Confirmed: First Chevrolet Bolt Deliveries Right On Schedule For A December-To-Remember


General Motors has officially confirmed that the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is right on schedule and that deliveries will be made prior to the end of 2016, exactly as promised.

Chevy Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV

Confirmation comes via Yves Dontigny, production launch manager for the Bolt. Dontigny was questioned on the timing of first Bolt deliveries and when asked if they’d occur prior to the end of the year, he responded:

“Yes, we’re on target to do that.”

As we already know, Bolts are en route (via train) to dealerships in California and Oregon. Once these vehicles arrive (any day now, we assume), some final prep work will be performed by dealers and deliveries will commence.

We firmly believe that first deliveries will occur prior to Christmas (what a swell gift that would be!).

Dontigny wouldn’t provide any expected delivery figures, but did say that the production ramp up in still underway:

“We’re still ramping up (Bolt) production.”

Even when the inital ramp up is complete, there will be room for more expansion. As Ward’s Auto explains:

“Orion also builds the Chevy Sonic compact car, which has been a slow seller this year averaging about 4,400 sales per month as low fuel prices and the popularity of CUVs have dampened demand in the segment 11.4% through November. Production of the Buick Verano premium small car at Orion was suspended for good in October.”

“That means there is plenty of unused capacity in the 4.3 million sq.-ft. (213,676 sq.m) facility, a 45-minute drive from GM World Headquarters in Detroit. In 2008, when it built the Pontiac G6 and Chevy Malibu midsize sedans, the plant cranked out 250,425 units.”

Dontigny confirmed the extra capacity:

“There is capacity to tap.”

Dontigny added that if demand warrants, the Orion factory could add an extra shift just for Bolt production.

Source: Ward’s Auto

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Winter is always the longest season. But this is going to be the longest winter of my life. Between the new government, and waiting to see if the Bolt ever makes it here to Trump’s America.

They are still announcing new EVs in spite of the pending regulator vacuum. Maybe the cars are self-promoting now.

Poor little liberal! You know if I can survive 8 years in the Obamanation, you’ll make it through Trump Nation. Why are EV’s caught up in politics? As a staunch conservative, I disagree with you about politics but agree with you that EV’s (plug-ins) are fabulous cars. I own three of them and would love to add a Bolt to my fleet. The only downside to them is that they are pricier than their gas counterparts. Liberals only seem to focus on saving the planet, but there are other areas where EV’s (plug-ins) are superior….i.e. lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, a more pleasant and peaceful driving experience with the smooth and quiet operation of the car, and few (or perhaps no) visits to the gas station. With an administration that focuses on Job creation and returning prosperity to Americans, perhaps more people can justify the higher purchase price of an EV.

Hear Hear!

While I don’t hold your disdain for liberals as you do, as a (fiscally) conservative myself, I think we are heading toward an EV future regardless of who is in power.

Battery prices will continue to fall no matter what the government does and price parity will happen with or without subsidies.

Fear not my liberal friends.


Try living without the planet for a couple of weeks if you think that it is less important than your bank account…

Are you suggesting that iwatson should book a trip to Mars on SpaceX? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I completely agree with your point about EVs. They are far superior in every way, including the environmental concerns.

My father needs a new truck soon and he would love to replace his Tacoma with a PHEV Truck. It baffles me that the few options are only really available for fleet sales.

I’d recommend a comment without the ‘poor little liberal’ though lol. 😉 Just as there was no need for him to add the ”Trumps America’ comment on an article completely unrelated to the administration.

So close to an election, both are a good way to get someone to ignore an otherwise very thoughtful post.

according to all available economic data, you didn’t just survive the Obama years, you thrived. the entire nation thrived. and millions got health insurance. And the future of the planet got brighter.

this has not been the record of the gop. and under trump it will be worse.

Please? All available data? In the news right now is a lot of talk about fake news. So don’t tell me about all available data. I drive a city bus for a living so I see discouraged people who can’t get a job and blight up close and personal. If you want to come here and talk about electric cars that’s great. But my issue is you want to come here and talk a lot of political crap that I just don’t happen to believe. If you want to believe it, hook, line and sinker….go ahead , knock yourself out. But I’m really tired of folks who who suggest I’m stupid, If I don’t see things the way they do.

You mean like the way liberals are insulted off gun sites and Christian sites? You mean the infinite streams of hatred against people of color and Moslems in comment sections all over the internet? I encounter “Kill all Ni**ers” and “Kill all Jews” posted under Youtube videos about any subject you can imagine.

The country is factionalized. You and your language is part of that too. In civil war all information is ready to be weaponized.

