Fiat 500e Rated at 87 Miles of Electric Range


It’s official, the 2013 Fiat 500e is rated at 87 miles of electric range.  Additionally, its MPGe numbers are finalized at 122 MPGe city, 108 MPGe highway and 116 MPGe combined.

Set to launch starting in California in mid-2013, the 500e will enter a relatively packed field of electric competitors, which will include the Nissan LEAF, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Scion iQ EV, Honda Fit EV, Ford Focus Electric and Mitsubishi i.

It's snug, but loaded with options.

For the sake of comparison, the range ratings of the vehicles listed above check in at 73 miles for the LEAF, 68 miles for the electric Smart Fortwo, 82 miles for the Honda Fit EV, 76 for the electric Focus and 62 miles on the Mitsubishi i.  The 87-mile range of the 500e puts it at the top of this crowded class of compact, subcompact and micro electric vehicles.

Other readily available details for the 500e include its official EPA fuel consumption rate of 29 kWh per 100 miles, its use of a 111-horsepower electric motor that puts out 140 pound-feet of torque and its rather sizeable 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The EPA estimates the annual cost to power the Fiat 500e is $500.

Look for the 500e to be available in extremely limited numbers by mid-2013.  Pricing is still unknown at this time.

This schematic provides us with most of the electric 500's vital details.

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Even if this is a compliance car, they have to sell it at a price low enough to sell a couple thousand. That can’t be over the price of a Leaf so I would guess 35 K. They have to price it just right because in many ways this could be the perfect EV so they want it too fail but still comply. Too bad

The rarity will have an added value over a Leaf,, Fiat gains some needed credits and EV experience with little financial exposure. Its all good

(29 kWh * 87 miles) / (100 miles) = 24 kWh – reserve
“Does not compute” *

*for a non-negative reserved capacitiy

The Fiat 500e is reportedly using NMC cells from Bosch (formerly SB LiMotive), exactly the same as in the ActiveE. They have been holding up well so far.