First Legit Tesla Model 3 Now On eBay With Starting Bid Of $69,995


Tesla Model 3 on eBay

It seems the wait for a legit auction listing of a Tesla Model 3 is now over.

After taking delivery of this Model 3 just 2 days ago (see delivery video below), this new owner decided to list the car on eBay with a starting bid of $69,995.

His reason for listing is that his wife wants a Tesla Model S instead.

Here’s the auction description:

This is a genuine ready to drive away Tesla model 3!

Car is delivered black with a long range battery, premium options, and 19 inch upgraded wheels.

This car has all the hardware ready for autopilot and autonomous driving.

Software can purchased later, from Tesla, to enable autopilot and autonomous features when/if desired.

Get this gorgeous new Tesla Model 3 right now!

Here’s a walk around video of the car delivered on December 27th, 2017 at the Tesla Fremont Factory!

Thanks for looking! Good luck!

A full VIN number is listed (5YJ3E1EA5HF002376), it checks out on various VIN tracker sites and it’s inline with Model 3 VINs reported by the NHTSA to date, so we’re thinking this auction is for real.

If interested in bidding or just checking out the auction itself, click here.

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54 Comments on "First Legit Tesla Model 3 Now On eBay With Starting Bid Of $69,995"

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There are several other listings on eBay now. Question is who would pay 70k for a car that is overpriced even at 50k?

I bet companies like Ford, Daimler, GM, Volkswagen, BMW and many others will easily spring 100 k or more to get one right now for in depth analysis.

They could reverse engineer it and learn hot to make an electric car! At that price its a steal..

No they just rent them and take them apart and return it broken.

That’s how Mercedes does it. Ford spent $50k over MSRP to get an early Model X and then never deliver a long range EV.

“Question is who would pay 70k for a car that is [priced] at 50k?”

At an auction site, it only takes two: One guy willing to pay that much, and one other guy willing to bid him up that far.

No bids so far, but I expect there will be.

But hey! You can avoid that whole auction anxiety thing by paying just US $90,995.00 to BUY IT NOW! Cheap at the price, innit?!?! πŸ˜€

Only some other auto company if it wants to disassemble it. But there isn’t much to see here.

Still 0 bids with 18 hours to go. Half mil waitlisters my foot.

Well you gotta buy that wifey the Model S and you don’t have the money so you start flipping cars.

The 400k plus waiting list tells us the car is underpriced at $50k.

I can find zero logic in this statement.

I test drove one two months ago. It is like a more modern model s but smaller and without electrical lift gate, without all wheel drive and without biohazard option, at half the cost of a comparable range model s, and getting close to 5 miles per kWh compared to the 3.5 miles of the model S.

It definitely is worth more than $50k If you can have it now instead of getting on a waiting list.

I am getting mine in two weeks and I would definitely not sell for just $20k more than I got it for.

For that rip off price autopilot should be activated.

Vin2376. Quarter four model 3 sales equals 2500?

I bid $55k minus $1k reservation equals $54k take it or leave it

I out bid you by $1.oo, so your going to have to consider raising your bid, or else your going to miss out on this terrific, once in a lifetime, absolutely fabulous, Tesla Model 3 auction!

Disclosure: I am an aspiring Semi-Pro Tesla shill bidder, trying to get in, early and often, on the Model 3 profiteering feeding frenzy.

R O T F L M A O …..I’ll Pass !

Mercedes will buy it. Then take it apart,and ask if there is a 15 day return policy ?.

“No bids have been placed.”

But adding some 10% will get you an S75D w premium interior.

Now, Repeat after me. Cannibalism.

Now repeat after me, Snap is a serial anti-Tesla troll.

Now it is on 91.000 usd. 1 h 30 min left πŸ™‚ Probably a company wanting to buy? Or a very rich woman πŸ™‚

I see that there is no bid – 91.000 was the “buy it now” price. So disregard my last comment.

Right. it ended with no bids.

Great strategy, sell the tm3 at an inflated price to someone with too much money that doesn’t want to wait and buy a S with the proceeds. I bet flipping was the original intent anyway…

I’m sure quite a few reservation holders had that exact thought, or at least sell it for enough to cover the amount invested if it turned out they really didn’t like it.

This car looks SO much better in a bright color, I don’t know why most of them I see are black.

I don’t think it’s all that great of a strategy. This guy will be lucky to get all his money back. I think this kind of premium is a pretty big stretch, particularly when the faithful all believe that 5000 cars a week is just around the corner, right?

I think an impatient fan might be willing to pay maybe 10-15% extra just to have it right now, first one on the block, but not this kind of mark up on what is supposed to be soon produced in the hundreds of thousands. This guy is going to want whatever money out of pocket he spent for principle, his deposit, the taxes and fees he paid, the interest he has to pay on the loan (assuming a loan) and in a perfect world get the interest he could have earned on the deposit too.

Tough to see how you come out ahead on the one, but I guess in a day or two we’ll see how desperate Tesla fans can be. I wish him luck!