“the future of the planet got brighter”

Can you stop that non sense!
Obama is friend with the Saudi that sponsor the terrorist that bomb Zaventem airport and the Maelbeek metro station.
Obama agreed that Hillary send the CIA in Ukraine to foment an ethnic cleansing of the Russian speaking Ukrainians.
Obama said the US will never be at war with Islam, essentially giving a green light to any action made under the Islam name.
Obama refused any inquiry against the Saudi in the 9/11 bombings.

The future got brighter?

yours is a fact free post.

Put a label on it [Now 100% Fact Free!]

The internet is really succeeding in tearing the world apart though misinformation…

If you really believe the convoluted narrative you have come up with, then you have a lot in common with my far left liberal 9-11 truth-er uncle. Though neither one of you would admit it I’m sure.

The reality is that US leaders are human and not infallible. They will often make poor decisions or misjudge threats. No president is a saint and no president is a super villain.

EVs are pricier than their gasoline counterparts – yes and I don’t see why this is an issue as their cost of ownership is lower in the long run (no gasoline, low maintenance costs). iPhone 7 is also more expensive than iPhone 4 because it’s more technologically advanced.

So true about total cost of ownership. I just looked at my Edmunds app and compared the TCO of a 2014 Volt to a 2014 Chevy Cruze 2LT. Edmunds TCO looks at total ownership costs over 5 years at 15k miles per year. The Cruze was a bit over $25k while the Volt was $23k. And when you back out depreciation (for those of us who like to drive them till the wheels fall off) the math benefits EVs even more.

So iwatson, is your sneering “obamanation” a reference to the fact that under his leadership the US pulled out of (another) Republican Recession and created 16.186 million new jobs???

And don’t forget that you man Cheney with his pet Bush the Dumber actually LOST 8.8 million jobs due to their disasterous policies leading to the meltdown of the Great Recession.

Perhaps you should read up a little?

Under Dmocratic Presidents, the US has CREATED TWICE as many jobs and 1/2 as much deficit spending (plus many other favorable stats compared to the Republicans) as under Republican Presidents and their stupid policies:

I guess you could call that “An inconvenient Truth” for your team?

Democrats with half as much deficit spending as Republicans? That would be a neat trick, considering Obama DOUBLED the entire national debt during his soon to be over 8 year reign. So one democrat had as much deficit spending as every other president before him COMBINED. You may need to fact check that fact checking website you like so much.

RightWingofthe01%people is as confused as the rest of the Alt Righters again.

Fact is that Democratic Presidents have had 1/2 of the budget deficits of Republicans since the end of WW2:

And Cheney/George the Dumber’s spending policies cost the taxpayers 5 Times More then Obama’s spending policies!

So keep reading those Alt Right propaganda sites since they are doing a good job of completely twisting around the truth and your brains!

Excellent point, except you should also add that current “spend large” was initiated by Reagan. When some republicans say how great Reagan was, they’re implicitly saying they’re for big government (aka, socialist republican).

You can insult me all if want if that helps you sleep at night, but it doesn’t make your statement any less false. The debt is the sum of all annual deficits, and the fact remains that the national debt has doubled under Obama’s watch. Now you can argue that policies of past presidents contributed to that, but you can’t argue the math. Math is math, it isn’t alt right or any other made up term you use to insult those with whom you disagree.

It wasn’t just spending. In a financial crash, government tax revenues also collapse. That’s why Herbert Hoover’s attempts to cut spending to reduce deficits after 1929 were stupid. Republicans still refuse to accept that government spending creates jobs, and during a market collapse everyone else is firing people, thus there is no other source of tax revenue.

Jesus, I wish now that the crash had just gone on the way the Republicans demanded, with GM and Chrysler broke so that all the key auto supply companies also crashed and bankrupted all the other automakers (which is what Toyota stated when it supported the bailout of its rivals). Government revenues would fallen even faster, all the things that happened during Hoover’s last 3 years in office would have happened again, like 30% unemployment and the rise of real revolutionary activity by actual hungry people. I’m sick of liberals having to patch up capitalism after its (inherent) speculative crashes.

Under your sacred laissez-faire, the US economy had crashes in 1896, 1907, 1919, and 1929. So enjoy its restoration, true believer.

Ugghh, you sound like a very pompous man with more cars than friends. You certainly are a staunch something.

So, you’re clearly far above median income.
How do you like it that as soon as Trump was elected the head of the SEC resigns.

In other words are return of the massive fraud of Wall Street during the Bush years. This is one reason Republicans fail at government. Massive Fraud is two things. It’s an economic tax on the 99%, as fraud is uneconomic and slows down economic growth.

