First Hint To Final Reveal – Video Compilation Of Tesla Model S P85D


The D

The D

Tesla Motors Model S P85D – from the first hint till the final reveal. 0-60 MPH in 3.2 seconds. First mentioned in Munich 2013, Elon hinted the development of a “high-speed-option for the German Autobahn”. Finally a dream came true for McLaren F1-fan and driver Elon Musk.

The dual-motor Tesla Model S announcement is probably the most exciting electric vehicle news of 2014, but the idea of the D has been hinted at for sometime now by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

This video attempts to capture (by compilation) the various times when Musk mentioned or hints at the D.

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I test drove the P85D yesterday. Amazing. Drove on city streets in insane mode, got to floor it from a stop 4 times, once on snow, car still got up over 100km/hr in a matter of 150 feet or so, and still felt under full control. Had the Tesla grin big time.

Picked u my “d” DEC 20th it feels like a thoroughbred that wants to burst out of the gate and run like the wind—-
Wonder how it will feel the 1st time I floor it in the insane mode?