Possible First Image Of Tesla Semi Surfaces

Tesla Semi


This may be our first real look at the highly anticipated Tesla Semi, though perhaps it’s a fake.

The embedded image above is photoshopped, no doubt about it. But what you’re seeing is the aero top portion photoshopped onto what’s believed to be the actual Tesla semi (link to original image here).

Set to be revealed later this month (October 26, to be precise), the Tesla Semi supposedly is designed for regional hauling, with a range of  200-300 miles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk touts the semi as being a real game-changer, stating that it’s “seriously next level.”

Teslarati states this of the spied tesla Semi:

“The photo first posted onto reddit shows a futuristic semi-truck that’s being transported on the back of a tractor trailer. The location appears to be the Inyokern Airport that’s located approximately 150 miles (240 kilometers) north of Tesla’s Design Center, where the company will be holding the official Tesla Semi unveiling event.”

Our partners over at Motor1 speculate the following:

“The fact that it’s missing the side mirrors and door handles illustrates it is not a production-ready vehicle, but we are likely looking at most of the final design.”

Here’s a look at the only actual image released by Tesla of the soon-to-be-revealed Semi:


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Sources: Teslarati, Motor1, Imgur, Reddit

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16 Comments on "Possible First Image Of Tesla Semi Surfaces"

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That’s it, can tell from the photos…Tesla may not plan on using side mirrors as they continue to fight to not have them…

It looks photo-shopped, trailer no tractor, wires just floating in the air. Also around the wheels looks sort of fuzzy.

Are you on drugs?

There’s a tractor clearly visible in front of the trailer, and there are no floating wires.

My hat is off to whoever Photoshopped that picture. It’s a professional job!

Just mount a tiny house to it and you have a home on wheels that can be charged up at RV parks, camp sites, superchargers etc…GO TESLA GO DESTROY DIRTY GAS GUZZLERS

So Tesla Semis driving between Tesla Fremont Factory and Tesla Sparks Gigafactory coming soon?

I’m thinking a logical place to install Semi Superchargers would be at traditional truck stops. Would not be surprised to learn that Tesla is already in process installing those between Fremont & Sparks.

I hope not!

That would totally ruin I-80 which is already jammed often.

I hope they DONT install semi superchargers between fremont and sparks, that means it cant even make that distance! Better to install truck super chargers half way to LA and up to oregon and washington so new vehicles can get hauled outa the fremont factory. East coast bound cars can go by train.

Well, it better be driver-less. That driver cabin is pretty darn close to the front like one of those Volvo trucks or buses which offers very little protection to the driver.

Then again, that (lack of crumple zone) is probably not its primary concern.

DragTimes will need to add a Tesla Semi to their Tesla fleet… Imagine DragTimes YouTube vids of Tesla Semi going up against traditional go-fast cars at drag strips!

@Staff: How about adding the (hopefully non-Photoshopped) original photo, so we can contrast and compare? Is there a problem with the rights to the photo?

Now it does look real. It’s just parked. The cropped one seemed suspect to me.

Oops! Mea culpa. What I called a “clearly visible” semi tractor hauling the trailer is shown in the original photo linked in the article, but it’s cropped out of the picture that is posted at the top.

No problem, it clearly shows the tractor and trailer are separate anyway. The semi is just sitting on a parked trailer.

Door handles? We don’t need no stinkin’ door handles!

If this is intended to be a fully autonomous semi tractor, then why does it even have a windshield? 🙂

It doesn’t have road legal windshield. Black windshields are not allowed.

But who cares, black windshield and empty promises about “full autonomy any times soon” will make it look cooler for its main purpose – dog & pony show to sell more shares to gullible congregation.