Fiat Announces All-New 500e On Dedicated BEV Platform

NOV 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 61

Fiat develops its first dedicated BEV platform for the all-new electric 500.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) changes its approach towards electrification.

The company announced that over the 2019-2021 period, it will invest more than €5 billion in Italy. According to Pietro Gorlier, Chief Operating Officer for the EMEA region, the investment includes “the development of new powertrain solutions with a significant focus on hybrid and electric technologies”.

The most important news is that Fiat will develop a dedicated small Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform.

The first model that will use the new platform will be an all-new Fiat 500 BEV.

We assume that the all-electric Fiat 500 will not only replace the current Fiat 500e available in some U.S. states, but will be introduced on a larger scale and finally be sold in Europe. The scale simply has to be high to justify a new platform compared to doing a conversion of an existing ICE model over to an electric version.

The new electric 500 is also expected to be produced in Italy (the current 500e is produced in Mexico).

News about electrification and new investments in Italy that will result in 13 all-new or restyled models during the 2019-2021 period were announced after talks with trade union signatories, which pushes Fiat to return to full employment in Italy.

“A meeting was held today at Mirafiori (Turin) between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the trade union signatories to the collective labor agreement applicable to Group companies in Italy. During the meeting, management presented the product plan for Italian plants that will support implementation of the 2018-2022 Business Plan presented at FCA’s Capital Markets Day last June in Balocco.”

“Pietro Gorlier, Chief Operating Officer for the EMEA region, presented the Group’s industrial plan for Italy, which includes the launch of 13 all-new or restyled models during the 2019-2021 period, and the development of new powertrain solutions with a significant focus on hybrid and electric technologies.

In particular, Pietro Gorlier further explained the details of the major initiatives to be launched in the next few weeks, including investment in production of the new Fiat 500 BEV at Mirafiori (Turin), and the European Jeep Compass in Melfi, leveraging the already installed vehicle platform and PHEV which underpin the Jeep Renegade. Applying that same flexible platform and PHEV technology, activities will also commence to prepare Pomigliano to produce an Alfa Romeo compact UV. A Fiat Panda MHV (Mild Hybrid Vehicle) will also be launched in Pomigliano.”

“The planned initiatives across vehicles and powertrain systems will leverage existing capacity, providing a clear product mission for the Italian plants and enabling a return to full employment.”

FCA CEO Mike Manley opened the meeting and said:

“Mirafiori will represent the first installation of a full BEV platform applied on the new Fiat 500, capable of scaling to other applications worldwide. Additional investments across our Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat brands will realize the benefits of existing plant capacity as well as scale and sourcing efficiencies from a common vehicle architecture, and Plug-in Hybrid Electric propulsion (PHEV) system, while preserving traits unique to the brands”.

Pietro Gorlier, Chief Operating Officer for the EMEA region said:

“The investment programmed for Italy over the plan period, which focuses on the use of common, flexible and electrified vehicle platforms, will reinforce the orientation of the Italian industrial footprint toward our global brands and global markets. In the next few months, we will be launching employee training programs focused on hybrid and electric technologies. I am convinced that, together with our workforce, we will succeed in implementing these exciting new programs in the marketplace”.

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Do Not Read Between The Lines

I can imagine the ad campaign now.
“The new 500e. Please buy it.”

as in “Sergio said it’s OK to buy it now?”

He’s actually the one who gave it a green light.

Europe could use a few small EV models (with 4 seats) that have a range of at least 200 km, for a base price of less than €20,000.- (before any incentives).

So could the US…

Indeed, and a lot more other countries as well, of course.

YO ‼️

The coming 2019 Skoda e-Citigo (VW e-UP!) is supposed to get a new range of 300km ~240km WLTP. That would be a car sorely needed 4 years ago.

That would come to 200km EPA

To be fair, it probably wouldn’t have been possible to build such a car four years ago and still hit that price point. The battery alone is probably €2000 less nowadays, and other things have come a long way as well.

I agree with you. An example : compared to the one sold now, the future Renault Zoe (late 2019) is said, by Renault, to cost 40% less in R&D and 30% less to produce. And in the same time it’s expected to charge a lot faster and have close to 50% more range.

Sono Sion?

They won’t hit that price point. They had to concede that recently.

