First Chevrolet Bolt EVs Delivered, Nationwide Release By Mid-2017

DEC 13 2016 BY JAY COLE 203

Two years after the Chevrolet Bolt EV concept debuted in Detroit, GM has fulfilled its promise to not only price the all-electric car under $30,000 with incentives, give it more than 200 miles of range (238 to be exact), but to begin retail sales of the car before the close of this year.

Today, Chevrolet has announced the the first three Bolt EVs were delivered in the San Francisco Bay area.

Just two years ago in Detroit, we waited impatiently for the cover to be pulled of GM's future affordable EV

Just two years ago in Detroit, we waited impatiently for the cover to be pulled of GM’s future affordable EV

“All of the hard work that the Chevrolet team have put into designing, engineering and building the Bolt EV brings us to this truly satisfying moment of making the first deliveries to customers on-time, as planned,” said Alan Batey, president of GM North America and Global Chevrolet brand chief.

“Chevrolet is proud to offer a vehicle like the Bolt EV, with ground-breaking technology wrapped in a modern design that is also fun-to-drive at an affordable price.”

At the same time the company gave us a mini-update on the new roll-out schedule for the Bolt EV:

  • EVs are currently in transit to California and Oregon markets and are arriving this month
  • a number of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States including New York, Massachusetts and Virginia will see first deliveries this winter
  • Bolt EVs will arrive to more dealerships in additional major metro markets throughout the first half of 2017
  • nationwide at certified dealers mid-2017

Once again using our ‘OEM secret-decoder ring‘, we assume that when GM states the nationwide release of the Chevy Bolt EV will be mid-2017, what they actually mean is that the 2018 model year Bolt EV (expected to arrive around August of 2017) will be a national product offering.

Separately, the Bolt EV arrives in Canada in “early 2017” for Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, with the nationwide release there planned “within twelve months of the retail launch” – so once again, model year 2018s.

Chevrolet Bolt EV: On Budget, On Range...and maybe most importantly, on time!

Chevrolet Bolt EV: On Budget, On Range…and maybe just as importantly, on time!

GM also took the time to highlight the “who” of the ceremonial first three deliveries (as now the mass release of the Bolt EV is underway to the public with the release of this news).  According to Chevrolet, the first recipients are:

  • William “Bill” Mattos, a retired law enforcement officer from Fremont, California, whose new Bolt EV becomes his third Chevrolet electric, after previously owning a Spark EV and second-generation Volt
  • Bobby Edmonds, a software developer with a family of four from Castro Valley, California, who replaces a BMW i3 with the Bolt EV
  • Steve Henry, a commercial real estate broker with a family of five from Portola Valley, California, whose new Bolt EV replaces a Toyota Prius

And we can’t help but notice these deliveries were made at Fremont, Chevrolet…right in the backyard of another major EV maker that goes by the name of Tesla.

First 3 Chevrolet Bolt EV deliveries ... in Fremont, California - coincidence?

First 3 Chevrolet Bolt EV deliveries … in Fremont, California – coincidence?

Interestingly, the quote-of-interest that GM chose to highlight puts the spotlight on the BMW i3 as a trade-up story, expressing both a superior range for the Bolt EV and its American-built qualities.

“The range and technology attracted me to the Bolt EV,” says Bobby Edmonds. “It’s also a great-looking, roomy vehicle and I love the fact it’s from an American brand. I look forward to the longer drives I can make compared to the i3 that I owned.”

Now, the only question is how many can GM deliver for December, and will that number reach the all-time “debut month record” for EV sales recently set by the Toyota Prius Prime in November with 781 deliveries?

Past 2016, we see an exciting 5-way race developing for 2017 plug-in sales champion in the US between the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Tesla Model S, Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF and Toyota Prius Prime (maybe 6 depending on Tesla Model 3 timing)… anyone care to go on record with their 1 through 5 pics today?

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Man, too bad I’m not in Cali. I’ve had 2 Volts and 2 Spark EVs in my driveway…all this year!

Still striving to be the first East Coast Bolt owner though. 😉

Perhaps if you said “I cancelled my Tesla Model 3 reservation for this!”

Yeah they shoulda let me have one of the first ones too! They think it was easy getting a Spark EV to Texas?

Oh well, no hard feelings. Congrats to these 3!

How long did that drive take you?

People rent U-haul car dolly to tow SparkEV to far away lands.

He could be in Maryland which is East Coast and where Spark EV is sold…

I think Wade is Texas SparkEV.

There’s SparkEV all over the country. Several in FL, CO, CT, KS (far from any of its sibs, or maybe not), etc. I wonder if they’re in all 48 continental states. If they verified that their SparkEV can get service, that means Bolt could get service in many parts of the country, even at fly-over lands.

Texas isn’t “east coast” by anyone’s consideration.

Texas is often considered as “Texas by itself”.

You were talking about bro1999 right?

Spark EV and Vexar were talking about me I think. 🙂

I’ve started a blog for my Bolt EV-entures. 😉

Immediate impressions once you get it, bro!

I will be following your blog! Hopefully Electrek will not be.

(CleanTechnica isn’t nearly as bad tho lol. They mostly just ignore the Bolt. Electrek actively attempts to destroy it.)

I’ll be making new blog entries roughly once a week or whenever I get new news!

I’ve made my blog entries protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, so those 2 sites will need my permission before they can link my blog to any GM/Bolt slander article they prep!

