First eBay Chevrolet Bolt Has Buy It Now Price Of $70,200


The first Chevrolet Bolt to find itself listed on eBay has a shockingly high buy-it-now price of $70,200, but the starting bid is lower.

With a starting bid of $43,905 (exactly the same as the sticker price – see below), this Bolt is no steal. Even less so when you consider that it’s already been registered, so the $7,500 federal tax credit is out the window.

The seller does have a 100% rating, but nobody in their right mind would pay sticker price or more for a used, one-month old 2017 Chevy Bolt.  At least we don’t think they would.

Here’s a link to the listing if you’d like to check it out.

eBay Chevy Bolt Window Sticker – Click To Enlarge

Below is some listing information and the “fine print” about it being registered and therefore not eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit:

Chevy Bolt EV. First time eBay Motors!

Your are bidding on a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV Premier. This baby is fully loaded! Without a doubt this will be a Collectors car! This is the first run of a landmark, game-changing, automobile.

I ordered this baby on 10/10/2016 from local Portland, Oregon dealership because I knew it was going to be a once-in-a-generation car. I’m making it available to you, on a national basis, because I know many of you want this car, but current distribution is still limited.

This car is fabulous! Let the experts have their opinions:

Motor Trend Car of the Year, 2017
North American Car of the Year, 2017
Car & Driver’s ’10 Best Cars’ list, 2017
Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy, 2017
Time Magazine list of 25 Best Inventions, 2016
Popular Science’s 10 Greatest Automotive Innovations, 2016 Reader’s Choice Green Car of the Year, 2017
The Green Car of the Year awarded by the Green Car Journal, 2017

Note: Price does not included any shipping. Price is delivered as picked up from my home in Portland, Oregon. If you want it shipped you must make arrangements. Because this has been registered you will not be eligible for the $7,500 tax credit.

This unit is fully loaded! Every factory bell and whistle imaginable.

VIN: VIN: 1G1FX6S02H4129621
Color: Kinetic Blue Metallic

Extraordinary 119MPGe.

Includes all LT Features: 17″ Painted Aluminum Wheels, HID Headlamps, Signature LED Daytime Running Lamps, Electronic Precision Shift, Regen on Demand Steering Wheel Paddle, Rear Vision Camera, Keyless Open and Start, Single-Zone Automatic Climate Control, 8″ Diagonal Reconfigurable Driver Information Center, 10.2″ Diagonal Color Touch-Screen, Two Front USB Ports, 60/40 Split-Folding Rear Seats, MICHELIN® Self-Sealing Tires, Driver Confidence I, includes: Side blind zone alert, lane change alert, rear cross-traffic alert, and rear park assist.

Includes all Premier Features: 17″ Ultra Bright Machined, Painted Aluminum Wheels, Outside Rearview Mirrors with Turn Signal Indicators, Roof Rails, Leather-Appointed Seats, Front and Rear Heated Seats, Leather-Wrapped Heated Steering Wheel, Surround Vision Rear Camera Mirror, Light-Sensitive Inside Rearview Mirror, Ambient Lighting Piping on Instrument Panel, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert & Rear Parking Assist, False Cargo Floor, DC Fast Charging Equipped, Infotainment Package Includes: Premium audio, wireless device charging, rear dual USB ports Driver Confidence II Package Includes: Forward collision alert, low-speed front automatic braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, front pedestrian braking, and IntelliBeam headlamps.

The driving dynamics of the Bolt EV are amazing. Has an amazing ability to be a real ‘road warrior’ because of the get-up-and-go across a large range of speeds. The visibility inside is remarkable. You sit high like a SUV and the large expanse of window glass allows for a great command of the road.

While this is a ‘C’ class vehicle it feels like a ‘B’ class. This is because of the flat floors and cavernous forward cabin.

Come and get this Kinetic Blue Metallic fully load Bolt EV. A truly fantastic car.

Remember: Price does not include shipping. Price is delivered as picked up from my home in Portland, Oregon. If you want it shipped you must make arrangements. Because this has been registered you will not be eligible for the $7,500 tax credit.

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35 Comments on "First eBay Chevrolet Bolt Has Buy It Now Price Of $70,200"

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Always an opportunist out there.


That’s how you LOSE a SALE.
Ridiculous price drops serious offers by 90%.

Still, there MIGHT be a sucker…


Maybe Ford wants one, they did spend $200 000 for one of the first Tesla Model X.


Another “Einstien” of the Car Business…


You spelled Einstein wrong.


Thanks. I’ll remember for next time…l m a o


I wonder if this is bro1999. He’s been wheelin’ and dealin’, I wouldn’t be surprised if that enterprising young dude is up to something like this.


Nope, my Bolt is Arctic Blue.

Plus if I was selling it, I wouldn’t be a complete retard and price it the same as a new Tesla. WTF is that guy smoking.