What do you think Mr. Marchionne?

You know he is dead, right?

I think so, that was a dig.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

He tried telling it with a straight face, but corpsed.

Have some respect.

RIP Sergio Marchionne ‼️

Hardly funny.

RIP Sergio ‼️

You do know that he died a few months ago?

Do Not Read Between The Lines



Too soon.

All these companies need to focus on bringing new cars to their EV offerings. We already got this vehicle, what about expending your line up?
They are at risk. Tesla isn’t standing still, they are introducing new models, planning new models and talking up they new models. Rivian is a new player and look pretty serious. If the other new companies can get their act together, that’s a whole bunch of new dedicated EV offerings. And China will be going gang busters with all their internal companies.
Crunch time is getting closer, things are getting really interesting.

Thé 500 is not on sale in Europe so it could be a Good thing to do a upgrade and bring it out. Just as new models and hopefully a car simmilair tot the Tipo station.

Tesla and Rivian are not really competition to Fiat.
Fiat is focused on the mid-low market segment, and produces mainly smaller cars.

Rivian is most certainly a competitor to parts of Jeep’s lineup…

The 500 in the name originally referred to the engine size.

I’ve been increasingly amused by the fact that they’ve moved on to using the 500 branding for basically their entire range, but using it for an EV amuses me even more.

500kWh battery in that car? Would je great! Or a range of 500km. Ik hope they van make some decent Cars that are useful for thé majority of thé people.

Or 500 kW of power.

As they say, “progress is measured by one funeral at a time”.

Sad but true. You know what they say about old dogs…

Do Not Read Between The Lines

“Those dogs are old.”

The 500e is the cutest BEV; I hope it gets more range. It’s got great style. It’s much more than just a compliance car … it’s a work of art! And it can fit in the bed of the new Rivian Truck. It’s “fun sized”.

Fun to drive too, as far as I heard people say. It’s definitely great news to see it getting a serious update on a dedicated EV platform, and even greater news to hear it will actually be available where I live.

Actually, I might suggest the newest Smart fortwo EV qualifies for the cutest BEV award. Throw in a free puppy with each sale and both cars will succumb to cuteness overload. LOL!

The bed of the Rivian truck actually wouldn’t fit even half of it.

I read they were in talks with Ford, to share development expences, and both were supposed to make car models from the platform. FIAT was supposed to make 3 EV models from it.
If it’s not just rumors, we’ll probably get info confirmed within a week or two?

I read it between Ford and… Volkswagen.

Double the range and add a CCS port that does >100KW. That would make it a really nice little EV.

I live in San Francisco and I have a 500e. It’s the best car I’ve ever had. The battery is 24kwh, I’m hoping the new model will have a bigger one. They are zippy and very easy to park. But between the hills and running the hvac, this buggy gets about 60-75 miles per charge and could benefit from a refresh. I’m really looking forward to the new version when my phenomenally cheap lease ends.

I would really like to get a 500e if they were to sell it in all states…
But I am not convinced Fiat will still be selling cars in the US in 5 years…
Year to date Fiat is averaging a little over 1,000 sales a month which I doubt pays the bills for cheaper cars as opposed to Alfa Romero who is outselling Fiat in the US…

Certainly that’s not a sustainable number of sales unless there are other mitigating factors at play. For example the Alfa Romeo you mentioned is also owned by FCA and I’m fairly certain all Alfa Romeo dealerships are at Fiat dealerships. And a big chunk of those are at Chrysler dealerships so capital utilization for facilities/sales staff/service etc won’t go down appreciably if Fiat stops selling the Fiat brand. Also note that even though the Alpha Romeo has ‘caught on’ it is still a low volume proposition and will get to the US the same exact way a Fiat does….by ship. And the Fiats probably load out of the same port and are likely on the same ship. All of that introduces tolerance for low sales volumes….at least for awhile…..which gives FCA time to re-position Fiat to try to find a formula that works…such as EVs.