But guess how many approvals I will actually give them? Same as the number of Model 3’s currently delivered. Lol

Bro1999, please test DCFC ASAP. It would be great if you can post a video of charging power up to 80%. If you can find 60 kW DCFC, that’d be even better. If you can access dealer’s 80kW, that’s even better.

If you can show Bolt can charge close to 80kW to 80%, that will be fantastic, basically beating most Tesla. But that’s a big question I’d like to know.

California wants to leave the union.

Texas never really joined it.

California doesn’t want to leave. Yes, there are lunatics everywhere. Same go with few people in California.

Plus, what is the point to leave? We have to stay to fight. If California leaves, then red would dominate blue even more for the rest of the Blue states. It is our country too.

California (25 days) and Texas were both once an independent country on their own. That is why each thinks very highly of themselves..

I don’t know, if a vote were brought I would vote to leave and I was born and raised here.

Donald Trump approves!

Yeah just talk with your Volt dealer first. A lot of maintenance can be done locally.

Im not the only one, either. On carmax right now there are 5 other Sparks available within 250 miles of me. It is the perfect car for city living. A good compliment to our Volt.

*was sold

Wow, there’s a lot of Bolt EVs in the background at that dealership!!

Exactly no time at all. 🙂 Lol the furthest I’m willing to drive is Colorado or Oklahoma.

The time was taken in trying to decide the best way to ship it here and who to buy it from.

Talked to many dealers in California who would sell it to me. But after a little searching, I decided the easiest and cheapest way at the time was to buy one from Carmax with less than 5,000 miles. Previously a fleet vehicle – was in very good shape.

Carmax, shipped it right to the Dallas location. It took about a month though which was an excruciating wait. XP

Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times the car @ $2000.00 Less than the BOLT …

That’s $2495.00 Less to be Precise…

Cool story bro.

Let us know when you supposedly get one of these Model 3’s for that cheap…

No, the Bolt EV MSRP is $36,620 while the Model 3 may be $35,000. Add in destination fee and that is $37,495 and $36,200, respectively. Additionally, if you use Costco buying it will be less than the Model 3. A base Model 3 will probably not be available for another two years, in that time, the Bolt will probably be much less.

The problem is that by the time one can actually get a TM3 for $36,200 (only in the color black at that price) the Bolt EV will be a better car…

Good one, so how do I open the hatch on the Model 3 to load in my objects I want to transfer?

1. Take the Model ≡ to an auto customizer, to get that giant rear window turned into a liftback


2. Wait for the Model Y CUV version of the Model ≡ platform


3. Get a really big can opener… 😉

The number complaint was the small opening…Musk confirm the that the small opening was taken care of:

What we end up with is anyone’s guess, yet originally Musk defended the design in April saying they had to do that to give maximum rear passenger room, then he tweeted in July it was taken care of and now we have the Model S with an all glass roof…If I could bet money on this, I’d bet the TM3 will have a similar design to the Model S…

Decontented car prices are a bait using the term “starting at $xx,xxx” A commonly accepted practice in the industry. The Bolt is well equipped at this price. Elon has only said that the model 3 starts at $35k. It is still to be seen what they offer at the equivalent price from Tesla before we can make any calls on what is cheaper.

and then there’s the incentives disappearing or being less by the time you can get one. perhaps you forget that there is probably 400k people in front of you unless you already gave a deposit or will being going for premium build which wouldn’t make it less expensive than a bolt either.

We are hoping to see some of these as Opel Ampera e in Europe this summer but maybe it will take longer.
Still the Best Buy at the moment.

They should deliver one to your home, for such loyalty.

Cool! Though I think the delivery record is safe.

For the ranking:
2.Prius Prime
3.Tesla Model S
4.Nissan Leaf
5.Chevy Bolt

Mine is
– Model S
– Prime
– Bolt
– Volt
– Leaf

Mine is
Leaf(if it gets a battery upgrade like the Zoe)
Model S
Model X

My 2017 ranking:
1.GM Bolt
2.GM Volt
3.Tesla Model S
4.Prius Prime
5.Nissan Leaf

Prius Prime (considering its effectively the same price as a entry level Prius, its just Toyota’s production constraints)
Tesla Model S
Chevy Volt
Nissan Leaf
Chevy Bolt

1. Prime
2. Bolt
3. Model S
4. Volt
5. Model X

1. Prime 2. M-S 3. M-X 4. Bolt 5. Fusion 6. Volt 7. i3 8. Leaf IMO there is a lot of inertia in the car world. The Prime, Bolt, new i3 and M-X are all at least 3-6 months ahead of the “new” leaf. Even if the Leaf is announced in January it will take until march for deliveries to begin (meaning they’ll sell next to nothing until march) and then deliveries will take at least until June to fully speed up so I think it is generous to put the leaf in at 8 – the only thing I could see dramatically changing that is if the “new” leaf announcement in January is really the old leaf plus a bigger battery leading to them dropping the price of the 30kWh to sub $20k after incentives and pricing the “new” Leaf where the current Leaf is now. The Volt, IMO, will not increase or decrease its sales from where we are now so really the rest of the order of things is dependent on how much sales increase for the other vehicles around it. I think Ford are getting serious about the Fusion and if we see a modest… Read more »

I’ll go with the following:

