Finally There’s An Electric Car Quicker Than A Tesla Model S


It needs only 2.25 seconds to hit 62 mph (100 kph), which is 0.03 seconds quicker than a Tesla Model S P100D.

Volkswagen kicked off the teasing game for its fully electric Pikes Peak racer back in October 2017 and after showing fully revealing images last month, it’s now ready to talk about the technical specifications. Packing two electric motors, the zero-emissions race car develops a combined output of 680 horsepower (500 kilowatts) and an immense amount of instant torque: 650 Newton-meters (480 pound-feet). If these output numbers don’t impress you, it’s important to mention the vehicle weighs less than 1,100 kilograms (2,425 pounds), so it should be an absolute rocket.

Watch The Reveal Event Here

In fact, VW mentions the I.D. R Pikes Peak catapults itself to 62 mph (100 kph) in just 2.25 seconds, which the company says makes the fully electric car quicker than both Formula 1 and Formula E racers. Top speed has not been revealed, but it’s not really crucial taking into consideration acceleration will be significantly more important when tackling all 156 corners of the grueling hill climb in Colorado Springs.

Watch This – Tesla Model S P100D With Ludicrous + Accelerates From 0 To 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds

Since this is a proper race car, the engineers focused on performance rather than range, which is why the lithium-ion batteries were developed to maximize output. The I.D. R Pikes Peak features an energy recovery system and VW estimates it will be able to recuperate 20 percent of the necessary juice during the hill climb.

We will get to see it in action on June 24 when VW’s new electric weapon will tackle the 12.42-mile (19.99-kilometer) track, starting at 2,862 meters above the sea level and climbing 1,440 meters on asphalt. Behind the wheel of the I.D. R will be defending Pikes Peak champion, Romain Dumas, who will try to take down the record for the fastest electric car: 8 minutes and 57.118 seconds. The record-breaking attempt will take place 31 years after a twin-engined, all-wheel-drive Golf failed to finish the event, prompting VW to say it’s now high time for a “rematch.”

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You’re comparing Bananas to Oranges …Tesla S100D is a 5 seater Plus Family Car ..That is a Full Fledged 1 seat Race car…@ least Compare it to the Tesla Roadster it Will Lose ! & The Tesla Roadster Wins! Nobody beats Tesla !

This is 1,100 kilograms including batteries and driver.
Tesla Roadster 200kWh batteries alone will be heavier than this.
Tesla Roadster will be good for bragging rights 0-60 and top speed, but not Pikes Peak.

Does it seat 5?

Don’t bet on it.
I’m guessing that when roadster comes out, it will set new pikes peak record.

Not a single chance.
Too much weight, not enough downforce.

Pikes peak is full of turns. Tesla couldn’t come close to hanging with this car in the corners.

Since when does a model s p100d do 0-60 in 2.28 seconds? Is that a typo in the title?

That’s the infamous MotorTrend time after the Ludicrous+ update. The old story is linked in the text.

There’s also this deeper explanation:

Engineering Explained took it another step:

But that’s with rollout to 60. This would probably do the traditional 0-60 in 2s.

If we’re talking about one-off prototypes there is already a car faster than the Model S, which is the Tesla Roadster.

Why they not bring it to Pikes Peak if it is any good?

Technically, the roadster is not out yet. As such, I would say the MS is Tesla’s top.

Someone brought a modified Tesla S to Pikes Peak in 2016. Did it in 11:48 mins.
Not bad. But still far off the EV record of 8:57 mins.

Another Euro point of view

The only performance repeatedly beaten around here is the idiocy level in the comments section.

Thanks for leading the charge!

You are mixing 60 mph and 62 mph..

Also, you can just say kW, Nm, kg, km. No one in Europe uses those long forms.

Is WV desperate or pathetic? Maybe both.

Want to see that do pikes peak.

I have some doubts that this can compete with the eO PP100. Which had MORE THAN DOUBLE the power 1190 kW (~1600hp).
Sure, power is not everything but this is a huge gap.

The eO PP100 was also heavier (1200kg without driver) and aerodynamics didn’t look nearly as good and thought out.
It’s certainly going to be interesting.

Only slightly heavier and with slightly more wind resistance because of the roll-cage. But double the power is an enormous difference.
If this weighed 700kg-s or such it would have something going for it. But I can’t imagine a mere 100kg advantage and a little bit of wind resistance advantage will be near enough.

Sure it’s .03 seconds faster.
But can it carry a family of 7 like the Tesla can?
Can it Super Charge all over the USA and many parts of the world?
it’s not EVen close……..

On racetracks one metric is more important than anything else. weight+downforce (keeps you on track by friction) devided by weight (pulls you out of curves by inertia.
What people on here seem to not understand is, that production of downforce makes the car slower on straights but much much faster in curves. A Tesla like every city car is crap on any track compared to this car. 0-60 times are not that important.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this isn’t a production car; it’s just a single car specially designed and built for the Pike’s Peak race. For example, according to an ArsTechnia article on the car:

The technical regulations at Pikes Peak in the Unlimited class are mainly focused on ensuring the driver cell is able to withstand rolling down several hundred feet of mountainside—something that remains a distinct possibility on this scary course. Consequently, the I.D. R Pikes Peak is one of the more extreme-looking race cars…
(source below)

Seems rather silly to me, or at least improper, to compare this specially built race car to Tesla’s premium street-legal 5-seat sedan, the Model S.

If you’re gonna compare a real race car to a Tesla car, then at least compare it to a Tesla 2020 Roadster! And it’s absolutely Ludicrous™ to claim that it’s improper to use the 2020 Roadster for comparison just because that’s not in production yet. This VW Pike’s Peak race car isn’t “in production” either! Tesla’s 2020 Roadster is every bit as real as this one-off specialty race car from Volkswagen.