Rosenbauer Fire Truck To Go Electric Thanks To Volvo

FEB 13 2019 BY MARK KANE 6

Electric Rosenbauer Fire Truck is coming in 2021

Volvo Penta (part of Volvo Group) is following its sister company Volvo Buses in the area of electromobility, in the industrial and marine segments.

Recently, the company received an order for a propulsion system for an all-electric ferry for Gothenburg and electric driveline for Rosenbauer fire truck called Concept Fire Truck (CFT). Especially the second project seems interesting, as we never heard of a full size all-electric/plug-in hybrid fire truck.

“Volvo Penta has signed its first agreement to design and deliver an electric driveline for an industrial OEM. This strategic partnership follows the recent announcement that Volvo Penta is providing the propulsion system to Gothenburg’s first all-electric ferry, and demonstrates an important step in the company’s journey to offer electrified power solutions to both the industrial and marine segments by 2021.Volvo Penta’s partner in this latest endeavour is Rosenbauer, one of the world’s top manufacturers of fire-service vehicles and with whom Volvo Penta has already provided Stage IV/Tier 4 Final and Euro VI emissions-compliant diesel engines.”

The press release does not reveal any details besides the launch date of 2021 and a single photo of the driveline:

An electric driveline by Volvo Penta.

Dieter Siegel, CEO at Rosenbauer International said:

“Emission-free driving is a key feature of our innovative Concept Fire Truck. For this reason, I am very glad that the heart of the CFT – the electric driveline – will be provided by Volvo Penta.

Thus, we are going to be the lead user of proven electromobility technology, today used in Volvo buses and trucks. We have been cooperating with Volvo Penta for many years, which, as a pioneer, has started looking after pollutant reduction early and is putting a strong focus on electromobility.”

Björn Ingemanson, President of Volvo Penta said:

“This partnership with Rosenbauer is the first of many as Volvo Penta expands its competence in the field, and builds an innovative electromobility platform for the future,”.

“Every day, Volvo Penta is taking steps forward in meeting the demands for cleaner, quieter and more efficient power solutions, both on land and at sea. We are excited to contribute to the Rosenbauer journey, bringing fire fighting trucks of the future to the market.”

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How many miles per year does a fire truck drive?

EVs cost more upfront, less per mile. You want to target high mileage applications, e.g. buses, semi trucks, taxis, etc.

The driveline is not the expensive part in a fire truck so the advantages of not having an ideling diesel at a fire site is definitely worth the money.

I work in Aircraft Manufacturing, and we have our own Fire Department, and a Fire Truck. Electric Drive could get them on site to an Emergency, likely Quicker, and “Idling” a Diesel is not it’s strong point, either.

Looking at a picture of my dream RV, right there, sigh…

I can understand an electric power train for the health of firemen, especially around the fire station. As I understand things there is no safe limit for PM2.5.

I’m not a fireman and I don’t understand the operations of a firetruck. But I would have thought a firetruck needs to pump water at the fire site. That can require a very large amount of energy for the time required on site. Can a battery powered fire truck do this? Unlikely for quite some time I would expect. A hybrid fire truck that never ran it’s diesel engine at or near the fire station makes a lot of sense to me.