First Look At Karma Revero’s Digital Dashboard By Rightware Kanzi

SEP 8 2016 BY JAY COLE 10

Fisker Revero Infotainment Cluster

Karma Revero Infotainment Cluster

Rightware, a provider of UI design software for interfaces in use today with OEMs such as Audi, VW, and Nissan has added a new user for its Kanzi software product – Karma Automotive.

Rightware notes that Karma “…created both IVI and digital cluster within mere months for the new Revero using the same software that’s powering Audi’s Virtual Cockpit.”

Telling the time!

Telling the time!

The upcoming Revero (deliveries planned for Q1 of 2017) has a digital cockpit consisting of two integrated HMIs – a fully digital instrument cluster and a high-resolution infotainment system.

The company shared some early looks at the set-up for the Revero, just ahead of the vehicle’s official debut later today.

“Our vision at Karma Automotive is to inspire. We strive for timeless designs and use the latest and best technology in order to create a distinct experience that forms an emotional connection between the driver and the brand. The digital cluster and infotainment system play a major role in creating this connection. Kanzi enabled us to rapidly create a stunning and distinctive digital user experience that reflects our unique brand identity and take the Karma driving experience to another level”, says David Witt, UX + HMI Design Manager from Karma Automotive.

Karma Revero out for a spin

Karma Revero out for a spin

Rightware Press Release on the system:

The digital instrument cluster in the Karma Revero is configurable to suit the driver’s preferences. Its centerpiece is a digital speedometer with integrated infotainment and map content.

Karma Revero driver cluster instrumentation (click to enlarge)

Karma Revero driver cluster instrumentation (click to enlarge)

The digital instrument cluster is integrated with the Revero’s high-resolution infotainment system, with a screen that updates at a vibrant 60 frames per second. The infotainment system provides a highly responsive and engaging user experience with integrated access to HVAC and Infotainment functions, making them easily accessible with just a few touches.

Continuous innovation is important to Karma, and thanks to Kanzi’s small memory and storage footprint, Karma will be able to quickly and effortlessly update the user interface software using Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

“We are extremely happy to be co-operating with Karma Automotive, one of the forerunners in the high-end, hybrid luxury car segment. In addition to having an innovative approach to merging technology and design, Karma Automotive also truly understands and appreciates the high value and opportunity for differentiation offered by infotainment systems, both for the brand and the driving experience”, says Ville Ilves, President at Rightware.


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“Continuous Innovation is important to Karma” WHY ?? they don’t even have a car on the roads yet..You need to be producing a Car before you can make innovations to it. LMAO ..Put the carriage behind., The Horse.

It is all the work of the blue aliens.

Innovations are easier to implement before production than after the fact.

Looks much better than the “My First EV” GUI on the GM Bolt.

Wow. That looks very slick. And since it is all just an image on a screen, it can all be updated in the future.

Very inspired by Tesla.

You haven’t been to too many car shows or tech shows in your life, have you?

If Tesla announced carbon ceramic brakes on the new Roadster, people would be like “There goes Tesla innovating again.”

Now if only they could do something about the front end of the car…

“Gaudy Slick” comes to mind…

W/m? Do they mean wh/m? Is this a joke?