Deregulated Wall Street puts your assets at risk.
And it also allows the .1% to directly target the 1%. Remember Bernie Madoff, he ran unchecks for 8 Bush years, and only got “caught” under the Obama SEC.

They’re going to allow banks to us YOUR ASSETS in those banks to make market bets. Are you going to be happy with that?

Do you know why the NYTimes just got a circulation bump?
Do you know why the NYTimes is vilified by the right?
They’re pretty much the only ones who cover Wall Street Fraud..
Just an FYI.

What Madoff did is pretty much the same as Social Security, yet he goes to jail and SS is allowed. Pyramid scheme making sense is only for the big government left.

As for banks making market bets, how do you think they’re able to give you more money (interest) than you put in? You think they have money tree that grows money? All banks practice making market bets; they’re called investments. Make stupid investments, and they will be in trouble, government regulations or not.

I agree. I’m a Reagan Republican (didn’t vote for Trump, wrote in MacMullan) and a Volt owner.I bought the car for it’s technology not to save the planet. Electric motors are simply better than internal combustion engines, auto makers should promote EVs based on their performance not just on their greenness. The Volt has 295 ft/lbs of torque, that almost V8 territory, and it has it at 0 RPM, something no ICE can do.

As for politics, the pendulum swings every 8 years, Democrats should stop freaking out and take comfort in that. The pendulum has swung consistently over the entire history of the US with only two exceptions, the post Civil War period where the Dems won only two elections between Lincoln and Wilson, and FDR where WWII broke the cycle. But since then it’s been really consistent. Eisenhower for 8, Kennedy+LBJ for 8, Nixon+Ford for 8, Carter was only 4 and Reagan+Bush was 12 which was a blip because Reagan was so popular, then Clinton for 8, then Bush the younger for 8, Obama for 8 and Now Trump.

Maybe after being told for 30 years that Democrats were communists, ni**er-lovers, Moslem-lovers, gay-lovers, and traitors, the “change” the Republican rank & file was voting for was a bigoted, scapegoating tyrant who would finally disenfranchise all those awful Democrats and create a one-party paradise. They were sick of normal Republicans not governing as extreme as their rhetoric, and Trump alone looked vicious enough to finally carry out the final solution.

And if he in turn fails to do it with overwhelming overreach of Federal power, there’s always America’s traditional methods. Who ever stood against those?

“As a staunch conservative…. With an administration that focuses on Job creation and returning prosperity to Americans… ”

Cute conservative. He thinks Trump gives a crap about him and his jobs.

Boy are you in for a surprise! P

Well, you don’t seem to have suffered so much under the horrible evil ghetto Moslem president. And I got medical insurance. And we got back all the jobs that were lost in the speculative crash caused by financial deregulation and Bush’s need to wage war without fiscal sacrifices. (In 2004, the actual increase in the size of the GNP was less than the amount of new home equity loans alone. When you eventually pay back loans, that’s subtracted from the GNP. See how that works?)

Now, I’m losing my insurance and we’re going back to voodoo economics for the third try. So probably no EV for me. Good thing I can pass for White now.

When Elon Musk and Trump meet for the first time this website will crash. Vote with your dollar, buy EVs, sway the market and maybe…..maybe trump will be the one to kill the anti American laws that are stopping tesla from selling American cars in America. Be the first owners of the Chevy bolt. Make it your mission to ensure every Bolt EV is bought as soon as it hits the dealer. Set an example of the future possibilities of buying EVs for the average joe. But quit crying about the election. It just might be a good 4 years for you.

From your Canadian friend..good luck.

Yeah. I want to believe that he will do the right things for future generations too, even if by accident. But I don’t hold out much hope. Some of his supporters are already complaining of his “crony” capitalism. I hate to break it to you, but that is the only kind there ever was. Libertarians live in as much of a fantasy world as socialists. People are greedy, but will cooperate if their greed is exposed for all to see. That doesn’t happen much under any form of government. I sure don’t see it happening under this new one.

That is why I bought a Tesla. It was as much to support the new technology company willing to gamble on it as it was to buy a really nice car for the first time in my life.

My Bolt is coming!

Good color choice.

Cool, that Blue is the best!


Delivery to Toledo???

To be put on train to west coast??

What city is your dealer located??

thanks… enjoy your car!

Yep, Toledo where it hops on a train to Cali.
Then I’m shipping it back to MD. Lol

Congrats Bro. Very exciting. It will be a fun car.

Congratulations! Please post a review after you’ve had a chance to drive it for a bit. Thanks!

