No Fiat EVs Planned For Europe

JUL 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 46

Fiat 500e interior

Fiat 500e interior

Some two years after introducing 500e in California, Fiat still isn’t even planning to launch any electric cars in Europe.

By the end of June, Fiat delivered over 10,000 500e in the US, but the Italian company doesn’t see demand for electric cars in Europe. In fact, Fiat probably doesn’t see demand in the US and introduced the 500e only as a compliance car.

Luca Napolitano, head of brand for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said:

“We prefer to invest in different fuels like LPG or CNG than on electric. [An electric 500] exists but there’s no demand in Europe, despite the emphasis from some manufacturers. What we believe is hybrid presents an opportunity for the future, for [the city car] class and others.”

Source: EV Fleet World

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Fortunately, i have not planned to buy a Fiat EV car.

Renault and Nissan are doing the job.

Future will tell if the no EV strategy of Fiat is good or bad.

Frederic from France

The Fiat needs to have the Jplug upgraded to CCS so it can be quick charged. Too bad FIAT is so nasty about this car… It could be an awesome competitor… but Marchionne refuses to play. Cheap leases for CA emissions credits seem to be all he cares about.

I think Fiat/Chrysler is changing their tune on plug-ins. They don’t have a choice. Both European and USA efficiency standards pretty much require it.

I just hope they make some decent products. Other than the recalls, I think the Fiat 500e is pretty nice. And there are lots of them in my area now.

Since Fiat / Chrysler has no current plug-in hybrids, the 500e must handle both EV and hybrid duties for compliance.

They desparately need a plug in hybrid in addition to a ZEV.

I’m going to guess they will dodge the hydrogen bullet, however.

I own one. Yes, they have some notorious software problems that have triggered a couple recalls, but it’s an awfully fun little car whose efficiency is off the charts.

Fiat keeps trying to merge with other companies. Currently they are trying to get GM to merge with them.

But they don’t have products to offer to other companies that other companies are scrambling to create right now. Fiat doesn’t the kind of green cars and EV’s that help car makers meet both US and EU mandates.

If they want to merge, they are going to have to do a better job with green cars, and they keep going the other direction.

With various cities in Europe having surcharges or outright bans for ICE vehicles to try and curb their pollution problems,
I’d say the demand is plainly demonstrated.

What they choose to believe makes me think of the ostrich myth of burying their heads in the sand.

Please state one City despite London…

Paris and Madrid as well.

Brussels and Amsterdam are also planning something before 2020, I think.

Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim will be able to ban all non Euro6 cars on polluted days this comming winter.

European car manufacturers are obviously much in favor of PHEV’s as compared to BEV. This no matter the BEV’s superior technical simplicity as opposed to PHEV’s. In real life however things might be counterintuitive. I read here many positive comments regarding reliability of GM’s Volt 1. Other complicated technologies such as turbo diesels have high resale value here in Europe due to proven reliability & high mileage capacity. Unsurprisingly, it seems things are not black & white.

…not black&white…

…except for Fiat which sucks 100%.

I don’t pity the fools who leased the 500e to be treated to a recall every 3 months or so.

When you get a car from a maker so “committed” to its technology, you are making a fool’s bargain no matter how sweet the deal looks on paper.

In Israel in 1988, some savvy dealer started importing Delta cars from Romania. New cars are hugely expensive in Israel, and the Deltas cost about half any other comparable new car. They were sold with the catchy slogan “You can get a 1988!”. Everyone who bought them was *very* sorry afterwards, besides being the butt of countless jokes.

Another example would be the Yugo.

Not that’s it’s EV related, but I believe you’re thinking of Romanian manufacturer Dacia’s under-license Renault 12 copy (Delta was the unique-to-Israel model name).
Renault later bought Dacia, and they’re their successful low-cost brand, and growth engine. They make 500K cars/year, and are Romania’s largest exporter.
Incidentally, they very recently started selling cars in Israel again (making sure the name is pronounced “Dachya” rather than “Dacha”, as in the late 1980s (-: ) , and are doing well so far. Reliability does seem to have significantly improved…
It’ll be a sure sign that EVs have taken over when there’s a Dacia EV.

I’m astonished when companies appear not to be able to see trends. Yes the market for plugins is small at the moment but it’s had very healthy growth for the last few years and the next generation of batteries are due to be used in production soon.

They really had better start looking at this tech seriously soon.

Why should they when less than 1% of passenger vehicles are BEV? If you don’t drive a BEV get one now.

I do drive a BEV. I just said why, because of trends. I’m sure they assume they can jump on the bandwagon when they feel it’s worth it but it does depend on how prepared, or not, they are to do that at the current time.

When Fiat can’t make sense of their own products, how are they going to make any sense with Chrysler? Makes it doubtful that a plug in Town and Country will be anything more than compliance even though they would probably sell like crazy if the company actually backed them.

Love our Fiat 500e. A lot more fun than our Spark EV.

Wonder what happens at end of lease of these guys.

Really? I thought the Spark EV had better acceleration than the Fiat 500e.

Fun is not just acceleration.

We also love our 500e. Bought in 2013 and still love it

The Fiat has better acceleration 0 to 30 MPH, the Spark has better acceleration 30 to 60 MPH (and, for that matter, 0 to 60 MPH). However, when you get used to that quick off-the-line take-off, you realize it matters more than the acceleration at the higher speeds in practical situations. The Fiat also pulls higher max G’s when accelerating in straight line than the Spark ever does.

