? Looks like they tossed a Tesla Semi wiper on there at the last minute.

    1. Dan says:

      If there is a pull-cord for the horn, that would take the re-use of components to a different level!

    2. Josh Bryant says:

      At 250+ mph having the wiper oriented vertically would save tons of loading on the blade, maybe preventing it from being ripped off.

      1. pjwood1 says:

        It’s a style cue, like older prototypes. The minimal jihadists will probably kill it.


    3. Nix says:

      If you look at the car used for the test rides, it did not have that windshield wiper. This is a prototype.

      But leave it to bro-spice to search high and low for something, anything at all to whine and cry about — just because it is built by Tesla.

      1. Cuz says:

        I think the wiper is an obvious question. As a passenger you’d get annoyed having no to look thru the wiper of your $300k car.
        Having said that, we know the wiper won’t make it to production, Tesla is good at clever implementation of things like this. Kind of like his unique and cool door handles and falcon wing doors, zero grille front, mono tube seat post in MX, rear-facing seats, drunk, etc. they do things different and most of the time it’s better.

        1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

          A RainX treatment and you won’t need the wipers….

          1. Dav8or says:

            Have you actually tried that? I have. I thought it sucked.

            1. Nick says:

              It works amazingly well.

              Are you sure you installed it right?

            2. Jacked Beanstalk says:

              Seriously, how many people are going to drive a 200K Tesla in the rain? The tires aren’t even designed to be driven in the rain.

              This is a garage queen for nice weather driving.

              It’s an important halo car but I do hope Tesla will someday make a $75K sports car for the masses. It should be cheaper to build than a Model X.

  2. Benz says:

    If Tesla can put a 200 kWh battery pack in the floor of this Tesla Roadster, then they must also be able to put a 200 kWh battery pack in the floor of the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3. Right?

    So, in the near future Tesla will announce that the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model 3 will also be available with a higher capacity battery pack than 100 kWh. Right?

    The prices will be higher as well.

    1. Dav8or says:

      It seems like the chassis and body will have to be the battery pack to get all that battery in there. The first idiot to crash one of these at 200 mph will put on a spectacular fireworks show for sure!

    2. goodbyegascar says:


      I recall reading that Elon Musk has decided 100 KWh is as high as they’ll go in the Model S.

      1. Alan Foster says:

        That was last week. An eternity in Tesla time.

  3. CDAVIS says:

    Interesting that Tesla already has multiple production intent roadsters built.

    Would not be surprised if large reason Musk revealed the Roadster at the Semi event is because Musk wants to himself be able to start playing with the Roaster outside of the Tesla lab. Also, something like this his hard to keep a secrect… amazing that they did up to the reveal event.

    1. Josh Bryant says:

      I heard from a Tesla exec back in 2012 about the “new Roadster” already being tested as a pet project of Musk’s.

      I was told sub 2 second 0-60 back then. They were testing the first dual motor AWD in a Roadster, before the put it in the Model S.

      I think the basic vehicle design/architecture has been complete for awhile, but there is no way they could release it before Model 3. Launching it now is a great way to bring in cash during the crunch over the next 6 months and won’t eat into Model S/3 demand like a Model Y might.

      So the real questing is HUD or no HUD?

  4. Kimmo57 says:

    The wiper is a surprising eyesore when they are completely hidden in the Model 3.

  5. Benz says:

    What are the exterior dimensions of the Tesla Roadster?

  6. WadeTyhon says:

    Gorgeous car! Best part of the semi reveal.

    I’ll never own it. But I can’t wait to see it on the road in a few years.

  7. philip d says:

    Looks great in silver. Would love to see what it looks like driving flat out on the Autobahn.

    1. goodbyegascar says:

      On the Autobahn, the new Tesla Roadster will look blurry.

  8. Assaf says:

    I wouldn’t say “stole the show”. Maybe for some inside-baseball car fans, maybe in terms of applause on the stage last night. But in terms of impact it’s not even close.

    A new roadster is cute.

    But a 500-mile semi is D-Day in the war on the oil economy. It opens up a whole new front that may help bring the entire thing down much faster.

    1. vdiv says:

      We have to look at the “collateral impact” not just the direct. What is Porsche for example thinking right now with their e-mission?

      1. Anon says:


    2. chris stork says:

      It’s a halo car and a supercar. It’s beautiful for a $200k+ car. Personally I was hoping the roadster would be somewhere between the 3 and the S as far as price/performance goes. But one thing it will do: put an end to the “Teslas don’t track” trolls. Now we can compare apples to apples with La Ferrari, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, etc.

    3. ffbj says:

      True. It’s the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

      1. Anon says:

        But the cake is AMAZING…

  9. Will says:

    Looks like a 3 coupe, i still dont get why auto companies make a cheap electric coupe that acts like a performance car at 25k range. Pontiac was known for its sports youth brand coupes

  10. Another Euro point of view says:

    This car has nice looks, seems a much better idea business wise than the semi. This could make profits, I doubt the semi will/would.

    1. ffbj says:

      You must have a few classes. Like the one talking about the Musk Mystique. He wants to electrify the transportation industry, by hook or by crook.

    2. Anon says:

      The TCO of the Semi has already generated significant interest for multiple pre-orders from J.B. Hunt, Walmart, Meijer, Loblaw, and many others…

      If you can cut the cost of shipping product to lower than Rail Transport prices, you’ve won the heavy trucking game.

  11. Dav8or says:

    It looks good, but it is disappointing to me that it’s still not a true drop top roadster. I thought once they made their own car and not tied to Lotus, they could do a real roadster. I guess rich guy super car status was more important though. I was hoping for something a little less stratospheric and more down to earth. I guess once you get above a certain speed, don’t know what that is, you can no longer have a rag top. Retractable hardtop would have likely worked, but for reason unknown to me, they seem to have fallen out of favor with car companies.

  12. TJKR says:

    Wow, what a car. Looking at this, the Model S really needs a design refresh.

  13. goodbyegascar says:

    Imagine a high-end motorhome as a self-driving RV.

  14. goodbyegascar says:

    The new Tesla Roadster might be better than the Rimac, at only one-fifth the price.

  15. How do you get that top off and make it a real “roadster”

  16. JAC says:

    Extremely ugly windshield wiper.

    1. Alan Foster says:

      I’ll bet the wiper will be changed. So will the steering wheel.

  17. Rob Staniford says:

    The LA Times, Biz section, shows a topless roadster. It tends to look like a cutout, but as I recall i8 did the same thing and now produces a roadworthy roadster (convertible) either most beautiful or most ugly depending on your camp.

    1. Jay Cole says:


      No Top:

      No top from side:

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