Awesome congrats! I am looking forward to comparing the Bolt with the 2018 Leaf and Tesla Model 3. I am in no rush atm, my 2014 Prius 3 will keep me going for the next 2-3 years. I do sorely miss driving pure EV ( i owned a Leaf for 2 years prior to the Prius).

There is a blank at the estimated delivery date item. Is there a maximum delivery date stipulated in the contract?

More clues that bro1999 might be GM insider. How can a guy in MD get his Bolt quicker than most folks in CA? He knows his way around too well.

He is buying it in California and shipping it to Maryland. He is on the same schedule as everyone else.

Saying nothing whatsoever. The slow roll-out continues.

Regarding DT and climate change we need to clear the air that Trump is completely in the pockets of big oil. Already appointing executives from said industry in key positions in his administration. Now they are illegally looking for supporters of the notion of human caused climate change within the DOE. I am sure Joe McCarthy would be proud. Trump and his cronies are a miserable throw-back to a by gone era.

ffbj, I didn’t mean to offend you yesterday with that now deleted pic I posted in a reply to you, if that’s what happened. I can’t tell if you or a mod found it offensive, or if subsequent comments in that thread devolved into a sh*t show.

Just as a note…it wasn’t you guys, the sub-thread spun wildly out of control/nasty thereafter, a couple commenters didn’t understand what was happening (took me a second as well to figure it out, lol), and as you say, it “devolved”

Was my call to just take it back to the root rather than re-visit often for moderation. So I guess apologies to you both that your original comment/posts when AWOL

“Was my call to just take it back to the root rather than re-visit often for moderation.”

Darn, sorry I missed it:)

Sorry I missed it too!

No sweat. No problem.
Relating to Jay’s comment below I too was startled how it took off, as that was not my intent.

Let’s not assume this is a witch hunt just yet. Every transition team sends out questionnaires. Every transition team wants to know who specializes in what. Read the entire questionnaire for context.

The questionnaire speaks more to privatizing DOE labs than it does an ideological cleansing around climate change.

[for the record, I’m not a Trump supporter]

Because the only way to get fair and honest lab results is from the for profit sector. Yeah, maybe we can get VW to run the labs.

Actions speak louder than words, and Trump’s actions in deciding who to hire for key positions in his administration speaks very loudly indeed.

Those leopards are not gonna change their spots, or their agendas, just because they’ve been given positions of authority! Rather the opposite, since they’ll be in positions to actually carry out their most ardent hard-right political desires.

Only the clueless or delusional could think otherwise.

I made a joke: (not intended to offend)

Joe: What are you eating?
Fred: Saltines, want one?
Joe: Thanks…hey these crackers are old and stale.
Fred: Yeah, just like Trump’s cabinet.

It’s all a heap of “no good”. For a president who lost the vote by something like 2.75M votes, seems like a lot of hubris.

First, ffbj – that was funny!

Now, at DonC, please stop. It doesn’t matter if Trump lost the popular vote by 20 million because he won the electoral college and that is how we elect our presidents. I didn’t vote for him, you didn’t vote for him, and it doesn’t matter. He will be our next president so stop whining about the popular vote and move on.

I hope they are producing as many as they can make right now because we know the first few months will sell out immediately due to people that have been waiting on them.

I’m worried there won’t be enough batteries and battery packs for this car from LG Chem.

When it’s already so late in the month, I would force the dealer to delay the delivery to next year to get the new years as first registration date into the documents. (OK, irrelevant, if you lease)

I would get it as fast as possible. Then I would file for my $7500 federal FY2016 tax rebate the second I got my tax docs.

The savings in not waiting a year for the tax refund, and the savings in gas vs. driving an ICE is probably worth it in most states. Add in the risk factor of possibly losing the $7500 tax credit, and it seems like an easy decision.

OPEC has ordered a 1.2 million barrel oil production cut along with a 300,000 barrel cut from Russia.

To beat OPEC we are going to have to come up with at least a million barrel a day global oil demand cut globally.

But it looks like we got back up coming if 5000 Chevy Bolts hit the road in January and 1000 Chevy Bolts come in in December and 8,000 Teslas come in.

Yeah, the number sounds quite impressive and the oil price increased immediately.
When one reads the fine print, they suspended the membership of Indonesia (700000 barrel production of the 1.2 Million). So they are not counting Indonesia production for the time being, but Indonesia sure as hell will continue producing (just not selling as OPEC oil…)

Fracking production will easily account for that. Any time oil passes $50/ Barrel Fracking wells start producing

This is great news! This gets some Bolts into the hands of buyers before the end of the tax year, allowing them to file for their $7,500 federal tax refunds 2 months if they act fast. Which is what I would do if I were in their shoes.

