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AUG 11 2016 BY JAY COLE 25

Karma Revero's New Infotainment System Reportedly Much Improved

Karma Revero’s New Infotainment System Reportedly Much Improved

Even though Karma Automotive just put out first images and a teaser video for the Revero, promising to do a full reveal 28 days time (they even have a countdown timer on their website), a first drive review has already been published.

Earlier we learned that the Karma Revero will see its range improved from 32 miles, up to 50 miles; and that is price will also come in higher than the old Fisker Karma – which had a MSRP around $115,000.

No specific pricing has been released, but the number $135,000 has been tossed around as rumor.

Order books open exclusively for original Fisker Karma owners this week as a sort of ‘loyalty bonus’, with open orders happening later this year.  Karma’s Jim Taylor (CRO) says the company plans on building 900 Reveros over the next year, with first deliveries in Q1 of 2017.

Karma has let Wired take their first plug-in offering out for an early test spin (video above), letting a few additional details out of the bag:

  • like the fact that the solar roof (rated at 200W) will now power the HV battery (not just the 12V) to give the car additional range when out in the sun,
  • at least 10 cars have already been built,
  • and that the infotainment system no longer…erm, sucks
Karma Revero off the line

Karma Revero off the line

The Karma Revero is still basically a re-purposed/updated edition of the Fisker Karma, a luxury 32 mile extended range car from earlier this decade.

Ultimately, Fisker had more than a few technical (and funding) issues with the Karma (and with the subsequently planned Atlantic), causing the company to go under in 2013. Auto part giant Wanxaing bought the assets of the company and just recently re-started initial production of the car in California in May.

Karma has also released a list of dealers for the car when it goes on sale later this year. While separately releasing the news that a sister plant for the Karma will be build by Wanxiang in China; the company states that the $375 million dollar facility will be capable of building 50,000 cars of year – and that of those, some 39,000 will be of the Atlantic variety.


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I wonder what the EV range is now?

My best guess would be that they improved MPGe from 52 to ~70. If they use the same back that – somehow retains the same capacity, then we might be looking at over 40 miles of range.

Fingers crossed it’ll be a firm 0-60 between 5-6 secs. That if they built a drive and a x>24kWh pack that can actually put out more amps in stealth mode, and that BMW engine doing the same thing with it in performance mode.

To make the Revero sound more exclusive they should say 9k Reveros and 41k Atlantics.

Long term, 50k per year is tough economies of scale. Even with Revero starting at ~$110K and Atlantic at ~$70k.

I think if Karma was an independent company 50-60k car production per year would be totally unsustainable but, IMO, as part of a massive auto group it shouldn’t be an issue, well at least for the mechanical parts of the car. I think the biggest issue for Karma will be the autonomous drive and other electronic driver assist stuff. Car companies always stopped the little guy from breaking into the market buy holding all the cards with respect to the engine technology. If you wanted to make a car you always had to buy an engine and power train from somewhere because there was no way you could make an engine from scratch that gave decent performance and met all the emissions standards…. well not for any kind of sensible price. That always allowed the big motor groups to control everything but now with the PHEV drive train you have more wiggle room. You can get away with an engine that is not absolutely state of the art in a $100k+ car. The batteries, drive controllers, motors, etc.. are not from the automotive industry or controlled in the same way because the spread in performance is not that great. The… Read more »

Karma is somewhat part of a larger company. They partner with other car makers to provide the gas engine, and other major components. So they don’t have to have the volume a traditional car maker needs to have to pay for gas engine R&D.

If they had to do all of their own gas engine R&D and manufacturing, this low of volume would kill them.

They should change the name to the Mulligan.

It’s good to see more EV”s out there , but this is a waste of time ,money & energy ….hope I am wrong….

If the Revero is their only car, I would agree. But it looks like they are reviving the Atlantic, and there is definitely a point to the Atlantic. The Revero is the Halo car for future Karma’s. Yea, it wouldn’t make sense to have a Halo car, and then never have anything to put under that Halo….

Welcome back, not my favorite car but a welcome addition to the party. It’s interesting that they aren’t going into the EU. Maybe they’ll start in China and the USA and then move out from there.

Really interesting to see a premium Chinese brand in the USA. Is Karma the company still largely based in the US or have they moved a lot of the company to China?

I should really watch the video before commenting. It is still based in the US.

It looks really good, I like the fact that they have gone low volume and quirky rather than tried to mass produce. I think this car will sell very well with the Jag, Aston, Maserati, crowd. I like the solar panel, not really going to do much for range (maybe 3 miles a day?) but I still think it is a nice feature on a $100k car especially if it can cool the car on a hot day so you don’t step into a baking hot car – makes it more of a comfort feature than an energy feature.

I never liked the look of this smiling frog face.

I also don’t like it, except to me it looks like the Joker from Batman.

that’s the designer Fisker’s Pancake face in the front! Maybe he cannot design cars at all & wasn’t faking it , when he drew up a bunch of crap when he worked at Tesla..He naturally Had N0 talent!..

Fisker had done design for for Audi, Mercedes and BMW, but don’t let those facts get in the way of your uniformed rant.

I am not 100% certain that will be the final nose.

They said earlier that they would be redesigning it, and we are still a number of days away from the actual official release.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a nose job on the final production version.

> [200 watts panel to give the car more range]

Oooh, THAT’s what the panel’s for?!?

So if you live at the equator and your out at noon you would be able to supply almost one percent of the energy you use from the solar panel. Woo hoo!

In more realistic conditions I suppose it can provide several *meters* of extra range. Woo hoo again!

It’s still not clear to me if the company plans to just use the leftover parts from the Fisker Karma to make as many cars as they can out of the remainder, or if they actually plan on trying to put the car into regular production.

Interesting that they claim 200 watts for the rooftop solar panel. I’ve seen claims that a car could generate as much as a kW (1000 watts) from its roof, which surprised me because my own back-of-the-napkin figures showed rather less. 200 watts is much more in line with what I think is actually possible, given practical limits. But 200 watts isn’t going to give many miles of range, even if the car sits out in the bright sun the entire day. So this seems to be more of a selling gimmick than something that’s practical.

I wish Karma luck… or good karma. 😉 But putting an EV from a failed startup back into production isn’t the most likely path to success. (It didn’t work for the Th!nk City, either.) I think they’ve got a steep uphill road to climb to make a profit selling this car.

Pushy — Karma bought the tooling from Valmet, and had it shipped to their California plant from Finland.

That isn’t the kind of thing that a company would do if they weren’t serious about building new cars.

I realize that old memes are hard to kill. But how about we retire the one where Wanxiang supposedly paid $149 million for Fisker, and $256.6 million more for A123, built out a factory with 550,000 square feet in California — all to just liquidate the remaining “Fisker inventory [of] 120 finished Karma cars, and parts and pieces to build dozens more”.

That meme deserves a “dat boi” meme death.

100 grand for a range extended hybrid? With a Pontiac gas engine? Something seems wrong here.

I’m not certain about it being a Pontiac engine. They have partnered with BMW now. I haven’t seen who will be the engine provider now. Do you have a source for that being the engine choice for the new version of the Revero?

Nope, that was the engine in the original Karma. Didn’t know they put a new one in it.