First Documented Tesla Model S P85D Delivery Walkthrough – Videos


The video above is part 1 of the first-ever documented Tesla Model S P85D delivery/walkthrough. Below is part 2.

"The Beast!"

“The Beast!”

Obviously, the first batch of P85D Model S EV are being delivered now. (Here is the first one ever delivered with an interview with the owner).

So, with many eager to receive their Model S sedans with the latest features, there are a few “first-ever” titles being claimed, like the first-ever recorded P85D drag race.

Even if you are not taking delivery of a Model S, there is lots of information that the delivery specialist goes over throughout both videos.  Were impressed by the specialist’s wealth of knowledge

Are you able to spot the differences between this AWD Model S and the previous, traditional RWD Model S?

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

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Someday I would love to go through this walkthrough, but alas it will probably never be in my cards.

What did he name it Ming? No, probably Flash, although, The Flash, would be better.

The Flash is not Merciless.

Yes, I named it Flash! Can be either Flash Gordon or The Flash 😉

Thanks for posting my videos here guys 🙂