FIA Announces 10 Teams For Formula E Season Two

JUL 31 2015 BY MARK KANE 7

Formula E

Formula E

Right after the first season of FIA Formula E Championship came to an end, FIA began collecting teams for season two.

There will still be only 10 teams (two drivers each), as there are just 40 cars available (2 per driver).

In the second year, teams got permission to use their own motors, gearboxes and inverters, but the cars and batteries will remain the same.

Different battery packs will be used from third season on.

There is not much time to develop the drivetrain and be ready after the summer break.

FIA announced a few weeks ago 10 teams which have been validated to enter the registration process for the second season and has now confirmed all of them. It seems that besides some changes in names and partnerships, we will see the same 10 teams as in the first season:

“As previously announced, Virgin Racing will now become DS Virgin Racing following its partnership with DS Automobiles, whilst Audi Sport ABT will be known as ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport after their tie-up with the leading technology manufacturer.”

“Inaugural teams’ champion e.dams-Renault will henceforth be known as Renault e.Dams in deference to the French marque’s status as an official manufacturer in the all-electric series.”

The 10 Formula E teams are:

ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport

Andretti Formula E Team

Dragon Racing

DS Virgin Racing Formula E Team

Mahindra Racing Formula E Team

NEXTEV TCR Formula E Team

Renault e.Dams

Team Aguri

Trulli Formula E Team

Venturi Formula E Team

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7 Comments on "FIA Announces 10 Teams For Formula E Season Two"

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“There will still be only 10 cars (two drivers each), as there are just 40 cars available (2 per driver).”

Did you mean 10 teams?

Yes 🙂

Are they making any aero changes or other design changes to the cars? Better tires, maybe?

Michelin constantly tweaks and develops the spec tyre for Formula E, but at the moment the focus is on increased tyre longevity over grip or anything else.

Oooo… Basically their own drivetrains! I wonder what on earth DS (I still see as Citroen) would add to this?

Does anyone know if suspension tuning is allowed? We’ve seen a few failures over bumpy track.

Im most interested in what Audi brings to the table. They have more racing miles with electric motors in their LMP1 sports cars than anyone.

Any and all suspension tuning is permitted, but only within the range of adjustment allowed by the stock suspension components. As I understand it, aero and chassis development remains banned until the fifth season.