Fire Breaks Out At Volvo Battery Lab In Gothenburg

MAR 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 2

On Tuesday, a fire broke out in the Volvo Car Group battery lab in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The automaker said there was no impact on production from the fire, but 150 employees had to be evacuated from the laboratory and surrounding buildings.

Volvo S90 T8 Twin Engine

Batteries, especially under experimental conditions in laboratories, can be dangerous.

Volvo noted a second such incident in the past two months, as back in February another building with a test facility caught fire.

The Gothenburg factory makes batteries for various Volvo products, including PHEV passenger vehicles and Volvo’s rather extensive lineup of electrified buses.

There’s no mention of which battery chemistries are used in this particular lab and it’s not clear if batteries even caused the fire.

Source: Automotive News

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This is a Chinese company Geely operating in Sweden. Nothing in common with Swedish Volvo Trucks except the trademarks.

Micke Larsson

Nope, it’s a swedish company, registered in sweden, a swedish head quarter, with swedish engineers and with the main production in sweden. The only chinese about it is that that is where the money and the owners come from.

Volvo trucks is a different company though, that is true. It’s a also a swedish company, owned by Volvo AB that is owned by a number of international companies and funds.