First Electric Ferrari To Arrive No Earlier Than 2023



Meanwhile, the first series production hybrid Ferrari will premiere at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

At the beginning of the year, Fiat Chrysler CEO and Ferrari head honcho Sergio Marchionne hinted a fully electric supercar could be on the agenda, but it looks like it won’t be happening in the near future. Initially believed to be part of the company’s upcoming strategy plan (2018-2022), the prancing horse without a combustion engine has been pushed back until at least after the end of the next business plan. In other words, the soonest we’ll get to see an electric Ferrari is 2023.

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Why the change of heart? Marchionne revealed a few days ago during Ferrari’s annual meeting that a pure EV is not relevant enough for the brand right now, hence why it has been put on the back burner. However, as Automotive Newspoints out, the annual report for 2017 published by the Maranello-based marque does mention an entirely electric setup could be the way to go for high-end performance sports cars, thus replacing today’s hybrids.

See the hybrid Ferrari in action:

Speaking of hybrids, Marchionne admitted what Ferrari needs right now is models that combine a gasoline combustion engine with an electric motor. The official word at the moment is that the company’s hasn’t made up its mind about which model to electrify first. Whatever it will be, we will get to see it in September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, rocking an electrified V8 of unknown specifications.

The model in question will serve as Ferrari’s first series hybrid production model considering both the LaFerrari coupe and its droptop Aperta counterpart were limited-run cars. Marchionne hinted the mysterious model will have to be “more of a traditional hybrid,” though we are not quite sure what that means in this context. Maybe he was referring to a plug-in hybrid setup or something with an emphasis on efficiency rather than on outright performance.

Ferrari’s chief executive officer told Bloomberg the gasoline-electric hybrid car that Ferrari is currently testing can “run silently,” which effectively means that it has a pure electric mode. He went on to specify that following the hybrid powertrain’s debut in 2019, it will eventually become an option on all new models and will be the only drivetrain for the SUV, which he promised it will be the fastest ever.

Source: Automotive NewsBloomberg

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Who cares. Ferrari is a brand that does not represent technology of the 21st century any more. Other brands have taken command.


Maybe you should check out the La Ferrari!
2023 seems just about right…

Sergio will be retired.


@Clive said: “2023 seems just about right…”

Sort of like saying pulling the rip-cord from a free fall at 100ft-agl seems about right… it can certainly be done but not advisable.


Sergio will hopefully be retired by 2023, then anything is possible.



Looks like Sergio Marchionne has been hanging out with Porsche at IHOP:


I like the stallion rampant emblem, but if they don’t get with the program soon it may become an equine supine.

Get Real

Headed for the glue factory?


Sergio Marchionne will be remembered as the driving force that destroyed several great car companies. But, since his head is completed buried in the sand, he wont notice.