Fiat 500e Recalled Again


Yesterday, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles issued this statement on the latest recall for the Fiat 500e:

Statement: Software Upgrade

June 9, 2015 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling an estimated 3,975 cars to upgrade cruise-control software.
A review of warranty data led to an investigation by FCA US LLC engineers. The investigation discovered certain Fiat 500e hatchbacks were inadvertently equipped with software that may misread torque levels generated by their motors, causing them to shift into neutral – a prescribed failsafe mode.
This condition may occur only while cruise-control is engaged and the driver attempts to override the feature with accelerator-pedal applications or rapid tapping of the accelerate/decelerate buttons. Restarting the vehicle restores normal function.
The campaign is limited to certain model-year 2013-2015 vehicles. The Company is unaware of any related injuries, accidents or customer complaints.
New software will be available when affected customers are advised of this action by FCA US. Service instructions are being sent to FCA US dealers today.
Customers with questions may call the FCA US Customer Information Center at 1-800-853-1403.

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Fix It Again Tony.

The joke had to be made. It is too bad they don’t have over-the-air updates and could have solved this instantly.

That way they get somebody in their dealerships and try to sell something on the side.

I have to admit, when I saw the headline “Fiat 500e Recalled Again”, the first thought that came to mind was:

Fix It Again Tony

Looks like Tony’s picking right up where he left off when FIAT left last time.

I sure hope they ain’t still using Lucas electrics; you know their motto: “Get Home Before Dark.”

Yes, I know they use Bosch…just couldn’t resist.

I’ve had a couple of MGB’s (and a BGT) so I’m quite aware of the advances brought to us by Lucas…

Lucas: Inventor of the Intermittent Wipers.

Lucas: Inventor of the Intermittent Headlights.

Lucas: Inventor of the Intermittent Ignition System.

And the list goes on…

I’d be curious to learn what the root cause is here of this cruise control issue. As a (former) 500E driver, it sounded like the root cause of the stalling issues was communication between the main FIAT computer and the main Bosch computer according to the former chief engineer for the project at Bosch.


Tiny lesson here: don’t buy an EV from a company that doesn’t believe in EV, even if it looks cool and comes with a great deal.

Especially when that company’s ICE line is world-famous for lousy reliability.

Moron company. Why is Tesla the only one doing it right? Having to recall to do a software update that SHOULD be OTA?

Tesla has delighted us with OTA fixes and Updates.

However, this does not fix,,, All of Tesla’s
Car Problems and apparently they are many and recurring!

It is almost politically correct/OK, to kid FIAT, F-I-A-T,,,,but it is not politically correct to find fault with TESLA.

“Him we like,,the Other Guy, not so much !”

Your linked article is from last August. Get with the times and stop spamming old articles.

Nothing Is Asked For Here

Except a sense of Humor and
respect for History !

It may be an old article but the drive units are still failing. My MS85 just started exhibiting the symptoms of a failing drive unit.

Love the car, love the company, but there still are issues with the car (poor paint quality, failing drive units, etc) that aren’t correctable by OTA updates.

Poor paint quality?!

I thought the paint was one of Tesla’s signature features!

The Teslas in the parking lot near my office look good. Is the paint quality inconsistent between vehicles?

If you’re going to be “disappointed” that the Model S has had certain infrequent problems pop up, then presumably you are equally “disappointed” in every car ever made.

The question isn’t whether or not problems have ever appeared in the Tesla Model S, because all cars have problems appear from time to time, without exception. The question is whether or not the frequency of those problems, or any possible danger caused by such problems, has ever risen to the level of needing a recall.

Bottom line: No Tesla brand car has ever needed a recall. Ever.

Fix It Again Toluca! (Mexico, where it is made.)