First Chevrolet Bolt Owner Videos Hit YouTube


YouTube channel manager News Coulomb, has started uploading Chevrolet Bolt videos. So far, there are about 10 videos. Each is about 8-10 minutes long and features a few different focuses. The first (above) is simply an introduction of the Bolt. He spends the entire time focused in on the vehicle’s screens, discussing charging and interface, etc.

Packing the Chevrolet Bolt full of cargo

Packing the Chevrolet Bolt full of cargo

Three of the five videos are all part of a three part series about a tire fail. As time goes on, there will surely by many more videos popping up. The owner doing the videos provides a lot of information, in an easy-to-understand and somewhat comical delivery. He takes the Bolt on a road trip, after a request on the GM Bolt forum, asking how much you can pack in the back of a Bolt (likely with five passengers in tow).

During his adventure (beginning of  TIRE FAIL video 2), he hits a snow covered rock and blows out the passenger-side front tire. Added to this, the OnStar SOS system won’t connect, and he has no phone service. He does point out often the the “parasitic losses” on the vehicle battery are virtually negligible.

No passersby would help him out. Eventually, he had to have some friends pick him up (no idea how he reached them), and he went back for the car the next day, when the snow in the mountains had stopped. The car sat overnight in subzero temps. He drives home with a camera in the back, so that you can see the driving experience.

The final video recaps the “cargo space” request and compares the Chevrolet Bolt to a Ford C-Max Hybrid.

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One consistent thing is that in those video, the car is showing consistently more than 200 miles of real world range. That is great!

It’s EPA rated 238 miles, so I would hope it gets better than 200.

Awesome! Love this car.

with the benefit of a fair amount of cargo space would it not behoove him to carry a spare or…maybe he will now?

I have a full-size spare on a rim that matches my OEMs picked up from a salvage yard.

I would not want to dork around with switching tires in a snow storm. Roadside assistance to the rescue.

In addition to the tire inflation kit than came with my Volt, I keep a tire patch kit. I would way rather call AAA but it’s just good to have one more option in an emergency in case your phone doesn’t work.

Safety Seal 30 String Pro Tire Repair Kit with Storage Case

224 Bolts on Cars dot com now. Up from around 120 for the past week or so. And a handful actually have real life photos and appear to be on the lot, not in transit.
Slowly but surely, Bolt inventory is building. January is always a slow month for electric cars, but the Bolt may have a better month than expected by many.

GM’s combo fix-a-flat and compressor system I can vouch for works great!

I had a huge blowout in the sidewall of my ELR left rear tire, and since I was in a dangerous part of town, didn’t want to wait for any complementary towing.

The fix-a-flat fully sealed the huge sidewall hole, for several days. It would even take 30 psig presure until I could get a new tire. Amazing, and the new canister just snaps right in to make it good as new.

This sounds like the starter to the plot of that movie about the cabin in the woods. A must see.

Great job LG!

What ever you think of GM, This is a compelling EV. ITs practical and efficient, it’s the only other EV currently available with a significant range.

Tut tut for not making the CCS port standard however.

That’s about where I am at. Won’t buy it because it’s a GM product, but nice car aside from that.

You realize of course, that you are only punishing yourself by not buying what you recognize is a great car, simply because of some prejudice you have against GM. This is the same type of thinking that racists exhibit. They miss out on having some great friends simply because of a prejudice they have against some group to which they perceive they belong.

GM is a group of people. Their are great people there (Pam Fletcher and friends) and there are some sucky people there. I say we should support the great people at GM by buying the product they produce.

Yeah, I don’t get the angst about GM making the CCS jack a cheap option (Only $750).

If you want it, BUY IT! Most of the cars on the Lot will probably have it as a ‘default’ option.

Any hardship is going to be for people like me WHO DON’T WANT THE OPTION. I’m going to probably have to look far and wide for a BOLT that actually DOESN’T HAVE it.

And then predictably, those who “HATE” GM for not including it ‘Standard’ , when it is deFacto standard as I just mentioned, WON’T BUY THE CAR ANYWAY, so why should GM listen to someone who will never buy their products?

I buy their products, and thankfully, they listen to people like me, at least, a little bit.

GM not putting the CCS port in the Premier package (as they initially announced) is ridiculous. It’s a straight-up cash grab.

How long does it take to charge this thing when you’re on the road?

Don’t take this as ‘golden’ as, to My knowledge, no one has taken the Bolt on a ~200mi trip and CCS’d for a video, but:

GM stated that you could charge 80% in 30 min, so ~180mi per 30m stop.
I -presume- that they were using a 50kWh CCS.

That guy drove it from LA to San Francisco and back already. Fast charged twice one direction, once the other.

Thanks, unlucky, I shoulda’ checked..