First Licensed BYD e6 Taxi Shows Up in New York


BYD e6 taxi fleet

BYD e6 taxi fleet in China

BYD recently published on its Facebook page a photo with of the first e6 electric taxi in New York:

“The first licensed BYD e6 taxi in NY”

The Chinese automaker did not share details on the eventual e6 taxi rollout in the US.

The truth is that the e6 was to appear on the market in U.S. four years ago in 2010.  It’s now 2014 and still we see just a demo e6 here or there.

The latest news on Bloomberg indicates that the new deadline for BYD to launch in the US is 2015. But will the current version of e6 be competitive with new models from other brands in 2015?

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4 Comments on "First Licensed BYD e6 Taxi Shows Up in New York"

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No way this is a legit taxi. Maybe a tech demonstrator, but BYD E6 has not been approved by DOT / NHTSA for use on US roads.

Notice the fascia is different. Better looking, more western detailing.

Still looks like Chinese crap.

Why am i suprised Dan likes teh look of he US BYD.
Looks like there is a market for cash strapped user buyers after all!