1. Prime
2. Bolt
3. Model S
5. Model X
4. Volt

With the bolt I am really unsure… Might be lower… Hmm… Really a tough race…

Hay Jay might yeah put up some fancey top 5 thing on ya page? Or may bay a top 7 for that’s thay number of the day? Yesterday seems so far away… Ok I have to say my brain is gay. 😉 (this roughly translates to: my spelling engine is broke because I had ONE beer…)

Here are my picks. (I’ll do my full write up next month)

Model S

(All about availability)

1. Prius Prime
2. Model S
3. Volt
4. Model X
5. Bolt
6. Model 3
7. Leaf

1. Model 3
2. Bolt
3. Prime
4. Model X
5. Volt
6. Model S

Essentially, 1 quarter ramp of Model 3 deliveries on a lines designed to build ~150,000-200,000 a year. Bolt capped out at between 25k and 30k due to slow ramp and limited battery supply. Model X ramp continues to go up, while the Model S gets some cannibalization from the 3.

Tech, Tesla will be lucky to sell 2,000 III’s in 2017. And they won’t be able to ramp up sales all that fast in 2018. Have you seen how their sales have kind of plateaued this year? They are still breaking records but the sales growth rate has tapered significantly. Building cars in large numbers isn’t easy and Tesla is learning the job, albeit slowly.

By 2019 the sales of the III, the S and the X are going to be rocking, but getting there is going to seem tedious, unless you are one of the people working for Tesla that is working 70 hour weeks.

The article starts off with “Two years after the Chevrolet Bolt EV concept debuted in Detroit”, so, I wonder how many people and automakers still think Tesla will take two years from the March 31st, 2016 Model 3 Reveal to make 1st Model 3 deliveries, and that they won’t deliver more than 3 on the first day of deliveries? Just because Elon thinks July 1st, 2017 won’t have all suppliers ready for ‘High Volume’ production, does not even mean they could not have begun production at a slower pace, like 100-200 per week by July 2017! I would bet that Elon will do a Model 3 special 1st Deliveres party at the Gigafactory, a dozen or so cars and keys handed over on stage, plus 100 keys handed over, cars sitting in the parking lot behind a movable wall or screen that gets removed to reveal them! I am betting my Model 3 for Ontario, Canada, will likely be ready for me to finalize the order even before I am ready, even if they cover all US Reservations before shipping here! I actually remember Elon suggesting you would be able to drive the Model 3 to Alaska on Superchargers, so… Read more »

From Tesla website: Production of Model 3 begins mid 2017 and customer orders start mid 2018. So I think that the early production will be slow, and all early production (50 cars maybe) will be used internally for extensive testing. Build a few, do a lot of testing, build some more repeat…

Customers orders mid-2018? What I understood is that NEW orders will only be ok to delivery at mid-2018. So in the mean time, mid 2017 and mid 2018, they will have to deliver a good part of the some 400.000, 500.000 of the pre-orders they got until this November (assuming a reasonable part of these will not be transformed in confirmed orders).

My mistake, I stand corrected and didn’t notice the “new” part of the 2018 orders.

Just as a note just because GM launched a concept car two years ago doesn’t mean GM started development for the Volt. Dan Akerson (former CEO) mentioned GM developing a 200 mile electric car in 2013. And GM likely started at least a year before that. Development cycles in the automotive industry are usually 5 to 6 years.

Volt should be Bolt EV. Darn it I mixed them up.

The dealerships in Georgia are claiming that the bolts will be available sometime in March. I don’t know if that’s accurate or not, but that would be awesome if 2018 bolts do arrive to the rest of the states by spring.

Dealers in the DFW area are saying the same thing. I suspect major cities with a strong EV presence will get the Bolt around March while smaller cities, like Amarillo will have to wait until mid summer or later.

ZEV MOU states, or “CARB” states, are apt to see earlier Bolts as GM needs to work up to 2% BEV sales, and probably doesn’t wish to leave 2017 with significantly lower penetration. When the traveling provision expires for 2018, will be a bad time to suddenly come up with all those ZEV customers.

The above is notwithstanding AAM’s attempt at “Harmonizing” efficiency standards. Trump has a “dream team”, eager to strip states rights to set their own pollution standards. Texas (DOE), Oklahoma (EPA) and Exxon, all do better when we use gas.

Too bad Vic GA totally bombed the EV growth that was happening a few years ago — or we would be one of those first cities as well (Atlanta of course).

Hopefully the GA government gets smart and removes the yearly $200 EV tax and brings back some incentives….

I bought out my Leaf lease last month as I did not want to get into a new one and the Bolt would not be here in time. I have a M3 reservation — but I fear that will not come until mid/late 2018 even though I reserved before the reveal.

Let us know if/when you see one in GA!

I doubt that the Politicians in Georgia will do anything to ease up on EVs, they are usually out to get anything they perceive as an ideological threat, however considering the terrible traffic in Atlanta people might overlook the $200 EV tax for the ability to get on the HOV, and toll express lanes for free. I will however keep a look out for bolts in Georgia, it seems like the average person in Georgia has at least heard of the bolt which is a good start compared to some of the 1st gen EVs.

Nice! I hadn’t heard that. Would you mind posting which dealership(s) you heard that from? I’m in Buford and would love to go test drive a Bolt in March.

Go Chevrolet!

“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

Wow push, looks like you got a new keyboard.


