Fiat 500e Owner Tells His Story In Fiat’s New Crowdsourced Ad Campaign – Video

JAN 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Fiat launched an innovative (from the marketing point of  view) crowdsourcing ad campaign called Journeys x FIAT, which includes real stories from Fiat drivers.

The big advantage for thesse type of videos, in which the manufacturer doesn’t require actors to only state the positives, is authenticity.

An interesting article about the campaign was published by Automotive News:

“Fiat Chrysler Automobiles marketing chief Olivier Francois says the automaker doesn’t mind stoking some competition among its agencies of record when doling out work. If an agency doesn’t deliver, firms handling other FCA brands can swoop in for the conquest.

That competitive mindset was applied on a global scale for Fiat’s latest digital campaign: a crowdsourcing effort that turned to a global network of independent filmmakers to tell the stories of Fiat loyalists in seven videos documenting their lives and ownership experiences. “


One of the videos is on the all-electric 500e (above).

“Dennis and his wife know that any moment presents an opportunity for the next adventure. When their road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego in search of perfect waves requires a pit stop to recharge their FIAT 500e in the coastal town of San Clemente, Dennis doesn’t see it as time to wait. He seizes the chance to surf a local break. Thanks to his all-electric FIAT 500e, he can get “VIP parking” close to the beach. Why waste time looking for parking when your next adventure beckons?

Video by Gene Nagata”

Source: Automotive News

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Too bad that FCA doesn’t feel as positive about this car.

I test drove 500e. It is a wonderful car, it drives well, but the back seats are for tiny folks and/or short distances only

Bizarre, and a little absurd, that Fiat would release a promo video for the 73 (freeway) mile non-fast-charge Fiat 500e that touts a trip from LA to San Diego.

We are trading in our 500e for a BMW i3 REX because it can not fulfill its new mission of a weekly commute from San Diego to Dana Point, Orange County – well south of LA. Enduring a 4 hour midpoint recharge enroute (SD to LA is 120 miles, and you need at least a 10 mile buffer) is laughable.

Anyone interested in a very cheap 6 month take-over-lease on a 500e (which is great for in-town-driving, just not long trips) hit me up.

Great little car, Fiat. But it’s counterproductive to pretend it does something it can’t – especially when almost all of its competitors, which have 50kW DC fast charge – can.

If you’re going to be using DCFC, you’ll have lots of “fun” at Carlsbad and Mission Viejo, and curse why there isn’t one at the rest stop between SD/OC. 🙂

Completely agree, which is why we’re opting for the i3 Rex. The new 53 mile Volt would be a possibility, but without QC it’s a bit of a stop-gap for a routine 90 mile trip like that (1/2 gas on every leg).

At least with the BMW, you have the flexibility of using electricity if the chargers are working and not a long queue, or gas if they’re not and you simply have to get there.

Over the next few years I do expect that to get sorted out. That route, obviously, is very popular.

We (EVgo) are about to power up a dual standard DCFC station in San Clemente that should help make the trip a little easier.

I think the Fiat 500e drive train would be a great upgrade for EV Conversions, like My Electricfly!
Maybe at some point, if there was enough interest in Tony Williams Jdemo add on, the car could get a CHAdeMO port for quick charges.