First Electric GT Race Featuring Tesla Model S P100Ds Will Kick Off August 12 At Silverstone

FEB 19 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Fancy watching some modified Tesla Model S P100Ds, that can zip to 60 mph in about 2 seconds, square off live?  Well, you are in luck, as the Electric GT Championship is to begin this August at the Silverstone racetrack in the UK..

Electric GT Tesla Model S P100D On The Track

In total, some 20 modified Tesla Model S P100D, will race twice every round, while the total number of rounds this year is set at seven:

2017 Calendar (provisional):

  • 12 August – Silverstone,  UK
  • 2 September – Assen, Netherlands
  • 23 September – Nürburgring DTM Circuit, Germany
  • TBC – Algarve, Portugal
  • 28 October – Misano, Italy
  • 18 November – Barcelona, Spain
  • 25 November – Paul Ricard, France

Electric GT Championship bets on famous tracks to attract even more attention, which should make electric racing all that much more interesting, as the P100Ds launch off the line just as quickly as F1 cars – but with a very different aura.

Race weekends:

  • 20-minute practice session
  • 30 minutes of qualifying
  • 60 km (37-mile) race in the day
  • 60 km (37-mile) race at dusk

Great news is that races will be “streamable on YouTube, Twitch and Periscope, with a permanent live feed of every car’s cockpit included”, so we will definitely be covering those live once the dates are upon us!

source: Autocar

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So much better than the Mickey Mouse street tracks Foulmula E decided to use. I get the idea of a downtown venue being better for spectator attendance but the one lane go cart tracks are awful for true racing

They still have plenty of passing in Formula E, as long as that is happening what is the issue? I find it far more interesting than watching Formula 1 cars on ANY track in the last 20 years!

Street tracks are stop and go, point and shoot for the most part, no high speed sweepers and essess with a pucker factor. Get a simulator game try it out and you will get it. Not the same as the real thing but it helps. Ask and racer to name their favourite tracks or corners, you will see a pattern pretty quick