On The Scene: First Dual Combo/CHAdeMO Charger On The East Coast Goes Live


New Dual CSS Combo

New Dual Combo(CSS) And CHAdeMO Charger Gives A Nissan LEAF A Boost In Dunwoody, Georgia

Georgia is in the news again!

Pick Your Poison In Georgia!

Pick Your Poison In Georgia!

Monday March 24th, 2014, Georgia Power will officially open the first Dual SAE Combo (CSS) and CHAdeMO Charger on the east coast in Dunwoody.

This efacec QC50 (Parent company out of Portugal with a local office in Norcross GA) unit has two plugs that can charge both CSS and CHAdeMO standard. The unit can operate one charging session at a time, but at 50kW (max 62.5 kW)  it delivers great performance in a short period of time. Delivering close to 7 kWh in just 15 minutes on a 2013 NISSAN LEAF.

Although, there are no cars in Georgia that will benefit from the new standard, the BMW i3 is around the corner and for a $700 option you can enjoy DC fast charging. One other vehicle on the market has a CCS connector, but it is offered by GM as a compliance vehicle in California only. Maybe it is about time to bring Chevy Spark EV to the East Coast.

Below: Gallery of new dual standard station

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Nice.. All it needs now is a Tesla connector and it can serve any EV with fast charging capability.

Yea i mean the chademo adapter is already a solution there right? Even though it costs 1k

The chademo adapter for the Model S has not shipped yet. Probably not before June. Tesla has very poor schedule discipline.

Does anybody know what one of these chargers costs? I wonder if it’s feasible to raise money from other EV owners to get one installed near my town. If it was 20k, then a $100 donation from 200 EV owners might do it, maybe with matching funds from a business where you would install it. I just can’t find the price for any quick chargers online.

I think there are some cheaper 25kW units on the market for close to $20k, but I bet the bigger multi-port, 50kW units are $40k+

The cheapest DC FC I’m aware of is the CHAdeMO only http://nissanqc.com/, starting at $15.5K. It has max output for 44 kW and requires 480 volt 3-phase power input.

I’ve seen posts on MyNissanLeaf stating the average cost of installing one of those at Nissan dealers (I believe including hardware) is $49K.

That is really an interesting idea, John. I would certainly sign up for such a program. And I don’t even have a car with a DC-fast charge yet.

It would have to be a combo Chademo and SAE-CCS unit though.

7kWh in 15 minutes is pretty slow.

Did the LEAF itself restrict the power?

A battery extra hot, extra cold, or charged to over 80% could explain the slow charging rate.

Otherwise, that unit isn’t providing anywhere near the listed 50-62.5 kW listed. I quick-charged my 2013 LEAF at a station set to 40kW max, and averaged 35kW from a charge of 10% up to 80% before the power ramped down considerably.

7 x 4 = 28… close to your 35

7 kWh in 15 minutes isn’t bad for any electric car other than a Tesla. 28 kW charge rates are nothing to sneeze at.
I agree that in 3 or 4 years they will be outmoded, but for today, and for the next couple years, I would be happy to charge at any charge rate over 20 kW.

What happens if you plug both in at the same time?

You notice in the picture that the installation only serves the one parking space. I suspect that if one connector is actively charging, it will not do anything with the second connector. The body text says “The unit can operate one charging session at a time…”

I don’t suppose anyone could tell us just where in Georgia this new dual-mode charger is. Norcross? Somewhere else?

It’s in Dunwoody.

Thanks. Now maybe the author of the article would consider adding that info to it (which is where it should have been all along). ‘Georgia’ is a bit too vague to be useful.

Actually the Chevy Spark EV is sold in CA and Oregon for now.

The BMW i3 is coming later this year, along with the 2015 Focus Electric that is expected to have the Combo plug, which should give a boost to sales. Especially GA with the huge $5k incentive.

Bloggin, I can’t vouch for his accuracy, but Thomas from Sundance Chevy in CA stated on GM-Volt dot com that there were multiple Chevy dealers outside of the west coast that have fully trained Spark EV Techs and that they will be allowed to sell and service them after March 31st.
I don’t know if it is true, but he was adamant that it was going to happen and soon.
Cars dot com shows none east of the Coachella valley, though.

Rats, I just went back to get a link to Thomas’ post and it looks like it was a rumor, not real. Should have known. Glad I qualified my belief with the “can’t vouch for” part. Sorry.


Sorry about that Ziv, that was me on that one.

I heard that rumor in actually a few places, so followed up with GM myself. I ‘think’ some material went out nationally by GM in error, so it was a honest assumption on those who reported it. Here is the ditty I put on that thread (and a couple other places) about the Spark EV going national:

Hey fellas,

Sorry to be the bearer of ‘non-news’ but I have been talking to the execs at GM associated with the Spark EV the past two days, and I mentioned this apparent indication of a national roll-out. Long story short, they are not quite sure how people and/or dealerships have gotten the wrong idea.

They were/are “totally sure” (their words) that there is no plans to roll-out the Spark EV nationally, or how this info got distributed nationally, but asked if I would “put the word out on their behalf” on the Spark EV’s status if it came up in the media circles just so their would not be any confusion.

Jay Cole

Sigh. Give me a break, GM.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this Jay. 🙂

Not even in Georgia?! ARGH

The internals of the Fiat 500e are supposed to be DC-quick charge compatible so I hope a future edition would include the SAE-CCS charger.

Holy crap that thing looks huge. It looks like it might be more than 4X the volume of the Nissan QC.

Which still makes it half the size of a Blink!