First-Ever Televised Tesla Model 3 Test Drive – Video


ABC News presents the world’s first-ever televised Tesla Model 3 test drive.

No Handed In Tesla Model 3

And the news organization didn’t have to source the Model 3 from an owner or rent one either. Tesla actually invited ABC News out to Fremont to check out and then drive the Model 3 for TV.

Perhaps Tesla is now confident that the production Model 3 is at a level it deems acceptable for media reviews?

Here’s what ABC News had to say of its time behind the wheel of the Model 3:

When you drive the car it also feels very similar to the Model S. The ride is smooth, the seats comfy, and as my son’s friend exclaimed from the backseat as I hit the gas, “Oh wow, it’s peppy!”

“The auto-pilot features on the car are incredible. It’s not totally autonomous by a long shot, but the driver assistance takes the edge off in traffic. The car reacts to stop-start traffic, braking and accelerating for you.”

Let’s hope this is the first of lots of Tesla-supported Model 3 test drive reviews

Source: ABC News

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Yet another review with people taking their hands off the wheel while in AutoPilot.

I thought the guy was a wimp for having his hands hovering by the wheel.

Either have them completely on the wheel or off.

And one arm driving is the best while resting your right arm on the armrest.

exclaimed from the backseat as I hit the gas, “Oh wow, it’s peppy!
The gas?

Give me (her) a break. Elsewhere she made a point of calling it the accelerator rather than a has pedal. And arguably it’s a perfectly acceptable, “atavistic” expression. Like, “My phone was ringing off the hook after I advertised that I’d be selling my Model S for $50,000.”

These ABC reporters are remarkably well informed about this car for MSM reporters, kudos there. Few critical notes but on the whole Tesla doesn’t need commercials with upbeat news reports like this.

Exposure to the mainstream is good (as well as making some buzz). As more & more tidbits of information about EVs gets repeated to the public, they will start to learn/understand more about how these cars operate. This will help us go from 1% to 10% in sales. Right now a lot of people may see EV headlines, but don’t really take any time to understand them. And you can’t bombard them with technical info either. This seemed like a good news piece to introduce someone to EVs and show they are actually a “real car”.


I was actually surprised that we didn’t hear the comment “this feels like a real car.”

Tesla has seemed to firmly broken through on that front.

Decent report.

I think these rports are good. Not necessarily for Tesla right now, but they make life easier for those of us who hold reservations when we talk to our colleagues.
We look less exotic, dont have to eplain/justify everything.

Yeah, IKWYM. I hate having to EVsplain my transport choices to others.

This is very useful consciousness-raising; lots of people have heard of electric cars, but their information is outdated. They think EVs are just for super-green weenies, and that owning one is about getting by with less. As the Model 3 starts showing up in peoples garages across the US, the neighbor effect is really going to start being a real driver for adoption of EVs. I am looking forward to being part of the solution for once.

I’m glad the wiper complaint made the news report.

I really, really want Tesla to fix that.

This is Tesla making sure to keep demand up while people hold for AWD, the smaller battery, etc.. Also, compensates for those that decided to completely forfeit their place in line, for whatever reasons, since placing a reservation.

The stream isn’t working (possibly because I’m in Norway, but half of the readership is outside the US, so it’s not like the US-bias is especially warranted).

Worked on a second try. 🙂

Man…look at that sweet Alcantara headliner!