You typed more than T.E.S.L.A.F.U.D.

This is not the poster you are looking for

This isn’t push that lives in Kansas and don’t drive?

It’s just a Jedi Mind Trick…

“Pushy”, please.

But yes, I live in Kansas, and sadly, I can no longer drive. But I’m still enjoying the EV revolution vicariously!

* * * * *

Apparently some commenters here actually believed their own rhetoric of calling me a Tesla shill, and apparently they were so busy trying to make themselves believe that, they failed to notice all the very positive things I’ve said about the Bolt.

As I have said many times: The Chevy Bolt looks to be a compelling PEV, and the 238 miles of EPA range really raises the bar in this “semi-affordable” market segment.


I’m surprised the first Bolts actually went to people. I thought fleet orders were going to suck up the first couple of thousand at least.

They have been building Bolts since summer in small quantities. I saw some in the lot at the Orion Township plant in mid September. Pictures of the same area a month before that had even more Bolts.

“I’m surprised the first Bolts actually went to people. I thought fleet orders were going to suck up the first couple of thousand at least”

LOL. That is what happens when you have enough “fake news” on the internet…

Supply to Comply & Build More GAS GUZZLERS

GM already has far more ZEV credit than it needs right now.

So, no need to push more Bolt out for compliance reason.

GO GM GO…don’t disappoint transition to BEV.


In your ‘top 5’ list, you leave out the Model X. Are you that sure that the leaf will outsell the Model X in 2017? I tend to doubt that.

SF Bay Area will remain the number EV seller for years to come…

“number 1 EV seller”.

Number one seller, meaning Tesla? I think you meant, number one buyer.

Or San Fransisco area automakers (Tesla, Faraday Future, et al) will sell more EVs than Detroit area automakers, Japan area automakers, and German area automakers.

Oops, FF headquarters are SF area, but factory will be in Nevada, maybe. Lucid Motors headquarters are also in SF area, but factory will be in Arizona. And IIRC, one startup EV company plans to open a second factory in SF area, but I can’t remember which one.

It was FF that was in talks to acquire an old naval site in the SF for a second factory. So take it with a grain of salt.

FF’s headquarters are in Gardena, California, which is in Southern California, not the Bay Area. I have a friend who works there.

Except for Norway, population 5.3 million, I’m sure California, population 40 million, will be number one…

Geesus Americans, there’s a whole world out there!

Another Euro point of view


China is actually #1 by the figures. Although they count NEVs in their EV count. Norway does also. The US does not.

NEVs are things like the Buddy, REVA, Think City and Twizy.

Good to see. I’m moving to California and I think I see a Bolt lease in my future. My Gen 1 Volt lease was supposed to end as production of the Model 3 got underway, but Musk screwed up that plan with the X. Now I have to wait another 2 years. Ugh.

Good plan. But don’t be too sure you can get your hands on a Bolt very soon either. Certainly sooner than a Model 3, but over here in Norway the Ampera-e, which is expected in April or May, has already been sold out for 2017 for many months.

Hope I’m wrong and GM can satisfy demand in short.

While it feels like progress is oh so slow, things are moving pretty fast. I certainly never saw ICE cars become two to three times as good in the years! And as volumes start to pick up prices should come down and competition begin in earnest. Let’s just make sure we do what we can to stop Trump if/when he tries to kill the revolution.

I recallthere was a lot of debate how GM/Opel (I’m not sure who decides) would price the Ampera-E… Are there already prices published? If not, how could people pre-order without knowing the price?

Looks like I asked just in time – it was announced just today.
So, Norwegian / other Opel-country InsideEV readers, how does this compare with expectations?

They say they can build up to 100 per day on one shift. I say the max sales for December is 1000. I hope I’m low but since the first deliveries just happened — I doubt they will exceed that.

Also my pick for highest EVs in 2017

Model S

Look for a longer range Leaf in October.

Given one Chevy dealer in San Jose is getting over 100 cars I think they can deliver over 1,000 in CA and OR in December.

A thousand for December would be a great achievement.

But it will be interesting to see both how production ramps up and whether it will be anywhere near demand next year. My impression is that all the bloggers have agreed between themselves that 2018 production will be much bigger than 2017, and not because of demand.

Actually the can eventually ramp up to 30 Bolt EV’s an hour.

Did GM trash talk and take a veiled shot at Tesla in the video?

“This isn’t some science project or concept that’s years away.”

“The Chevy Bolt EV will be in production this year.”
Mary Barra, Chairman & CEO – January 6, 2016

Science project = nutkick to the i3
Year’s away concept? Probably a jab at Tesla.

First deliveries being made at a Chevy dealer 5 miles away from Tesla HQ also probably not a coincidence. Lol

Just a part of my long post above, more specific to your comment…

“The article starts off with “Two years after the Chevrolet Bolt EV concept debuted in Detroit”, so, I wonder how many people and automakers still think Tesla will take two years from the March 31st, 2016 Model 3 Reveal to make 1st Model 3 deliveries, and that they won’t deliver more than 3 on the first day of deliveries?

Just because Elon thinks July 1st, 2017 won’t have all suppliers ready for ‘High Volume’ production, does not even mean they could not have begun production at a slower pace, like 100-200 per week by July 2017!”

“Science project” suggests a “fool cell” car to me; the analogy has certainly been made often enough. But that’s not necessarily what he meant.

