Fiat 500e To Go On Sale In Oregon This Summer

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Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Previously, sales of the Fiat 500e have been restricted solely to California, but starting this Summer that will change.

It’s now being reported that Fiat 500e sales will branch out to include the state of Oregon.

Word of this expansion of markets for sales of the 500e comes from Fiat’s U.S. chief, Jason Stoicevich, who spoke with Ward’s Auto at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

As Ward’s Auto states:

“Fiat’s U.S. chief, Jason Stoicevich, says the brand soon will hit its sweet spot in terms of national dealer numbers, and says the Fiat 500e battery-electric vehicle will be on sale in Oregon this summer.”

For full details on the Fiat 500e, including pricing and special lease rates, refer to this previous post:

Fiat 500e Pricing And Lease Rates

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

Source: Ward’s Auto

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With 48 states to go it’s still a compliance car.

Not taking it nationwide is a missed opportunity for brand differentiation given Fiat’s claim of reaching a sweet spot for total dealer count.

However 2 states is better than 1, so credit where due.

2 down, 48 to go.


But seriously, now they match the Spark EV in terms of availability. Big woop. Until they at least announce plans to make the car available nationwide, it’s still a compliance car.

This could be a good oppty to ask FIAT for their sales numbers. The Ward quote says they have good sales numbers.

Sales estimates are here:

Fiat refuses to provide exact figures. We’ve contacted them several times to no avail.

I know that is your table but those estimates are quite wrong (see my comment in that post). I also know they have not been posting sales numbers. But my observation is that now that there is somebody at FIAT making a public statement about their sales you can try again to get an official number.

Hey EPL,

We’ll make another effort to reach out this week…pretty much all we can do. Hopefully someone starts talking.

Good luck.

And thanks a lot for this site. Its very useful; very good job!

Thanks for the kind words.

Since you mentioned it, I actually just put in a call to Fiat’s U.S. chief, Jason Stoicevich about the numbers (I don’t imagine he works holidays like us), and a couple other execs at Fiat. We’ll see if they will disclose anything.

Update: Same response as ever –


Sorry, but the Chrysler Group policy has not changed. We do not break out our Fiat 500 sales, not for the 500e, Abarth, Abarth Cabrio…you get the idea. If this policy changes, we will be happy to provide you with the 500e numbers.”

Unfortunately, Fiat continues to really be the prickly thistle when it comes to anything plug-in. Which is a shame, the 500e is a pretty swell little car.

At some point one assumes they will get a non-compliance letter from the IRS eventually in relation to the $7,500 credit and not reporting quarterly – and we will get the numbers…but not much else we can do until then.

Thanks for asking Jay. They are just hurting themselves with this. Oh well.

No problem. Doesn’t hurt to keep trying, (=

I do mention to them that it is probably in their best interest to not block firm annual statistics for the industry overall…especially given the public’s impression of Fiat/Chrysler’s “EV-friendliness”

Does it still cost $500 a month for the lease or did they lower it?

We leased ours back in December for $1k down, $197 a month (tax included) 36 month term 15k miles a year.

Fiat, please make a 500Le and sell it nationwide.

I know someone who has one of these in Oregon already — though it wasn’t easy to get and they needed it transported up here. I got to go out on the road with it — It is a very fun little car.

I wonder if they plan to make a few more. Last I new there was no excess of them in CA and there was more demand than supply. My hunch is it still won’t be super easy to get one in Oregon either but who knows.