First Europe Model S Delivered In Oslo, Norway

AUG 7 2013 BY JAY COLE 7

Tesla had a launch party for the Model S today in Oslo, Norway.

And like the earlier launch in the US, the automaker handed out a bunch of keys (and cars) at the event.

In total what looks to be about a dozen Model S Signature sedans kicked off European deliveries.  Deliveries to the actual “EU member” countries are expected to begin in September.  The first car naturally was a red P85 (kWh) Signature Edition.

Tesla posted a pic of the first customer driving off, and a subsequent tweet (naturally):

How Else Could It First Be Announced?  Has To Be Twitter!

How Else Could It First Be Announced? Has To Be Twitter!

Also of interest, Tesla reports Q2 results “after the bell” tonight (which we of course will report on here) …coincidental timing with first Euro delivery?  We think not.


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Very nice

Congrats Tesla!

It seems the European Tesla Model Scomes with the dual 10kWh onboard chargers, that offer 62 miles of charge per hour using 240 volt outlet.

“Model S comes standard with everything you need to connect to the most common outlets for a regular 240 volt outlet. Using a 240-volt outlet with high amperage, the Model S is charged with 100 km per hour.

Ask Tesla owners how long it takes to put the car on charge and they will say that it happens in an instant. As most people do with a cell phone, most Tesla owners charge at night. In the morning the battery is fully charged their. The touch screen can be used to create a custom charging plan that makes it possible to charge when electricity prices are lower at other times of the day.” – Tesla –

How much was it and who got it?

Bam! The Q2 earnings are out and Tesla did it again! A profit.

Seems like Musk enjoys putting eggs on Wall Street and car analyst faces over and over again…

Jay, you might want to add 200 Tesla S units to the June sales figures in your monthly scorecard – which will nicely bring the total over 8,000 for that month.

Chademo adapter will be available later, another push for more Chademo stations.

Awwww – how sweet !
Oh and they made a profit – did your useless Fox news report that ?

This staff line up applauding reminds me when I bought my first -S- car in .. 1995, but at that time, it was from Saturn 😉