FIA Formula E Racers Get New For Next Season

JUL 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 6

Formula E racer for season 2016/17

Formula E racer for season 2016/17

After two seasons Formula E decided to refresh the look of its racers with small change in form of new front wing.

It shouldn’t make much difference on the aerodynamics, so the change is more to create unique visual identity.  We quite like the new style, as it give a more modern appeal (older racer image below for reference).

“The new two-tier wing makes the fully-electric single-seater look more aggressive and unlike any other racing car in the world.”

We will see new-look of Formula E racers at the opening group test at Donington Park on August 23.

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag, said:

“Formula E aims to be different, and this new front wing creates a look that’s different to every other car out there. I think this is a great addition to our car and further emphasises the fact that this is a modern, forward-thinking championship that is taking a completely different approach to all other racing series.”

Andretti Formula E

Previous front wing – Formula E

FIA President Jean Todt, said:

“The FIA Formula E Championship is not just a great environment in which to develop a completely electric powertrain with new battery technologies, but it is also a platform for experimenting with innovative solutions when it comes to designing single-seater racing cars.”

Reigning Formula E champion Sebastien Buemi (Renault e.Dams), added:

“I like the look of the new front wing – it looks a little bit more futuristic, and from inside the car you can see the top part of the wing, so visually for the driver there is also a small change. We want Formula E to look different and be different, and the new wing is a good way of showing that. I don’t think it will make too big of an impact on aero which isn’t in the ethos of this championship – but it’s a good way to show visual development heading to Hong Kong for the start of season three.”

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I don’t understand why Formula E has to be open wheel.

It’s just that it was created as an open wheel series, rather than a Le Mans or touring car series.

Will that wing affect visibility at all?

I would prefer they simply eliminate the front air foils completely. They are an fragile item that cause race cautions and interruptions. If tit results in some speed loss, so be it, racing is about competition not adding speed just for the sake of speed.

I’ve always assumed that the front wings are a key safety element, keeping the front end from rising up at even modest speeds so that the car body doesn’t lift (particularly under acceleration) as the car bottom needs to stay low for the Venturi effect (i.e. they keep the car from flipping over). They also increase the normal force on the front tires, thereby improving steering, so that a driver can steer around another car (or other obstacle, including mild turns) even at modest speed without the front tires skidding. There may be even more (e.g. directing airflow for other purposes?).

When the sanctioning body allowed each team to experiment with different drivetrains, I believed we soon would see them also allow freedom to use their own unique chassis as well. ….Instead of looking like F1, FE has followed Indycar much more closely, as that series’ teams all share the same Dallara chassis, but are allowed to use engines by Honda or Chevrolet. I find it much more interesting if each team has it’s own car that has to fall inside certain specifications laid out by the series’ sanctioning body. I know it’s about costs and keeping them down – but the genius of allowing each team it’s own powertrain adds not only variety, interest and fascination with this form of racing – but moves the technical ball forward in innovation. Right now there are several different powertrain variations in FE but who can tell by looking at each car which appears exactly the same? The FIA says that would drive costs too high, but there are some big players in the sport already, including OEM automakers Renault and Audi. You’d think they’d have enough technical might to put together a couple different aero packages. Getting McClaren, Tesla, Porsche and Ferrari… Read more »