And I wouldn’t have driven 1600 miles and try selling it when the Bolt is hitting other states. This guy should have sold it early last month. Seller is just a moron all around.


I don’t think buy it now price is the same as reserve price. If reserve price is just few hundred over MSRP to cover CA to MD transport fee, and buy it now set for some sucker, I thought that could be you since you drove several cars for “free” and some for profit with clever dealings.

By the way, my comment is a compliment. Maybe I should’ve said “enterprising and brilliant” 🙂

In case some here don’t know what he did, check this out, straight from Bolt owner’s keyboard.


No offense taken. Just saying how idiotic the eBay seller is.


. . . also, I have a better idea.

If the buyer needs to come to Portland to pick up anyway, he/she could just drop in to one of the many Chevy dealers in the area.
According to their interwebby things they have Bolts in stock!

Tesla Bargain

Looks like someone is trying to upgrade from a Bolt to a Tesla. 🙂


That was a good one.


While it would only a be a jackass to pay a Tesla price for a used Bolt, I doubt it will happen. Electric car buyers/owners are inherently patient, we wait a long time for the car we need, and don’t turn over cars like the typical ICE crowd.

Good luck with the $70k, maybe you can land a sucker..


I Agree….So far there are lots of “JACKASSES” out there because they are all Paying TESLA Prices PLUS++! If they had Enough Or any Patience They’d Wait and buy the Tesla Model 3 …More Car, Way More Class, Less Money…


He had better hurry. This is the month that the Bolt was to arrive in Virginia. Right now, there are 27 within 75 miles of the center of the state, with more arriving every week. We have never seen an EV rollout like this in Virginia.


GM cut’s their sales in half with let’s call it sub-optimal lease offers. GM thinks buyers are suckers too.


The lease deals aren’t great, and nobody knows if the resale will plummet like it has on all the other “affordable” EVs, so far.

Our calculation is a bit different. At our age, we have no need for a new car. This would be purely for emotional/political/philosophical reasons.

One of our kids would be getting this car with way less than 100K miles on it.

Texas FFE

AutoTrader has a used car dealer in Minnesota trying to sell a used Bolt (4 miles) for $99,999. If I buy used it will be a low mileage Premier out of Colorado and I wouldn’t pay more than $30,000. If we’re willing to wait a few years there should be plenty of low mileage off lease models at half MSRP, I paid 35% of MSRP on my FFE and it was only 2-1/2 years old.


That $99,999 looks like some typing error, or some automated computer script bug in translating a non-number character sequence; I doubt any car dealer is that clueless.


Putting crazy items like that on eBay will just attract spam bidders. They will (just for LOLs) bid and get the price up into millions but with no intention of paying.


“Note: Price does not included any shipping.”
What else is does not included, a brain of the person trying to sell this.


Hmmm, I think that pejorative would be better applied to anyone who would bid on this. After all, there are enough fools out there to inspire the saying “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

And heaven knows we’ve seen some crazy prices paid on eBay! I’m amazed at how often I see something going for a price significantly higher than its price on

No, I don’t think the person listing this is clueless. If he doesn’t find a sucker, he can simply re-list it at a lower price. That happens on eBay all the time, with items priced much lower than this car.


True. There is a sucker born every minute.


nuts and BOLTs optional!

Ok, I’ll show myself out.


No $7,500. Tax Credit? This deal borders on just plain “Bolt Sheet crazy”! Oregon has still got some hustlers.

Someone out there

There’s one born every minute so you might as well try but I doubt it will succeed.


In the broadest sense, this is an example of how demand for EVs is well ahead of supply. Since GM and the rest of the incumbent industry have a lot to lose in a rapid transition to EVs, we’re likely to be in this situation until the floodgates really open (Model 3, VW range of models, etc.)


From what I’ve seen this week, I’m thinking that the floodgates may be cracking open in California. There are already a number of dealers discounting the Bolt by $2000, and one has a $3000 discount on all Bolts this weekend. And there are a number of dealers showing 80+ Bolts in stock or on their way. One dealer has over 120 showing in inventory or in transit, which is over twice the number of Silverados (59) or twice the number of Malibus (50), per their website. It’s also 4x the number of Volts they have on the lot or in transit.


OMG, this guy must have made a typo! He better change the price before someone buys his bolt for $5!




People buy bottled air so who knows maybe…


there’s already a bunch for sale on autotrader for $30k less…


Just call Rydell Chevrolet in Los Angeles. They are running a special on Bolts this weekend. $2 – 2.5K off MSRP

Chris O

That’s a bit steep…here is my reasonable counter offer. Assuming Tesla manages its average sales price projection for Model 3 of $42K I’ll use that number as the baseline for value. I conservatively subtract $10K for the premium difference and $5K for Bolt’s lack of serious quick charge capabilities resulting in premature obsolescence. Another $7500 for the tax tax credit that leaves…$19,500,-.