First Annual TESLIVE Conference for Model S and Roadster Owners Scheduled for Mid July; Registration Open Now

APR 30 2013 BY STAFF

Here's What to Expect at TESLIVE

Here’s What TESLIVE Is

“It’s Like Macworld for Tesla,” says Silicon Beat.

But it’s called TESLIVE.

Tesla Motors Club, along with Tesla Motors, have teamed up to bring us an event known as TESLIVE.

TESLIVE starts on Friday July 12 at the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley with exhibits, a meet-and-greet,  a reception, some conference-like sessions, a Tesla Motors-sponsored party/tour at its factory and so much more.

The event ends on Sunday with Tesla owners attempting to set a record in Roadsters and Model S with a drive through Woodside Hills.

This year’s event is limited to 300 attendees.  For additional information, check out the graphics on this page and then head to the TESLIVE site.

Here's a Condensed Version of the Agenda

Here’s a Condensed Version of the Agenda

And Here's What You'll Pay to Attend

And Here’s What You’ll Pay to Attend

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