Science project = Faraday futures and thousands of concept cars by German carmakers.

I don’t think that was an intention to side swipe Tesla. Tesla had EVs on the road over a year before the Volt was released.

I think it was just a comment on the typical show boating EV concepts that look cool but never amount to anything or become real projects. Both from start up companies and from less EV friendly automakers.

I think “years away” would more aptly apply to every automaker aiming for 2019 or later which appears to be the majority. ‘years’ being plural wouldn’t apply to Tesla assuming they can deliver in 2017.

I’ll be surprised if GM can deliver more Bolts in this debut month than Toyota delivered Primes last month. In fact, I’ll be surprised if they can sell more in any month than Toyota. However, maybe the Volt+Bolt combination may outsell the prime.

Yes, Prime got the advantage of being a Toyota and a bunch of “nutjob followers”…

I have been told my Bolt already got shipped.

I think the race now is to get the fed tax incentive, which is probably going to go away (no reason !^).

Congratulations! Consider becoming a YouTuber… ?

Buy your EVSE now because the tax incentive/rebate ends 12/31 this year.

Whoao! Is it the mad dictator already in charge? I thought it was only in January 20th, so taxes rebates will not go away before 31 December 2017 ate the very least, more probably the law can’t be retro-acted, so the only thing made T will be able do, will be not renewing the law.

It doesn’t work that way. Congress can pass laws that change the tax code at any time, and specify in the law what the enactment date will be.

We could end up finding out too late to do anything about it, or to act. The news story could be:

“The bill signed last week by the President contained a last minute amendment that struck the Credit for New Qualified Alternative Motor Vehicles. This program provided a consumer tax credit up to $7500 for electric cars and trucks. The change went into effect immediately upon signing.”

In the typical year, the tax code changes on average more than once a day.

What you say is technically possible but very unlikely. Retroactive tax increases or the removal of deductions/credits for a current tax year are extremely rare and are considered a downright outrage to a conservative.

Democrats picked up two senate seats so 60 votes are not there to avoid a filibuster.

The Senate also would not have the votes for reconciliation in order to remove them. In 2008, John Mccain called ZEV tax credits vital.

The republican senator from Nevada, Dean Heller, would never vote for such a thing. Strong supporter of Tesla.

The congress certainly will not renew the credit or expand it. But too much big business is wrapped up in it. Too many jobs at stake. Too many deals in place.

I worry about other things during the trump administration. Like gutting education funding, killing Obamacare without a replacement, the EPA being neutered.

But at least for the next 2 years I think the tax credit will be safe. 🙂

If the message of EV is that they are great cars from US companies regardless of “green” (or don’t even mention green), Republitards will certainly support it. Afterall, giving tax breaks for US enterprise is what they like to do.

Unfortunately, EV still suffers from “green first” mantra. Like the fracking resulted in lower GHG emissions in US than many other countries that actually signed up for Kyoto, “green” will be a byproduct of some compelling (aka, cheaper) technology. You can’t overprice green and expect it to succeed.

Agree that the “Green First” mantra has done more to subdue EV sales than any fossil fuel lobbying. Aligning the technology to a mantra which is politically divisive reduces your effective target market straight out of the gate.

Wade, in a normal election year with business as usual in the gov’t, I would 100% agree that “What {I} say is technically possible but very unlikely.” However, this election cycle definitely is no longer business as usual. In fact the President Elect ran on a campaign of saying he would end business as usual in Washington. We even have EV fans posting right here who identify themselves as R’s who say the federal tax incentive (and all incentives) should end. So I don’t feel I need to defend saying that it very much can happen exactly as I said. It certainly can happen that way. And it can be done in ways that avoid a filibuster. For example, if it is put into a House budget bill that goes to reconciliation with a Senate budget bill, the vote to approve the reconciled bill CANNOT be filibustered. But it can also be stuffed into ANY must pass legislation that is needed to keep the gov’t open. Do you think your Republican EV fans would vote against their own party in order to save the $7500 EV incentive? Really? Honestly? That won’t happen. There aren’t even 41 D’s who would… Read more »
There is no need for you to defend your position. As I said it *is* possible. And Trump will bring nothing good to the agencies he has more direct control over. But I still see it as very unlikely. The only attempt by either the house or the senate I can find to remove the tax credit was by a congressman from Pennsylvania back in 2012 following the tea party uprising. If there was any time for this garbage to find support, it would have been following the Tea Party wave against government spending. But it was never even brought up for a vote as far as I can tell. Trump won the election based on his promise to spend more money than Clinton, invest in american businesses and lower taxes. The anti-spending tea party movement is effectively dead at the national level. (But it does live on at the local level and in website comment sections lol.) We will see what happens though. I hope I’m right, but will personally apologize for doubting you on the news article if it does happen in 2017. 😛 For right now I’m going to focus all my frustration on the likely… Read more »


Good example of horse trading, but doubtful that the EV tax-credit gets hosed as some kind of pawn. A broad strike of “subsidies” was expected as part of tax-reform, but my understanding is Trump’s team is backing off that subject in favor of health care and trade.

I’m following utility news pretty closely, and mostly see CO2 rules as an almost myopic target (which includes what I bet will become a CRA attempt, against EPA’s 2022-25 CAFE). Those were within the Administration. So, that’s a bit easier to preview. Legislatively, never say never, but it is unusual for existing, sun-setting, incentives to be rolled back. If they touch the wind incentives, they only get further from 60 votes as they begin to loose Republicans, etc.

