First DENZA EV Spotted On Streets Of Beijing


First DENZA Spotted On Streets Of Beijing (credit to China Car Times)

First DENZA Spotted On Streets Of Beijing (credit to China Car Times/



China Car Times found in Chinese media a photo of DENZA EV on the streets of Beijing close to a flagship DENZA dealership.

Our first thought is that DENZA doesn’t look as flashy in the real world as it does on the stage of motor show (check out our first hand ‘first impression’ review of the car from 2014 Auto China in Beijing here), but maybe that’s just due to lighting or the camera which captured DENZA.

Sales of DENZA EV, developed by a BYD and Daimler joint venture, are expected to start in September.

Pricing should start from 252,000 renminbi or $40,400 after local rebates for the car the “America wants” – after all, it has 190 miles of range!  (full specs here)

A complete description of DENZA can be found in this previous post.

Source: China Car Times

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While it may not look as flashy, it’s still prettier than a Leaf — IMHO. 😉

Wouldn’t it be sad for the U.S. if China were to lead the EV market in the near future? There’s a strong indication that this might happen. That would be a huge lost opportunity for the U.S.

I think it’s already considering how how the last five years the US car makers have been pumping out one 80 mile complacence car after another.

Ya im sure america wants that ugly thing

Does ‘t look as pretty…. Understatement of the year 😉

Americans want the big battery. The car? Not so much.

3.3kW charger with such a huge battery (47.5kWh)? Over 14 hours of L2 charging? Yikes.

They would also need to retrofit it for CHAdeMO or CCS as this car uses the proprietary Chinese DC charging standard.

$40K after local rebates for this rather horrid looking thing compared to $35K/200 miles Tesla is planning to offer…maybe best keep this in China. I3 REx is probably another good reason not to bother with this outside China.

The thing this car has right now in creaming Tesla is that it is a real car vs Tesla talking and gloating that they have the super 200 mile range mass marketed car on the road.

As for BMW this car’s existence is more of a humiliation for them. In that this thing is $40,000 and can go 150 to 190 miles on a battery charge. While their BMW car has a weak 80 mile range for $45,000 along with a one gallon gas tank motor that costs $4000 and only adds a extra 40 miles to this car.

This Chinese Car is the thing I feared would come into existence and knock Tesla over the head. In that pretty much if another car maker has some brains they could modified this car to be sold in the US even if they put it’s motor systems into a totally different car body.

I want to see this car in the US, with the battery and powertrain in a different body.