Fiat Confirms Next-Gen 500e Is Coming, Wagon Version Too

JUN 1 2018 BY MOTOR1 34

Automaker won’t say exactly when, or provide specs though.

Fiat didn’t get its own dedicated presentation during FCA’s recent conference like the ones for Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Jeep, and Ram, but Sergio Marchionne still made some electrifying announcements about the Italian brand. A new generation of the 500e is on the way, and it even gets a wagon variant that revives the Giardiniera nameplate.

The new 500e and Giardiniera will use FCA’s new electric powertrain that will specifically be for small city cars, but the company won’t disclose the specs for it yet. The wagon will likely have five doors, unlike the three-door original (see below), and it’ll have best-in-class interior volume, according to Sergio Marchionne.

Fiat will also electrify the 500X and 500L by adding hybrid powertrains to them. Once again, Marchionne didn’t reveal any specs for these new models, and he didn’t discuss a debut date for them, either.

Fiat’s future in the United States remains unclear. Marchionne’s statements are specifically for the European market. This doesn’t rule out the models coming to America, but we can’t know for certain yet. A rumor suggests the brand might pull out of the country.

The existing 500e arrived in 2013. It features an electric motor that produces 111 horsepower (83 kilowatts) and 147 pound-feet (200 Newton-meters) of torque. A 24-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery provides the juice for the system. The EPA rates the EV as having an 84-mile (135-kilometer) driving range and 112 mpge combined.

Fiat has offered some crazy deals in an effort to attract customers to the 500e. For example, during Black Friday in 2016, you could have got one with a 36-month lease for $49 per month and no money down. That’s less than a lot of people pay for their cell phone.

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For example, during Black Friday in 2016, you could have got one with a 36-month lease for $49 per month and no money down.

And still get $2500 back from the State of California! Screaming deal if I ever saw one.

Also, does this announce mean that the 500e might finally get access to DCFC? Just that alone would make it much more competitive and a bigger battery would seal the deal.


Sergio Marchionne is the biggest douche bag. Didn’t he say “don’t buy my Fiat 500e cars as I lose money on every one that’s sold”. It was a compliance car and he needed to sell their quota whether they were making money or losing money. He’s been completely against EVs from the start and is an old dinosaur. He’s been kicking and screaming but funny to see him now forced into that market. I actually hoped he’d threw Fiat into the ground and got burned for it.


The 500e was fun car to drive. Nicely geared for some serious pull between 0-60mph. This is a great little pocket rocket for the price.


It’s also a complete death-trap.


When you drive a reasonable sized vehicle next to the Battle Star Glacaticas (CUVs) and the Death Stars (SUVs) you really don’t stand a chance in a high speed collision…
If you are a pedestrian or cyclist and get hit by one of those things your chance of dying doubles compared to a car…


You are clueless. The 500e has a very well engineered occupant compartment.

Chris O

I love wagons. Maybe Fiat will have the first BEV wagon? As wagons go not the most practical one I’m sure but still a unique offering. If only Tesla could be convinced to do this:

comment image


ats uglyđź’©.Regal X wagon with Volts powertrainđź‘€

Paul Stoller

Amen, too bad GM refuses to make it. That would be close to my dream vehicle. Plus give it a 3,000 lb tow rating.


mines too and dont like how the new volt drives it feels to heavy but put it in a buick


Bolt is a wagon


Its a hatchback. Lift it a foot of the ground then its a cuv


Looking forward to the Volvo V40 BEV which was recently confirmed to be a real thing. Although with no firm release date.

David Murray

This is surprising as I assumed that’d be the end of the 500e. But I’m still skeptical as I somehow doubt it will be sold in the USA outside of CARB states.


More than likely, that is what will be.
Still it’s well liked, a popular bev, with mostly positive reviews.


Needs at least 130 miles of range + fast charging to be useful.

Mark C

IMHO, Fiat isn’t likely to pull out of America. The Chrysler side of the business is running continous advertising on High Performance, tire-blistering everything. If they don’t have a ton of CARB credits continuously coming in, they’ll be in a financial mess in short order.


They have many credits already now that they can use for years to come. Fiat in USA is just hemorigging n needs to die


Dealership owner claims Fiat worldwide is to be discontinued as a brand.


lol that a lie, that brand is very popular in southern Europe


Dealership owner should change jobs if they are that dumb and/or dishonest.


No reason they cant sell a Dodge 500e…


If FCA pulls the Fiat brand out of the US, then what will they do to fulfill Chrysler’s ZEV credits?


They only have 2 vehicles now. Pacifica and the 300. They could drop the ICE Pacifica and the 300. And just keep the Pacifica Hybrid.


They have more credits already stockpiled now to last for a few years. I think we’ll see a Chrysler or Jeep bev before we see fiat in the USA past 2020


Dealership owner confirmed that FCA is rolling Chrysler into Dodge. R.I.P. Chrysler. It was good 90yr run.


I would’ve bought one long ago had they included fast charging.


They need to make A BEV version of the Fiat 124 spider.


Cool. They put a toe in the water and it was cold. But it’s Winter for the ICE, and the water will just get colder, so you may as well learn how to swim now, even if it costs you something, since once the lake finally freezes over you won’t be able to get in .
Was that an analogy too far? Probably.


Fiat is floundering big time in the USA. None of their models are interesting to consumers now and I think they will be gone nlt 2020.
Chrysler/Jeep is doing fine for now and has a lot stockpiled zev credits to burn for the next few years. Pacifica phev is great so maybe we’ll see fca enter into another untapped plug in market in the USA with a phev or bev large suv with the body of a Jeep commander. Even if it only had a range of 200 miles, that would acceptable for most large suv bev shoppers since there would be nothing else in its class to compete with. Model X and others are fine midsize suv bevs but can’t really fit three passengers rows inside for full sized adults. The Pacifica n a commander bev could do that.
2021 at the earliest for that.


Oh and I agree with many of the comments thus far that the fca leadership is not bev friendly at all so,far and that these announcements are likely only going to be implanted primarily in Europe.

Scott Franco

I don’t think Fiat can afford to have more electric cars. Strange, after all that money they “lost” on EVs, they seem to be in surprisingly good shape…


And if you are losing that much money, why would you extend the range to include a wagon? Just sounds like a pack of lies to me. There is no way converting an ICE to EV and adding $10k+ to the price isn’t going to be profitable.


Judging by the fine print on the ad, it’s still a compliance car available in limited markets, not a genuine effort to compete in the EV space.