First Audi e-tron Deliveries In Germany Postponed To February?

JAN 6 2019 BY MARK KANE 37

Audi still needs more time to start deliveries

Audi was expected to begin volume deliveries of Audi e-tron in late 2018, but in October it was already known that there were some delays involved.

So far, several hundred cars were registered in the first few markets, but it turns out that customer deliveries will not happen this month.

According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (, first customers in Germany will get the e-tron in February.

If Audi does not sort out its problems with the e-tron launch, it will be overtaken in Europe by Tesla Model 3, which also should hit the market in February.

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It wasn’t postponed, they never announced a delivery date for Germany in the first place. Just because it’s a German manufacturer doesn’t mean Germany will get served first.

They started deliveries in late 2018 exactly like they have announced they would and will continue to do so in January. There will be other markets that won’t get deliveries before July, doesn’t mean it’s been postponed to July either.

Customer deliveries or dealer deliveries?

I have seen it at dealers so people can look at it, sit in it and see materials used in the interior and stuff like that. I’ve not seen one in traffic as far as I know, but it looks like every other Audi SUV . .
I was told by a dealer they would sell and deliver quite a few when they first started. I guess they want quite a few cars before they start. Time will tell.

Are you talking about US Audi dealers or at dealers in Europe? If US please tell me at which dealers you have seen this vehicle. I would like to take a look at it sometime. Thank you!

There should be a number available from U.S. dealers right now. Here’s one listing, for instance:

Wrong car.

Dealer deliveries for staff training and demonstration purposes are already happening. A couple hundred have been registered in all the major markets.
This isn’t relevant at all for customer deliveries.

When does the US get deliveries? I wish these companies could hurry up, Audi E-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Hyundai Kona-EV and Kia E-Niro would be hugely popular if only we could actually buy them.

Though of course, I would like it if E-Tron and I-Pace made better use of those 95kWh batteries…

Mid 2019.

U.S. deliveries have begun. Customers are taking delivery of custom-ordered vehicles and there is a small amount of inventory sprinkled across the country.

Wrong Car again, we are referring to the Audi you are referring to the Jaguar.

Then it appears Norwegian customers will get the car before Germany..
The reservation list in Norway is closed, since sales was about to start. No date was mentioned, just that they could contact their local dealer for more specific information.

Tomorrow’s car with yesterday’s range still has not been delivered?!

Audi is some 7 years late with this car. Their slogan is ‘vorsprung durch technik’, but they are lying for years anyway..

Audi is more of a traditionalist. They do have a lot of tech and their LMP1 was one the best in the field.
Tesla is a software/hardware company that makes cars and yes they have some advantage over Audi now days. But this car is a good deal for many buyers and will be decent. 400-500km range, fast charging over CCS and the nobs and other controls you want like all Audi’s. Not like Model 3 where you have a very clean interior. All in all I think the more we can choose the better it gets for us all.

This thing will get nowhere near 500 km without serious hypermiling. 400 km might just be possible under favourable conditions…

Even if it is just 400km, more than enough for daily drive (which is mostly under 60km a day) and that occasional holiday. It’s just a good car.

Well at least the charging is pretty impressive:
150 kW to 80%
125 kW 80-85%
90 kW 85-90%
72,5 kW 90-95%
57,5 kW 95-100%

Do you have similar stats for the Model X?

Found a graph here:

and also found a graph of the e-tron charging:
comment image

That can only mean the e-tron has a massive buffer at the high end? Might explain their perceived poor efficiency, if they advertise a 95kWh battery when the usable part is only 80-85kWh. 250m on 95kWh sounds a lot worse than 250m on 80kWh.

Another luxury SUV that people can do their shopping with. This one even has real off-road capabilities to help you overcome that 3 inch pothole on your way to work.

They are working on cheaper versions as well. (Though it’s an Audi, it will never really be cheap.) Later this year they are going to announce their electric eqivalent to the Audi A3 based on VWs MEB platform, which should allow for cost savings. (The e-tron is still mostly based on the fossil car platform MLB.)


Yes, I know. Conversions are far from what an 100% EV can offer. The interior space in a real EV is much better than in an ICE , or its conversion, with same exterior dimensions.

3 weeks away then

This car is not comparable to the model 3. It is a Tesla model X competitor. It is great it is coming and I hope that Ionity charging network will be built through Europe so that the car can be used on long trips. Otherwise it is juts city car for local driving. Tesla cannot do it all by themselves and we can only get people out of the fossil cars if there are enough and diverse options for pure EV’s. It is a pity that Audi is so late to the party and only with a very expensive high-end model. The model 3 is an Audi A4 and similar competitor.

It is way too small and has way too small range to be a Model X competitor

If you don’t go too fast, range shouldn’t be that far behind the entry Model X…

Ionity is great and all but there are other fast charger companies out there in Europe. You can easily do long distance traveling right now in this car. If I drive 400km from where I live I’m already halfway France/Germany and out in the north sea. Western Europe isn’t that big.

They are the masters of mass manufacturing they said, they will simply flood the markets with electric vehicles whenever they wish to do so they said,
And here here we are….
And yet only Tesla gets the grief for manufacturing hiccups

Oh the anticipation…

I’m a little bit confused because I was parked next to a blue one in October at the Berkeley Whole Foods while charging. It was not charging, just taking up space but clearly said Etron. Unless they have another car with a similar name (these car companies are really screwing with the naming structure (Ipace is electric, E Pace is not). The car was small, probably a B class.

There the Audi A3 e-tron plug in hybrid, that has been sold for a couple of years. Could it be that you saw one of the these?

The cars will not be on the marked in Europe before the first week in march, at earliest. This due to the type approval from the German KBA, wich is taking time nowadays, with a bunch of cars in the waiting line for wltp-sertifications. KBA is overloaded. Some e-trons have hit the road in Germany, Nederlands and Norway (7pcs in Norway). Those with singel-approvements.