First Holden Volt Deliveries In Australia, Cars Sold Through Augmented Reality Brochure (neat video)

NOV 24 2012 BY JAY COLE 12

Holden Volt - Driverless Technology In Effect...Pretty Sure That Is The Only Explaination For This Shot

The first network of specialist dealers haved added a Volt to their demonstration fleet this week and will be delivering the first cars to customer over the next few days.

Unfortunately, Holden Engineers Accidently Put The Steering Wheel On The Wrong Side Of The Car In This Early Prototype

In Australia, you can own one of the first shiney Volts for $59,999 AUD, which is about $62,700 US dollars.  Which, although it seems expensive, is really…well, yes it is expensive, but anything with a plug is expensive down under.

Worth noting, the Holden Volt does get 87 km (54 miles) down under, thanks to GM’s finding that “80 per cent of Australians living in major capital cities commuting less than 80 kilometres in a single day,” and a much laxer rating system in Australia.

Regardless, Holden Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Philip Brook, said there had been strong interest in Volt since dealers were announced in June and television advertising had begun.

“Volt really seems to have captured people’s imagination thanks to its range extension technology. As the first car of its kind to go on sale in Australia, drivers want to understand how the technology works and what it feels like to drive and live with an electric car.

Now that the dealers have a permanent demo on hand, customers will be able to experience the unique technology of Volt for themselves.”

As part of the Holden’s Volts advertising pitch, they have been featuring an augmented reality app, that when used in conjunction with the Australian Volt’s sales brochure is really swell.

Have a look at the app in action below (complete with requisite Aussie accents that will have you doing impersonations for your friends all day).  If you then want to give it a spin yourself, you can download and print the brochure here, and the app from the iStore here.

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I don’t understand. Just get rid of the paper.

Exactly! And then spend similar amount of effort on improving the DIC on the Volt itself.

Is the most expensive Volt in China? I heard it was over $100k in Sweden or Norway….


Wow cool app. Holden also has an app where you can place a Volt of your colour choice in your driveway to see what it will look like.

Maybe we will see a couple here to achieve the 2012 goal, but at $85,000NZD I won’t be getting one any time soon.


Ouch 85k David, what is that about 65 US these days?

Yep, about that.

As it happens there will be a Volt to view at my local dealer on the 5th of December, so they might make the 2012 date, just!

Article is wrong about delivery – my Volt advisor still does not know when.
Suspect ADR compliance issue etc. for the delays?
Mine arrived at Por Melbourne dock nearly a Month now….
I wonder just when I will see mine finally arrive to the dealer as something sure is odd!

Hey Martin,

There was some hold-ups, orginally distribution was scheduled to begin 3-4 weeks ago, but everything is cleared now/a go now. Holden just sent the blitz memos out. Give the local guys a day or two to catch up. I’d say if you have one landed, it is now en route to you and if your dealing doesn’t drag his feet with the PDI you will have it by week’s end.

Hi Jay,
Currently Holdens System saying 7th December Dispatch to Dealer – so it will be a few more days yet….
What did they mess up, they have had demo & sample cars going through, so customers cars should have been sweet sailing – or is this always the way with first batch GM special imports? Got to keep on laughing about it & hope they put the car on charge to keep the battery conditioned through those storage days.
Regards, Martin

Latest ~ 4/12/12 at dealer – pending Trucks.
Lucky it has turned into rotten Chinese cabbage on the docks.
So all good – we have progress !

The augmented reality app is novel, but to my mind it’s effectiveness is limited owing to the need to have the brochure. The app/brochure combination is cumbersome and fiddly to use. It’s not a massively information rich transfer medium.

It was probably a great tool in the kit bag to entertain people at the Australian International Motor Show (Sydney in September).

To my mind QR code is more effective. I don’t know why every Volt does not have one, as was suggested ages ago by a contributor to

Anyhow, the digital marketing folk at Holden have with the Volt taken many innovative initiatives to market Holden and the Volt. Even so, some male luddite journalists in this carbon constrained world don’t get it.

It is cumbersome no doubt. I will say that I tried it just by downloading the PDF and using my ipad off the screen and it worked fine