Aston Martin Rapide E Validation Prototype Moves Under Own Power

JAN 22 2019 BY MARK KANE 8

It’s alive and it looks encouraging.

Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer shared a short video with a validation prototype of the all-electric Rapide E.

According to the description, it’s the first time when the car is running under its own power from a 800 V production battery, developed in partnership with Williams Engineering.

“A moment of @astonmartin history. First Validation Prototype Aston Martin RapideE moves under its own power for the very first time with its breakthrough 800v battery. Great work from the development team which includes Williams Engineering.”

The first electric Aston is to be available before the end of this year, but only 155 units will ever be made.

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8 Comments on "Aston Martin Rapide E Validation Prototype Moves Under Own Power"

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Looking forward to driving one of these.

I drove the outgoing Rapide S.

This is awesome ‼️

Excellent, I’m really interested to see how it turns out.

Looks like an amazing EV,definitely the most beautiful one.🖒🖒

Sad that it won’t be mass produced 😣

Disagree, both the Model S and Taycan look a lot better. The design is out of date and needs updating.

You think the S’s seven-year-old “well-worn bar of soap” design language is prettier than this? LOL. And instead of doing a blank-sheet redesign of the long-in-the-tooth S in response to three major competitors coming on-line in the next 18 months, Elon thinks a pickup is a better use of resources.

Could this beat the Taycan to market with the first 800V battery? I mean, they both claim availability before the end of the year…

Did anyone in Aston Martin thought that RapidE resembles RapidGate?

One hundred and fifty-five units?

Unless it’s a record-breaking supercar, that’ll barely be noticed even by Aston Martin fans, let alone the wider auto industry.

I hope it’s a hint of future EV work by Aston, and not a flash in the pan.