I also own a 500e, which I bought used for $6,600 about three months ago. It’s a great car, and so far, it’s been absolutely painless, and recharging from a standard 110V outlet overnight is all that I’ve needed to have a full 80 mile range every day. I don’t miss the gas station, and now when I drive or ride in a combustion powered vehicle, all that shaking and noise feels tiresome, ridiculous, wasteful, and slow. Fiat just took a normal 500e and crammed an electric drivetrain into it, and it’s amazing, so it’s very good news that FIAT will now be working on EV platforms from the ground up. For my personal needs, the range of the 500e needs to double to take it from a 85% use case vehicle to being sufficient for 98% of my basic transportation needs. Triple the range and add in 100kW+ fast charging capability, and it would be 100%. In the mean time, every friend, family member, and co-worker of mine who has never driven an EV before has one thing to say about this little rocket once they’ve driven it: “holy expletive!”, so on the rare day that I need to… Read more »

The 500e is an awesome little machine. The thing really scoots from 0-50mph. It’s a shame Fiat didn’t expand the model into other states, but this new €5 billion investment will change that situation nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing a dedicated 500 BEV (or something like it).

I live TN and had a 500e shipped out here 2 years ago for about 8Gs with only 18k on the odo. It has been a great car. The only problem Ive run into is the service folks at the local Fiat dealership are assholes. They won’t touch the car. I don’t mean the EV system, I mean the car, period. So, I’m left to do what little maintenance there is. But, if they do bring the 500e back, I’ll be in line for a cabrio. It is the only thing (well, updated electronics, too) I could see making it more desirable than it is. Fiat has a winner on their hands if they’ll commit to it.

Fiat 500 itself is a old retro style vehicle which has very low sales volume, how can there be a “all new 500e”.
A car with 2+2 where only 2 small kids can sit in the back is not preferred by most.

I don’t know why that company is still hanging on to these models.
How long before 500e goes the way of Volt.

It doesn’t have to be ‘preferred by most’. Cars aren’t dictated by a majority, they’re dictated by market segments.

“A car with 2+2 where only 2 small kids can sit in the back is not preferred by most.” and yet people still buy Minis, Porsches, etc. There seems to be a market for those.

Two reasons. The sunroof which is as close as you can get to a convertible and the small size which is perfect for a two passenger car. (The Smart is not useful for anything but short city hops).

The fiat 500 was the car that saved Fiat in Europe they are everywhere.
Got a fiat 500e and a Tesla the fiat is the one that gets most attention that’s for sure.

It’s not a low-volume car globally. Stop being US-centric — Fiat pretty much ignores the US anyway, and vice-versa.
That said, it sells in part because of wannabe hipsters and has virtually nothing in common with the original Fiat 500.
It’s not practical vehicle in terms of internal space utilization, so I hope the new from-scratch model fixes that.
Actually, what I’d really like to see from the new model is something very much like an updated i-MiEV: Larger battery & somewhat more powerful motor. The i-MiEV is otherwise much more practical: 4 doors, more passenger space, twice the cargo space. A rear motor on the new Fiat, like the i-MiEV, would be more like the original Fiat 500 as well…

More powerful motor, 4 doors, better internal space utilization (adults can sit in back), you just described SparkEV.

For the 500, that would be brand dilution. There are plenty of practical vehicles to choose from and there will be even more in the future. Let’s preserve some irrationality for the sake of character. MINI made it work. I’ll bet a new 500 could work too.

You have no idea. Around here, they are literally one of the most popular cars — I typically see several of them each block…

I just wish they were all of the mythical electric variety 🙂

Interesting! Fiat showed little interest in selling and no interest in servicing the 500 e. I’ve leased one and owned one and as a 100 mile (actual) little runabout it was a pretty good buy. I hope with some real commitment they will turn out some nice cars. Now if they would only offer some decent service, they might have something.

Thanks you Jeep and RAM.

I didn’t know the man personally, so I can’t make a judgement on whether he was a good human being or not. However, regardless of how you feel about someone when he was alive, it isn’t cool to dance on a man’s grave.


Somebody who actually gets it.

Thank you for saying this. I thought the original comment was particularly classless. We can and should be better than that on this site if we’re trying to promote electric cars, especially to newcomers who come wandering in off the Internet.

Remember to not buy it!!!

I live in California and drive a 500e…I know it’s a California compliance car but still, being in Europe last summer it was kind of hard not to be surprised by the total lack of 500es, given the abundance of 500s over there. It’s about time FCA actually took BEVs seriously.