First Extended Look At Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot – Video

Tesla Autopilot


For the first time ever, there’s an extended video cut of a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot.

Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot

Not just a few seconds worth of video this time. Instead, we get well over one minute’s worth of Model 3 moving down the road on Autopilot.

Admittedly, there’s still not a ton to see here, but the system does seem functional on what appears to be a rather straight stretch of mostly open road.

There’s no video description to go on, so we don’t have a whole lot of details. However, it appears as though the 3 is holding at or just below the speed limit and has no issue staying in the lane.

Check out the video and let us know if you notice anything else worth mentioning.

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Someone download it before Tesla gets it killed!

Quick madbro, download a video of your Bolt’s autopilot!

OK what was with the blue flashing at the end? Was that FSD mode?

Hold steering wheel alert similar to model s/x

A warning message popped up about 9-10 seconds before the fade blue flashing light. They must have had their hand off the steering wheel or were not providing enough ‘feedback’ (tension). Note in the S/X there is a white faded lite around the Drivers Info Center vs the blue in this vid.

How many takes did they do this time?

The clock, combined with the map, is sufficient for Tesla to identify this driver. Hope they aren’t persecuted too badly.

The UI looks refreshingly responsive.

It appears this is a passenger shot video (and presumably uploaded by them). How would an NDA affect them?

Large corporation threatening a regular Joe with legal action would be enough to scare them, regardless of whether that corporation had any legal footing.

Yeah, I had uploaded a monster truck video that went viral. Having the parent company issue a copyright action against me was enough for me to back down, even though legal precedence considers it a sporting event and fair game to tape and post.

Yeah, sadly, lawyers issuing C&D letters (Cease and Desist) is one of the ways that corporations keep up a creeping expansion of the protections of copyright and trademark far past all common sense, let alone the intent of the framers of the Constitution!

For those who are interested in an in-depth treatise on the subject, I highly recommend “The Modern Lanham Act and the Death of Common Sense”, available in .pdf form here:

Its going to be fun to watch the M3 emerge from the general fog of FUD that has been going on.

Like Phoenix from the ashes

*self-induced FUD since they won’t release any significant details.

Honestly, between stuff like this and a couple of owners posting a bunch of info on, it is apparent to me that Tesla has a reasonable product. Everything comes back to “can they ramp up successfully”….which is sort of where it always was.

It’s interesting to contrast this video of a Tesla lanekeeping at steady speed with no traffic on an expressway, and the videos that Cruise Automation show of driving in construction areas in San Franscisco. Many orders of magnitude more difficult.

The map looked good, but is there a way to lock North to the top of the screen? That’s typically how I use Google maps for directions; not the kind that keeps swirling the map around.

If not, I’m sure it’s coming in an OTA update.

Hey Bro1999

Maybe you can show us how it works on the bolt..oh wait there is no onboard navigation or autopilot on the bolt. Maybe they can do an OTA to fix that..oh wait no OTA either.

When is the Bolt going to join the 20th century and at least get Active Cruise Control?

Maybe GM shouldn’t of released the Bolt before it was finished.

I plug my Android phone in, connect to the Bolt via Android Auto (Oh, your Tesla doesn’t have Android Auto? So sad) and can use either Google Maps OR Waze.

I give your lame attempt at trolling a D-

Well, I think that’s something most people will agree that you’re much better at.

You actually dare to bring up the issue of unfinished cars in DEFENSE of Tesla? Lol, what a maroon.

Model S/X can do “North Up” mode. I would be surprised if the 3 can’t do it by the time regular customers receive the car.

That’s good to know.

I want complete auto mode. Punch in destination, then sleep all the way. When is this possible?

It’s possible now. If you don’t mind a somewhat inaccurate destination and perhaps a very short nap.