I’m hoping GM will tap that extra capacity every chance they get…. (does that sound wrong???)

Sorry, but I roll my eyes every time someone says “Tax Refund”. It’s not a tax refund, it’s a tax credit. Big difference!!!! And don’t forget you still have to pay sales tax. 10% sales tax on in certain parts of California. That’s $4,300 on a $43,000 Bolt. I wouldn’t be surprised if some dealerships tack on a dealer mark-up on the sticker price.

The highest is 9% in California but I know what your saying.

Tax Guy, yes you are correct. I got sloppy trying to convey two different concepts in too few words. My bad. What do you think about this wording:

“allowing them to file for the $7,500 federal tax incentive and get their tax refunds in 2 months if they act fast.”

The point is that buying in Jan. instead of Dec. will add another year to the timing of when the next federal tax refund would be sent to buyers.

You have to pay state taxes whether you buy in Dec or in Jan. so the state tax rate itself doesn’t come into play in this situation.

I find the scheduling impressive. When Mark Reuss showed the Bolt EV at the financial conference in September of 2014, he said the car would ship at the end of 2016. With so many moving parts, and so many suppliers involved, it’s amazing how the major car companies can hit their dates from so far out.

Yeah, I bet there was lot of blood, sweat, and tears behind the scenes to keep to that time line. Not to mention the engineering and testing work that went on.

That’s great to hear. It’s a little baffling to me they aren’t already on sale. How long does it take to move a car across the country?

I had already raised my hopes from “getting a Bolt” to “getting a Bolt by the end of the year”. Now I can upgrade that to “by Christmas 2016” maybe?

Well, according to my trusty Edmunds app there are many Bolts on dealer lots in California as I type this. Several at Stewart Chevy in San Fran, several at Team Chevy in Vallejo, one at Silver Star Chevy near LA, and one at George Chevy also near LA. Could be posted based on expected inventory but maybe they are actually in stock.

None in Georgia at the moment, and there likely won’t be for months. 🙁

They can’t possibly really be for sale yet.

Or else someone would have bought one.

Either there is an embargo on selling cars (even if on the lot) or else dealers are listing cars they don’t have. Or perhaps both.

Looking at my local Chevy dealer’s website, I can see 4 listed as inbound. All 4 are already sold. I’m hoping to get a test drive sometime in the next month. I’ve corresponded with the dealership. They say it will take 6-8 weeks to get one I custom order to get exactly the options I want. I plan on ordering with enough time to replace my LEAF. Its lease is up in April. I hope the dealer’s timing guess is correct.

I’m thinking embargo, since is only showing 1 nationwide.

That would be the normal way a new car launch would be done by most car makers. Build up stock, embargo the stock until a launch event, and then lift the embargo.

It keeps the infighting between dealerships over who gets cars first down to a minimum, and maximizes the value of the “on sale NOW!” announcement.

Please tell me i wasn’t crazy. But i swear i saw one on the 405 in southern California on thursday

It might’ve been Cruze hatch. They look very similar to Bolt.

I thought “December-To-Remember” was a Lexus thing, not GM?

Before you run out to buy that Bolt you’d better have at least a 30amp level 2 charger installed in your garage. It takes 9 hours to charge a Bolt with level 2. It takes 60 hours at level 1…Bigger battery means longer charging times.

If you need to charge for 9 hours, it’s time to move closer to work.

From your comment, you obviously don’t drive a EV.

I get by fine with 120V 8A (less than the power of my vacuum cleaner). I suspect most people will do just as well, and don’t really “need” L2. L2 is nice to have in case you forget to plug in at night and need 10 miles in 30 minutes to get to DCFC.

The average commuter in the US drives 15 miles to work and back each day. There is no reason to recharge from empty every day, you only need to replace what you use. So the amount of time that typical Bolt owners will leave there cars plugged in will be roughly the same, whether they charge at 30A or from 110. It will get plugged in at night, and unplugged with a full charge in the morning. The Bolt actually reduces the need for faster charging. Because unlike a short range EV, you don’t need to leave every morning for work with a full battery. Just like your gas car, you can head to work with just a quarter a battery and make it home fine. You can come home from a weekend trip with a low battery, plug in over night, and have plenty of juice for the next day’s commute even if the battery is nowhere near full. So there is no emergency to get a home fast charger before you get a Bolt (unless a buyer has some other special circumstance they need to mitigate.) With that said, I believe the federal tax incentive for home chargers… Read more »

I think they want to dethrone the Prime just one month after setting the record for most sales in the first month of offering. They only have to get to 872…