Ah . . . great explanation.

Yes, the Fiat has shorter gearing ratio which has better 0-30mph.

It does.

But due to the gearing ratio difference (much shorter in the Fiat500e), the Fiat 500e is pulling harder in the 0-30mph range.

Also, the torque steer in the Spark EV is pretty significant in my opinion.

That’s a first. 🙂

Straight line Spark wins–driving experience : Fiat a lot more fun to drive (and park).

We charge 95% at home and the Level 2 is enough get us through in a pinch. If you’re not charging at home at $.17/kwH at night, most of the time, perhaps a hybrid would be more appropriate anyways.

Car and Driver has a “fun to driver” category in its ranking of the EV comparison.

Spark EV got a score of 19 (out of 25 max)
Fiat 500e got a score of 18
Ford Focus EV got a score of 18 as well.
Honda Fit EV got a score of 16,
Nissan LEAF got a score of 15
and Smart EV got a score of 10….

Do they plan to keep building them in the USA? Will it be updated?

They need to add the SAE-CCS port at the very minimum.

It sounds almost as if they are trying to fail. Glad we leased a Leaf. At least their CEO has a vision for EVs and can see the market trends and demand. Fiat, not so much.

EV trendline remains relatively flat. Take away status symbol Tesla, and the numbers really show a sector in infancy still that needs $10K incentives per car to make and interest in it.

Having solar in San Diego and short commutes, EV makes total sense for us.

500e is a nice car–only rub is lack of 4 doors for convenience.

Yet another CEO who doesn’t understand exponential growth. By the time this guy spots the trend, they’re too late to join the party.

No demand? If he means there are no people walking into Fiat dealerships asking about EV’s… Well duh, people shopping for an EV usually have done their homework and know they have no business in a Fiat dealership.

He means other varieties of oil derivatives.

Fiat is yet another company missing change that thinks it can always move later just like Kodak did.

“The horseless carriage will never catch on”

“There is no market for EVs in Europe”

“Electric cars are just a passing fad.” 😀

“…the Italian company doesn’t see demand for electric cars in Europe. In fact, Fiat probably doesn’t see demand in the US and introduced the 500e only as a compliance car.”

Hopefully it won’t be long before car buyers respond by not seeing any reason to buy a Fiat.

There is no demand, ok sales are sluggish but if ICE’s are banned from city streets and your AVERAGE car has to emitt 90 g co2 per km come 2020 you will have to have big %’s of electric cars, surely?

We are obviously in an explosive scenario where, way too long delayed, electric cars are going to storm the ice cars market all at once with a vengeance. The car manufacturers that will not have electrics in their range will be taken off guard and will likely go out of business. This will be even more dramatic because when customers flock to electrics the remaining ice car manufacturers will find themselves in intense competition among themselves for the few remaining customers so they will have to reduce their prices and be left with no margin at all.

Failed Internalizing Advanced Technology.

It’s really sad they don’t realize they have a potential hit on their hands. The reviews I’ve read said it was a better car than the gas-powered 500. So I test drove the 500e and really loved the car. Plus they had killer lease deals at the time. The only thing that kept me from getting it was the lack of DCFC charging (ended up getting a Spark EV with CCS port). And when I was at the Fiat dealer they seemed to be flying out the store; the salesman said it was a very popular car. And all over town I see loads of them. I would think if they just fixed some of the quality issues and worked on a nice upgrade they could potentially have a well-placed car in the BEV market … and totally by accident.

Fiat’s attitude towards EVs is hard to figure. Other companies built a limited number of compliance cars and stop. Fiat seems to just keep building and selling as many as people will buy. With over 10,000 of them on the road now, the 500e has now gone way beyond compliance car numbers. Fiat has sold so many that they are selling CARB credits to other manufacturers. They may be afraid that if they do offer the 500e in other states, it would impact the gas car sales too much. The problem there is gas cars don’t make money on the sale, but on the service and dealer support. Except for the software updates, the 500e is pretty much a service free car.

I believe that they are going to start selling the 500e in Oregon. I live in Washington and would seriously consider one if I had a local dealer who would service it. I read about the Bosch battery being liquid heated/cooled. It sounded to me like the drive system is first rate. Besides software updates are there any reliability problems with this car?

Been driving a Fiat 500e for 2 years. The car is fantastic. The thing is solid, smooth and very fun to drive. The best way to describe it’s driving style is: peppy. I test drove all the other EVs and can safely say it is more fun than all the rest. It has a very nice burst of acceleration between 0-45mph.

People act like the recall was a big deal. I had to take my car into the dealer exactly once (for 1 hour) during the entire 2 years I have leased it. That is ridiculously low maintenance.

Fiat’s CEO might not be dedicated to the car, but obviously the engineers that built it put a lot of love into it.

Jean-Charles Jacquemin

My wife wants a 500e since its launch but we live in Belgium and the shortsighted Fiat Cy will loose a sale because our last ICE car will soon be replaced ( our other car is a wonderful Opel Ampera).It will be a Renault Zoe or a Vw e-up. Sorry Fiat.

Just wanted to pop in and say, “Hey JC, where the heck have you been hiding?”

/nice to see you my friend