First 2016 Chevrolet Volts Arrive At Dealership…In Canada (Update for US)


Bourgeois Chevrolet in Quebec, Canada has taken delivery of what’s believed to be the world’s first two buyer-bound 2016 Chevrolet Volts.

The pair of 2016 Volts are already sold, meaning that they were pre-ordered awhile back and the eager buyers will likely take delivery of the cars today or tomorrow.

Bourgeois Chevrolet states the 2016 Volt has a base price of $40,090 (Canadian dollars), but that these two are being sold for $44,090 (Canadian dollars), likely due to them carrying at least some options.

Official pricing in Canada is listed as starting at $39,990 (Canadian dollars), so perhaps Bourgeois Chevrolet is adding a slight fee to the base price to arrive at $40,090 (Canadian dollars), or there is another regulatory hit of $100 that is added in Quebec.

2016 Chevrolet Volt At Bourgeois Chevrolet In Canada

2016 Chevrolet Volt At Bourgeois Chevrolet In Canada

Canada wasn’t expected to receive the 2016 Volt until November of this year, so clearly that date has been moved up.

Meanwhile, lists 59 2016 Volts at dealerships in the U.S. at time of press, but since there are no pictures (or just stock photos) connected to those listing, we’re guessing the cars have not quite arrived yet -but we expect those in appear in a day or two.

Update:  The first US 2016 Volts were received by dealers Friday, with deliveries expected this weekend.

2016 Volts On

2016 Volts On



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I am kinda surprised GM didn’t use the first delivery for PR. It sounds like they will just start deliveries today or tomorrow in the US.

GM would have a hard time marketing heroin. They are abysmally incompetent at explaining their cars to consumers.

Rydells in N. California is showing a photo of their red 2016 in stock with their whole staff looking giddy. Looks nice in red!

Their site says 150 are in transit.

So when are we going to start seeing reviews from Consumer Reports, Motor Trend, Car & Driver, etc.?

I’m betting most of them already have the reviews typed up already, before even driving the car 🙂

🙂 No doubt. I hear Consumer Reports has already decided it scores a 73. They won’t like driver visibility, rear seat room, and the fact that advanced safety features are only available on the top trim.

All of these things are the-same-or-better compared to the Gen1 Volt. However, I can’t find what CR’s score on the Gen1 Volt was… only that they rated it “Best American green car.”

They gave it a 68.

Consumer Reports doesn’t rate cars it before it buys them.


The extra 100$ is probably the tax on air conditioning which is mandatory in Québec. Furthermore, by law, the sticker price must include all fees in Québec. This therefore explain the difference observed between the Canadian sticker price and the one presented by Bourgeois Chevrolet.

Why would a Canadian dealership sell in USD? Typo?

My bad. Yes, it was a typo. Fixed.

In the dealer’s ad it says, “FWD”. Does that mean four wheel drive?

FWD stands for “Front wheel drive”

Nice one lol

Volt has ‘fore’ wheel drive. 😉

I hope A LOT of Canadians buy this new Volt. It is a GREAT plug-in car for the Great White North. (Cooo-noookooo-koo Cooo-noookooo-koo!)

Remember, Canada still owes a lot of shares in GM (AFAIK).

I thought they sold any remaining shares in April?

Yes, they did. Election year in Canada (Oct 19th), so the extra ~3.2 billion was an insurance pad to show a surplus. Turns out it wasn’t needed as Canada just logged a budget surplus of $5 Billion in Q1 (Apr-Jun) going into the voting

Sidenote: Are governments still allowed to do that? …I must have forgotten, lol

All sold. Canada and Ontario did hold onto them longer than the US Treasury did. Not sure who got a better price.

They are not the only ones in Quebec, Alby Chevrolet also received a few i beleive…

With such a good PHEV drivetrain it is such a shame GM only offers one car model. I mean it seems VW’s group PHEV drivetrain are a lot less efficient however if we combine all VW sub brands (Porsche, Audi), they offer at least 5 different PHEV models. Good technology, little ambitions. I however do not critic. Maybe US is just not the right market for those PHEV’s now.

I feel confident that if GM offered a Voltec drivetrain in other models, it would sell. Maybe sales wouldn’t be as strong as one of their more popular gasmobile models, but a compelling larger PHEV should at least as well as the Volt, if not better. The Mitsubishi Outlander is doing very well overseas, even with only ~25 real-world miles of electric range.

That is, GM does not make those other models as overpriced but poorly designed luxury cars made only in compliance numbers, like the Cadillac ELR.

Is GM avoiding offering a Voltec drivetrain in other well-designed models due to lack of ability to make much profit on the Volt, or because they don’t want to cut into sales of their own best-selling gasmobiles? Or both? Well, from the viewpoint of the EV revolution, it doesn’t matter much either way.

The air is pretty thin in the “compact car” segment at the $44k level

What are you implying? The Volt starts at $33K before the $7500 federal tax incentive. That puts the Volt at around $26-27K after incentives.

I see you were refering to CA dollars. But the CA $8,500 tax incentive still applies.

BMW 3 series are compact class.

That is also Canadian dollar which has been dropping like a rock.. 1.3: 1?

Compact class can cost more as well, depending on the car.

Audi A3 PHEV is even more expensive and it is the same size.

I saw a nice Red 2016 Volt charging at the Toronto Science Centre on Sunday Oct 4th. It had regular Ontario (not dealer) license plates. I was surprise to see it on the street as a casual enquiry at my local Chevrolet dealer the week before produced a blank stare when I asked for the likely arrival date of 2016 Volts. Unfortunately I didnt take a photo as I was more focused on the VW that had ICEd the second charging location, blocking me from charging my Leaf.

There are a few Volts driving around with regular blue and white plates. I think they’re based out of the Oshawa Engineering Centre or they’re press cars.

Wow, Canadians are beating Californians at getting the brand new 2016 Volt.

What is going on with the world? =)

Why not? There is another fairy tale where a tortoise beats the hare in a footrace.

Aside from the bling grill on the front,
how so they did not finish under the door on the sides properly?
Looks like they ran out of cash for some decent lower side skirts.

Good luck to the Canadians, In Australia we won’t get the 2016 due inability of the high tech GM to make a RHD version.

They may have clever advertisements but the Japanese have more world orientated manufacturing abilities.
Poke the Bear and will see what falls out.

Guess Australians will still have to keep on buying V8’s while local GM Holden production lasts till 2017?

It is the bad lighting angle to creat the effect. It looks fine to me. Maybe it is one of those protective coating that wasn’t fully removed yet.

Sorry mate, you should have changed over to LHD like the Canadians. The whole British Commonwealth is messing it up with few remaining market of RHD.

Japan is making RHD because of its home market. Majority of the world are driving on the “right” side. =)

“Majority of the world are driving on the “right” side of the road. =)

Like Modern Marvel said, rhd is the losing side of the driving styles-

maybe you should petition your parliament to change;)

Bourgeois Chevrolet, Rawdon, QC won 2 years in a row in Canada the:




Maybe this has been taken in account to deliver those 2016 Volt in Canada 🙂