First Images Of Chevrolet Bolt (CrossVolt?) At 2015 NAIAS


These are the first images of the 200-mile electric car from Chevrolet.  Word is that it will either be called the Chevrolet Bolt or Chevrolet CrossVolt (we’re learning towards CrossVolt due to its crossover-ish shape).

Later today the wraps will be taken off this electric car and we’ll get additional details from General Motors.

Here’s some of what we know so far:

  • $30,000 price after federal tax credit
  • Range of 200 miles
  • LG Chem as battery supplier

Additional details on the Bolt (CrossVolt) can be found here.


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**waiting intensifies**

Does have a very i3-like shape. Hopefully it will have more passenger/cargo volume than an i3 or it wouldn’t really be classified as a crossover but more like a tall compact.

Hmm, will it be a baby Model X clone?

Wow, I really hope they will pull it off. Even if they don’t, just this announcement itself puts the EV market in competition mode. Now other manufacturers will try hard to come up with competing cars.

Everyone now accepts that electric cars is the way forward and with this we have a time frame. 2017. The following years will be a very exciting time seeing car manufacturers try to claim as big chunk of this new market as possible. I am absolutely sure that by 2020 we will have EVs that outperforms ICE cars in every metric.

Looks like a short car. 30k after the tax rebate???? I thought the idea was 30k before and this was a Chevy spark sized car. 200 miles is great though. I Assumed this was going to be a leaf fighter. The leaf reportedly will have 200 miles in gen 2 but costs a lot less than this. Keep us posted 🙂

This is a nit, but if they do go with “CrossVolt” I feel like it should have the same grille styling as the Volt. That could be an element of the Voltec brand across all the vehicles.

I realize some may not like that grille styling though.