Fiat 500e Recalled Due To Software Glitch That Could Result In Shutdown


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced a recall affecting 16,549 Fiat 500e electric cars for Model Years 2013-2016.

The recall is due to a software glitch that may result in the electric car shutting down while in motion (the dreaded loss of power issue that’s plagued several electric cars to date).

A shutdown at speed is potentially dangerous, so FCA will rectify the problem by updating the software.

More 500e recall details can be found in the attached NHTSA releases below:

Fiat 500e Recall Notice

Fiat 500e Recall Notice


Fiat 500e Recall

Fiat 500e Recall

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For one this demonstrates the superiority of the Tesla ota updates model.


Nunzio will do the OTA here……l m a o ..Tesla has Tooo much control over your car’s operation,, And FCA has none …in away I prefer none, that way I can’t get Hacked .

My goodness you are a paranoid moron.

He’s just an excitable boy…

You do realise that current cars already have enough software to basically control everything, right? And people aren’t exactly hacking those are they. Heck my dad’s BMW is more computer than it is car, yet nobody’s bothered to hack it to unlock the doors.


That’s what happens, when you fall for the deal on paper, and ignore the fact that the company’s CEO tells you to your face, 100 times, that he hates EVs and loses money on each one.

There are more than plenty of EV options in California, of all sizes. More than anywhere else in the US. Can we please stop buying these Fiat POSs? Let Marchionne pay out of pocket for his right to sell cars in California, rather than make the Federal and California govt’s subsidize him.

Also, just buying a Fiat in general is questionable. Where I come from, they’re notorious.

I’ve learned my lesson. 🙁

It’s probably only an easy 10 minute programing Fix….

Don’t forget the Ford Focus Electric has the same problem. The “Stop Safely Now” issue that leaves you dead on the side of the road has never officially been recalled or even acknowledged (to my knowledge). At least Fiat is recalling the car and fixing the problem.

Yes, but per my count, this is at least the 4th *universal* recall for all Fiat 500e’s. There might have been even more.

Besides, Ford does give a decent effort on plug-ins. Even if their original FFE is a bit on the “compliance” side.

Not to defend Fiat, but every car goes through fixes, sometimes major. 500e as a small-cute car is only POS due to the CEO and lack of DCFC. If not for those, it’s actually a decent car, though expensive.

I’ve yet to see a Fiat that was decent as a used car.

After a few years, it’s a trail of tears. At least, that’s the common knowledge in Israel where they are far more prevalent than here (although less than in the 1980s, now that Japanese and Korean dominate the market there).

The Italians design a great looking car, too bad it’s merely a facade to conceal, what are often, problematic vehicles.

The Fiat’s drivetrain is German (Bosch) not Fiat.

That said, I have only had 2 recalls, this one and one back in 2013.

I’d buy another in a flash, except for Tesla’s 3

Jeez, Assaf, you act as if the 500e has been falling apart. Why do you find it necessary to dump on fellow EV owners? Do you have some type of inferiority problems or something?

This will be the 3rd time in < 2 years I will need to schedule a time to bring my 500e back to the dealership for a software update. This is so frustrating.

Luckily, the lease is up in 2017. If the bolt does not offer OTA software upgrades, I would advise to wait for the Model 3.

Why? It’s not like OTA updates are some magical panacea. Just ask Lexus owners.

No, not a magical panacea but much easier than making an appointment with the dealership, leaving work early and working out a ride from and back to the dealership as the updates take hours to implement.

The effectiveness of the Fiat update is a different story. And not a positive one… 🙁

Hmm . . . perhaps I can pick up a cheap 500e when they start coming off leases. Its a cute little commuter.

Fix It Again Tony!


Love our 500e for local driving, especially mall parking.

Our Audi A4 saw its fair share of recalls as did Volvo S40.

Best overall still has been Honda of all our cars–they just don’t care about EV 🙁

They don’t care about EV’s….yet…
I think the tide is turning…

Yeah, whether they like it or not, Fiat/Chrysler will be forced into the modern plug-in world.

Their upcoming Pacifica minivan PHEV might be a nice plug-in.

The Fiat 500e has had a troubled history . . . but it is a neat little commuter EV.

If they could stuff a bigger battery in there and add a DC-fast charger port, they could have something.

But I guess they are content with just having it be a lame compliance car.

I cross shopped the 500e before leasing my Spark EV, and I love the design aspects. But no DCFC, far less usable space, and considerably more expensive. I’ve had not a single recall or reliability issue in the 18 months I’ve had it, and never regret choosing the Spark.


Two very different cars that we both lease. Spark is definitely more utility and look forward to Bolt to carry that forward.

Fiat is simply more fun to drive. With the seat down, 3+golden retriver does just fine.–same as Spark. Spark just doesn’t hae the legs for full day of weekend driving that would preclude spontaneous diversions to plans.

Eduardo Pelegri-LLopart

I appreciate the commitment to EV from GM, but the Spark EV’s specs have a big problem, the 3.3kW charging rate. I own a 500e and would love to also have a CCS charger but, today, 6.6kW charging is more useful than CCS charging.

And, yes, the 500e has had issues – and I’ve stepped in more than my fair share of them – and the FCA CEO is a PITB, but the fundamentals (Bosch) are all solid, and its a great small car. And very cute 🙂

Goods points. The ridiculous charge rate on the Spark is what turned me off also. And the lease at less than $100 a month is not to be ignored.


The good news is we now have another hard data point for Jay to estimate number of Fiat 500e’s sold.

Is it some coincidence that Sergio made one of the theoretically most reliable cars the least reliable?

What are you going on about? Are you seriously claiming that this recall makes the Fiat 500e “the least realiable”?

Based upon what data?

Your high school drama club misses you.

Meh. Stalling problems aren’t unique to Fiat or to electric cars.

Just off the top of my head, Mazda, GM, Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai, Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, and Nissan have all had recalls on their ICE vehicles for stalling. I’m sure even more companies have had recalls too.

Heck, stalling was one of the problems that Ford Model T owners complained about. Basically there have been cars stalling ever since the dawn of the automotive industry.

Fiat has a problem that causes stalling, and just like all the ICE car recalls for stalling, it will be fixed.

I’m not a huge fan of Fiat’s leadership, but there is nothing to see here. It is good to get the word out to owners so they can get their cars fixed, but there is no real green car news here.

Moving along, nothing to see here…..