“Tough to see how you come out ahead on the one, but I guess in a day or two we’ll see how desperate Tesla fans can be.”

Oh, I think the seller has the right selling strategy. It’s not unusual to see something listed at an unrealistically high price on ebay. If nobody bites, the seller immediately re-lists the item at a somewhat lower price, and continues that process until they get a bid. Unless the seller is in a big hurry to unload the item, then his strategy is the smart play.

Besides, just because nobody has bid on it yet is not a strong indication nobody will. Smart ebay buyers wait until more-or-less literally the last minute to put in their bid!

Well, it’s closed now and still zero bids. I guess people aren’t that desperate to have a Model 3. It will be interesting to see if this car comes back on eBay again like you suggest.

Looks like there is currently 6 on ebay, zero bids…

So the absolute sheer freefall to Model 3 Demand side problems begins, just like iPhone X. Not. Gonnabe. Pretty.

The absolute sheer freefall of even the slightest remaining shreds of credibility of Tesla haters… already happened, years ago.

But please do keep shorting that Tesla stock! Tesla really appreciates all the money you Tesla haters are “donating” to support their finances.
πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Grow up. The EBay situation is all the proof needed. Cannibalism. Which makes 400k $1k fully refundable reservations look like it would be a Miracle to sustain even 100k USA Model 3 Sales (Which IS the TOP end of almost all wall st analysts for 2018). There will be No Intl Model 3 Sales at all in 2018, so Do or Die s-hitting-the-fan fully-verified-by-InsideEVs-USA-sales moment is Incoming.

Learn your 101 of economics before plaing on a stock exchange.

Cannibalism is when similar but cheaper product is close or better then more pricy model and buyers choose cheaper one.

Here we have random unaffiliated speculants on used cars market….

0 for 2 in a single sentence. Bravo!

base S or X would cost about as much

Black paint costs you nothing extra. That’s why. πŸ™‚

Heresy! All true InsideEVs fans know that black is the best color for an EV! It makes your car faster, your kids smarter, takes 10 years off your age, and causes your house to instantly appreciate in value! If you don’t believe me, just ask InsideEVs editor Jay Cole!

I wonder if it’ll get sold… Looks like the bidding window’s only 24h, which isn’t much.
If I read the listed config correctly, this was a $50.5K, adding the Destination Fee call it $51.5K .
How many people will be willing to pay a >>~$18K surcharge (if they don’t live in Northern California, figure a lot more to get there to pick it up) just for the bragging rights for getting the car 3-6 months early??

You underestimate the irrationality of Tesla Cult members. Most of the 400,000 reservations are from current Tesla owners, not a pretty picture of expanding demand from the general car buying public.

Yes, would be interesting to see a poll of how many US reservation holders are current/former Model S/X owners, OR TSLA stock holders (ie pumpers), or Just fanboys who can lend $1k as a bragging badge that is fully refundable (just a No Cost placeholder). There is Absolutely No Proof Of Real Demand In US yet. Now there is – this EBay negative PR fiasco.

In order for “most” of the 400k pre-orders to be from current Tesla owners, that would have to mean two things:

1) Tesla has sold over 200k units (have they?)
2) Every single Tesla owner has an M3 reservation

That’s a pretty steep claim.

Hope no one buys it. These people should not be encouraged.

Just wait and within few months, you can get one at a much lower price directly from Tesla.

If there are 400,000 reservations, and they are producing 5000/week, it’ll take till July 2019 to get through the backlog. And that’s assuming no new orders. They better be planning for a higher peak production rate.

$65k was the lowest opening bid & you do not receive the $7500 credit or state incentive which is $2500 in CA…Also the majority of specialty autobuyers will attempt to reach out to buyers directly to agree to a price and will only use eBay bids as a last resort…

How did we all “normalize” this $50k price? The car was billed as the affordable mass-market car at $35k. That is what drove the 400k+ reservations.

Did we normalize it?

This reminds me of when Mazda Miata came on line, Its MSRP was $16K but one guy in California listed it for $42K.

That’s a shocker that it didn’t sell!

Perhaps P.T. Barnum was not always right. πŸ˜‰

What no bids? I’m shocked! /sarc

That’s OK because one can now save $5k on the second relisting: $65,000 to open for a used Model 3.

What hasn’t been discussed is that these ebay profiteers aren’t the manufacturer nor an authorized dealer (oh, the irony) thus these are USED car sales (4 of the current 5 ebay sellers list the cars as NEW) and don’t qualify for the federal tax credit and, I assume, state & local incentives too.

Yes, I too was amused to note that the Model 3’s I saw listed at ebay were listed as “new”, which they are by ebay’s standards, but not by law!

Buying a new car gives the buyer certain legal protections, which they won’t get buying one of these, and that’s another reason why the minimum bid listed is overpriced. Even at $5000 less, it’s still overpriced.

But still, I would not have been at all surprised if it had been bought in the original auction. It only takes one guy with a lot more dollars than sense!

0 bids were placed. Now relisted with $64,995 and $84,995 as buy it now price.