Who Says Water And Electricity Don’t Mix? First Electric Jet Ski Debuts Powered By Zero Motorcycles


Electric Jet Ski

Free Form Factory Gratis X1 Electric Jet Ski

Electric personal watercrafts¬†will begin to hit our waterways thanks to Free Form Factory’s partnership with Zero Motorcycles. While electric boats are not a new concept, this electric jet ski aims to take water travel, via electric mobility, to a whole new level.

Electric Jet Ski

Free Form Factory Gratis X1 Electric Jet Ski

The “first stand-up personal watercraft,”¬†will be manufactured by Sacramento-based Free Form Factory, utilizing a powertrain adopted from electric motorcycle maker, Zero Motorcycles. The new tech won’t come cheap, at least at first, with a starting price of $17,990. Free Form Factory plans to make only 35 personal watercrafts as part of its initial production pursuits.

Coined the Gratis X1, the unit only weighs a mere 380 pounds, and in its base configuration, you will get about 45 minutes of play time. Then, the unit will need to be charged, which takes about 3 hours. This is complements of a 6.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Buyers can also opt to add an additional 3.3-kWh pack, for about 50 percent more fun in the sun. Combined packs will take about four hours to charge to full capacity. You can only charge it via a 110-volt outlet. Fast charging is not an option at this point.

Free From developed a specialized polymer material called “Hulklite” to not only keep the weight down, but also to assure that the electric jet ski holds up. The company claims that it is stronger than a traditional fiberglass hull. To top it off, the material is 100 percent recyclable.

A typical jet ski can weigh in at as much as 1,000 pounds or more. The average personal watercraft sits around 800 pounds, and the lightest non-electric model on the market today is over 450 pounds. The Gratis X1, due to its exceptionally light weight, should prove much easier to perform jumps and “tricks,” not to mention the ease in loading and unloading.

Like electric cars, the electric jet ski will operate near silently, while providing instant torque. The quiet motor, from Zero Motorcycles, comes from it Z-Force line, and is specified as the ZF 75-5. It cranks out 46 horsepower (36 kilowatts) and will get you up to 46 mph (40 knots).

Check out the video below:

Source: Free Form Factory, Zero Motorcycles

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Bring the price down and you will have a winner.

Maybe you guys only take your jet skis out for 45 minutes of play time a day but we’ve used them a heck of a lot more than that. I just don’t see this catching on, at least not until they get the run time up.

What, am I supposed to bring a really long 240v extension cord to plug it in to so that it can charge? The work in launching them, putting them back on the trailer, and cleaning them out rarely justifies 45 minutes of fun.

I would guess it’s aimed more at the market for resorts which will rent them for just 30-40 minutes at a time. The resorts will like the lack of noise, too.

Let’s see how long you can submerge either one running without something exciting happening.

Its relatively easy to make this fully submersible – if it already isn’t. Something you can’t do with a gas engine and not only because of the air intake – you also have to take care both of the crankcase and gas tank ventilation.

Probably run just as long as your electric fuel pump submerged in gas in your cars fuel tank

This is dead in the water with only 45min play time…the price is high too.

Not quite the first…



I’m surprised this area hasn’t advanced much further, into fully commercial models. I expect many areas will ban ICE PWCs on lakes/beaches for pollution and/or noise issues, so BEV drivetrains should be pretty attractive for PWCs, and ditto snowmobiles.

Electric hydrofoils coming to market look like a lot more fun to me.

On top of that – the stupid video showing smoke pouring out of an ancient F-150.

Is this implying you counter your guilt of driving a pollution pig by riding your jetski
on electric for 45 minutes? What the Whaaat?!

This is a standup ski people! Id like to see you ride one for more than 45 minutes at a time. The gas tank will be empty not lomg after that. These are tricks and racing. It’s a one person standup not a 3 seater family boat. Sign me up for one! I currently tow my 2009 Kawsaki SX-R 800 and my wife’s Seadoo Spark to the lake every weekend with my Leaf. Id love to be able to tow an EV standup instead. I mean why not? Ive already towed my Zero SR with my Leaf.

Most people with jet sis have a dock – they are HEAVY.
Jet skis all have a battery in the engine compartment – More or less watertight. Hello?
45 mins on stand up is plenty – it is not a kiddie cruiser – thank goodness – so awful many of those as swarms of gnats

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