It is indeed unusual for a naturally self-sunsetting program to be killed. But then again we’ve never had somebody who campaigned* on eliminating the Dept. of Energy be made the head of the Dept. of Energy.


* Or at least TRIED to campaign, if he could have remembered the name of the Dept. of Energy…. oh my!!

1. Prime
2. Bolt
3. Volt
4. Model S
5. Model X
(6. Pacifica)

Is there anyone saving this? It would be fun to see how far/close we got and who actually got it totally right.

Anyone dare to put in the Model 3 into the mix? All it needs is ~20-25k to get into the top 5.

Mikael asked:

“Anyone dare to put in the Model 3 into the mix? All it needs is ~20-25k to get into the top 5.”

Perhaps Alaa might, as he actually claimed Tesla was gonna get the Model ≡ into production even earlier than Tesla’s nominal target date of July 1!

Personally, I’ll be happy if Tesla manages to get a token few production M≡’s out at the end of next year. No way would I suggest it will outsell the Prius Prime, the Bolt, or the Model S! Now hopefully, 2018 sales will see the Model ≡ as the #1 PEV seller.

I’m hoping for a 4-digit production in December 2017 for the Model 3. That would make me happy. 🙂
Less than 3-digit production in December 2017 would make me sad. 🙁

I’ve been to this site often:

If this guy is a hoax, then he spent a very long time creating this thing. I enjoy it.

On his spreadsheet is the text: “Calculations assume 46,333 units in 2017 but Elon is more optimistic. Listen here.”

Now I don’t know if he is right or what his sources are, but it warms the cockles of the heart if it is real.

I hope it’s correct. It actually told me that the day of delivery for me is the exact day my Leaf lease expires. 😛
I doubt I’m that lucky in the real world. I’m expecting delivery 2-6 months later than that.

Waiting said:

“I’ve been to this site often:

“If this guy is a hoax, then he spent a very long time creating this thing. I enjoy it.”

I think it would be unfair to call it a “hoax”, but I rather suspect it’s just this guy’s best guesses based on publicly available knowledge. For example, he lists 55 kWh as the base Model ≡ battery pack capacity. That 55 number is the most commonly seen guess in comments here, but Tesla has yet to tell us the exact capacity of the battery packs for the M≡.

The neat thing is that since he’s set it up as a spreadsheet, he can update it any time Tesla releases more info.

And yeah, he’s spent a lot of time at it. Nothing wrong with that; everybody needs a hobby! I’m willing to bet a lot of sports fans have spent even more time collecting statistics on their favorite team and its players than this guy has on details about the Model ≡.

Interest take on the Model 3! Do any of us commentors here have anywhere near the inside knowledge Elon has on all the supplier threads, both internal and external to Fremont and the Gigafactory? I doubt it! Elon has said that the first year of Model 3 production is sold (Reserved?), and if one ordered now (a couple weeks back), they would get delivery in mid to late 2018! Analysis has it there are now over 500,000 Model 3 Reservations, taken from 3rd quarter financials, and either mentioned here or on So, with that in mind, I suspect possible low volume production (under 500 per week) will not last longer than into September 2017! Maybe they will even exceed that by August 2017! Panasonic is keeping up with 18650 cell production for current Model S and X, so at nearly or maybe even more than 80,000 units, without any Gigafactory production, I am confident JB and Elon have solid volume production plans in play, much better than GM, for cells and Battery supply! Die makers are working hard on getting major stamping dies ready for production, and I would not be surprised if, at the planned January announcements, Tesla… Read more »

I have inside info on suppliers, but I can’t tell you about it. /s

This is great news.

Now Chevy has fully reversed what we saw in “Who Killed the Electric Car”. In compliance states they have returned to the EV market with a market-leading car.

Next big step is in a few months when they introduce this EV in non-compliance states. It will be their first I think? Unless the S-10 EV was sold country-wide.

And this time, GM’s BEV is intended to be sold at a profit. The Bolt is not just a test market car, priced far below cost, as the GM EV1 was.

Go Chevrolet!

@ unlucky and @ Pushmi-Pullyu

You guys are both exactly right.

By the way, as an aside – ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’ was a good and important movie.

But anyone who has seen it but has not seen ‘Revenge of the Electric Car’ is missing out on a crucial part of the modern EV story. 🙂

Next movie to be made: “Electric car strikes back”

Lol! Then the prequel series starts… I’m looking forward to the eventual ‘Rogue EV1’

Looks like the Bolt is going to be the new Benchmark( Value/Range ). Can’t see any other competion, in the rear view mirror, for at least 6 months. Tesla is going to loosen some Bolt sales from GM, when the Model 3 actually starts shipping in the next 12 months. Nissan is going to have to do something with the Leaf in 2017, or it is going to be too little,too late!

Nissan’s Leaf and BMW’s i3 both appear to have been relegated to has-been status. I’m disappointed that neither seems to be coming out with something to compete with either the Bolt or the Model ≡ anytime soon.

Jay Cole has repeatedly hinted or suggested that a new and much-improved Leaf is coming soon, but it’s been months and still nothing from that direction. 🙁

Totally off topic, but who is the keynote speaker of CES?


