First BMW i8 Buyer Tells His Story – Video


“This is the story of Dirk Schulz, the first BMW i8 customer. He optioned the car when he saw the concept vehicle back in 2010. At that time he did not know the price or any technical data or even if the car will be produced.”

Schulz, like some of us, has been an automotive fan for most of his life.  His passion for cars came from his father.  His love for BMW started with the Z1 and continues with the i8.

Dirk's BMW i8 Story

Dirk’s BMW i8 Story

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The one comment I can relate to is that it is “Unlike any other Sports Car”.

A small 3 cylinder engine and an electric motor drive, and surprisingly spirited performance without having 800 horsepower or whatever all ‘performance cars’ have to have these days.

He’s more well healed than I am, but I’m glad he is so satisfied with his purchase, and more generally I wish BMW luck in their I8 sales. Since they have almost a 2 year backlog, they sure don’t need it.

Probably the premier hybrid sports car. Yeah they should have little problem selling them, considering that they are just making a limited number.

Yes it certainly is unique and an Icon for BMW.
I like Bold designs that work and represent the future.

Other manufactures take note – stop making me too look alike products.
New design concepts that work show your a leading company like BMW has done with the I8.
Car people know what works and what they like. Statics of marketing to design a new car do not.

Well done BMW.