Nissan CEO?

So, reveal the prototype and then we get the car 1-2 years later?

I would divide that time by 4.

And how long will it take before the Ampera-e comes to Europe?

~6 months.

Correct, Opel in their press statements are sayin mid-2017.

Maybe next year at this time.

GM started producing retails Bolts a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving at a rate of 9 per hour/72 per day.

If they are now up to 13 per hour/100 per day, and all Bolts produced as of last week are delivered this month, that means about roughly 4 weeks of production. Let’s say an average of 11 Bolts were produced per hour each day. That’s 88 Bolts a day.

88 Bolts x 5 (work week) = 440 Bolts
440 Bolts x 4 weeks = 1,760 Bolts delivered in December.

The Prius Prime record for biggest debut is about to be shattered. 😀

Highly unlikely.

No one noticed the Bolts lined up behind the three in the foreground? There looks to be at least another dozen Bolts in the picture.

I think GM is being coy about number of deliveries taking place.

Agreed. There are a lot of Bolts in the background and this is just one dealer.

Actually, I think his numbers are conservative. This is how real car releases work in the real world. A car maker builds up enough units to spread around to all of their dealerships in a launch region. They embargo all those cars. They can’t even be delivered to customers even if they prepaid for the car 110%. Then they have a launch rollout with a big presser. That’s this event. It even heard it on the news on the radio, so it is a true PR push. Then all the cars get put out on the lot for people to look at and possibly drive or maybe even buy. They rack up some good sales numbers, which they then promote later as a great success. (“2,000 sales in less than two weeks in December!!!”) That way they don’t have dealerships griping that their competitors got their cars first. And car buyers complaining that they ordered the first day, and they’ve had to wait months after deliveries began. They get to maximize their marketing, and paint their car as successful with strong first month sales. You can’t do that dribbling out 100 cars to dealerships each week.

2017 Top 5 PEV:
Model S
Model X

Damn! Freemont Chevy has way more than those first 3 Bolts!

This. There are a lot of Bolts ready for delivery, and I bet they all have buyers already.

“First 3 Chevrolet Bolt EV deliveries … in Fremont, California – coincidence?”

Why, whatever could you possibly mean? 😛

I’ll take a stab at the suggestion here:

1). Prius Prime (most economical, efficient ev).
2). Tesla S (they’re making alot of them now).
3). Bolt EV (still ramping up production through 2017 so although popular, it can’t be a sales leader just yet).
4). Volt (Unfortunately, the Bolt and Malibu hybrids cannibalize sales from the gasoline and pure EV ends – More Voltecs appear in Malibu than Volt) relegating the VOLT to more of a niche product (sorry to say since I own one, and a fancy one (ELR)).
5). Nissan Leaf (This car needs either a huge price reduction or a Battery Transfusion).

I was just about to upload my list when I saw you wrote the same thing, albeit, with additional information.

Ditto your list, Bill!

Come on.. we gotta do this right.

Brilliant… it took me at least 10 seconds 😉

Yo Llama!

Yes, and she’s a hottie!


We want the Volt dancers back…….lol :-p


You’d be Nuts not to get a Bolt before the end of the year, so you can get the tax credit.

Don’t get Screwed.

Kdawg, bringing it, with Bolts! Those BOLTutiful Bevy of Bolts, are BOLTatiously BOLTitchin, BOLTrother!

oh man he’s back!

Aren’t 2017 MY BEVs eligible for the more ZEV credits which can travel whereas 2018 MY ones are eligible for fewer which can’t. If so I’d think GM would want to sell the 2017 MY for as long as possible.

ZEV credits aren’t based on model year, they are based on the actual date of sale.

No picture of the sticker price so we could see the stealership markup?????


Fremont has previously claimed they would sell at MSRP. It would be interesting to see if they followed through. If they had jacked people for Volts in the past they wouldn’t be the first seller of Bolts let me assure you.

A couple GM dealers in SoCal said they would sell w/o a premium next month although if they’re going gang busters who knows if that will hold up.

That’s even a better reason to post a pic.
So anyone looking for one without the stealership markup can know where to go!

You’d be Nuts not to get a Bolt before the end of the year, so you can get the tax credit.

Don’t get Screwed.

(that one got misfiled!)

And the EVSE tax incentive ends this year!!!

Go getem!

Wow!! Congratulations to the 3! This is an important chapter in the EV-(r)evolution and I cant wait for owner reviews on youtube.

The red one looks fantastic. I’ll pick one up CPO for 1/2 price in 2 years.

That actually brings up an interesting topic.

What is going to happen to used EV prices once the $7500 tax incentive either is killed or begins to sunset?

Classic demand economics say that used EV prices are going to skyrocket, as much fewer people will be able to afford a new EV without the incentives. Once buyers can’t get a brand new car for well below MSRP after incentive, there will be more demand for used EV’s. Prices go up.

But wait!! Now comes the twist. Have car makers been sandbagging on prices? Are all the EV’s overpriced by $7500? If demand drops for brand new EV’s after the incentive is killed or sunsets, will the car companies drop prices for new cars? That would keep used EV prices low.

Nix, I think you are right that new BEV prices are over-inflated right now, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. Tesla, GM and to some extent Nissan have put a ton of money into PEV development and I am happy to see them make their profit as long as they stay hungry and it looks like they are doing just that.

The month Tesla, GM and Nissan see their credit cut from $7500 to $3750, I would bet that the average price for their cars drop $3000. It won’t be dollar for dollar, but it will be close.

And once those three (and maybe Ford) see their credits cut to $1875, it will be time to sunset the credit for everyone. No reason to pay millions more to the laggards like Fiat, BMW, Hyundai and Audi.

I wouldn’t say the automakers have been sand-bagging on price, but I do think that as the tax credit phases out the retail prices will drop more or less that much to keep the ultimate price to the consumer where the automaker thinks they can sell cars.

Obviously few people will pay $42,000+ for an upper end Bolt when comparable hot hatches are maybe $30,000. So if Chevy wants to keep selling a fair number, they’ll have to drop price as the credits expire.

On the upper end, the tax credit is less a percentage of the sales price so it doesn’t matter as much on Model S and X, and Tesla looks like they are pricing the Model 3 to be competitive without the tax credit, so I don’t think we’ll see much if any price drop from Tesla.

Other manufacturers, definitely. To sell a relatively basic compact BEV like the LEAF they are going to have to compete on price.

So what are all those identical-looking cars behind the front 3?

They’re going to Lyft!

To help give Bolt its “sub-prime” cachet.

Great for GM and the mass market EV community! Sadly, not one of those 3 is transitioning from ICE to EV. They are just the EV nut type, switching from one EV to another. The market looks really tiny and fixed for electric cars.

Actually one of them is replacing a Prius. 🙂 A hybrid, sure but I consider that a conversion.

“Steve Henry, a commercial real estate broker with a family of five from Portola Valley, California, whose new Bolt EV replaces a Toyota Prius”

Fully Charged..Make a call….Bolt EV video…first Bolt delivered….need video…

So GM wants the Supreme Court to reverse the ignition switch claims????

All I can say is vote with your wallet folks!

They want to overturn a ruling that says that their bankruptcy doesn’t shield them from paying claims.

The claims have been paid by “old GM” (pre-bankruptcy corporation) and current GM doesn’t want to also be liable.

It isn’t asking for the ruling to be overturned and leave the claims unpaid.


I agree vote with said wallets.

Stop spreading lies in the form FUD. As the article says, “GM has already paid roughly $2 billion in criminal and civil penalties and settlements in connection with the switch”. This case is only about hundreds of far more dubious “loss of value” claims that have cropped up in the wake of the scandal.

So I guess one can go commit a crime then change their name and SSN (claim it stolen/ID theft) and can’t be responsible for the crime?

I wonder if that works on taxes to……lol

Is it at Chevrolet of Fremont? 10 more in transit at that dealership.

Those guys look exactly like Bolt drivers

I am a bit surprised that they didn’t find a few more buyers who weren’t a bunch of pasty old white guys having a sausage party.

No wives? No kids? No families? No melanin?

Heck, even in their big manly truck bed comparison ads they managed to include more than just pasty old white guys having a sausage party:

Nix, they look like the guys that I see plugging their Volts and Teslas in at the chargers near me. The Leaf has more women owners, as does the C-Max Energi, but the vast majority of the people I see plugging in are white dudes. I don’t see anything wrong with that, for now, but I hope the appeal of plug in cars continues to spread.

Male/female breakdown as I encounter them.

Fiat500e: Exclusively female.

Leaf: About 80% female.

BMW i3: About 50% female.

Tesla S: About 80% male

SparkEV: Exclusively male (except Cara Santa Maria)

SparkEV, your numbers look to be the same as what I see on the East Coast, but S drivers trend to nearly 90% male here. Volt drivers are around 80% guys right now, but for the first year or two that was closer to 100%, so progress is happening.

Oh, I’m sure it is a valid random sample.

But this is a planned press event, where everything was chosen for advertising effect, from the location down to the policeman/programmer/realty agent demographics of the buyers they chose for this event.

They hit the working class everyman, the electric geeks, and the street warriors who make their living driving their cars to show houses.

I’m just surprised they left out moms and families and etc.

Yes. Happy.

Educated, cost-conscience, and without huge egos? I agree!

Maybe the woman are smart enough to hold out on the best that is yet to come.

According to an LA Times article, Bolts should be hitting LA dealers in a matter of days. Including mine! Woohoo!

I’d love to know what the window sticker price was on any of these 3 Bolts. The manufacturers always brag about base price, but the price on the window sticker is sometimes many thousands of dollars over that much advertised amount.

All 3 are Premiums, you can tell by the roof rails.

2 of the three are extra cost colors.

So one of them (the black one) is at least $41,780. The other two are at least $42,175. All those prices are before rebate.

I see a lot of Bolts in the background, but I wonder if they’re all sold out now. After all, it’s been a day already. Anyone from Fremont confirm?

I didn’t check there specifically but by what happened at other dealers I expect they were not available at all anyway.

“Only VIPs” was what other dealers said. Some of them are also demo units for test drives. The test drive units (in an unusual move for GM) belong to GM not the dealer and thus cannot be sold. This is a smart move because the dealers would likely restrict test drives (to keep milage low) or sell them, thus leaving no car to test drive.

At the dealer I was at the car is being test driven constantly.

Interesting strategy, thanks for the info.

The only car I ever bought new had 50 miles on the odometer, so almost certainly was used to give test drives or used as a service loaner, before being sold off.