Ferrari Will Make An Unrivaled Electric Supercar


Head honcho Sergio Marchionne says it will be the first of its kind, though it has been done before.

Electric Ferrari 308 GTS

A Ferrari without a combustion engine already exists in the shape of the all-electric 308 GTS pictured here, but it didn’t come like that straight from Maranello. If you’re keen on the idea of buying a fully electric prancing horse straight from Ferrari, you are in luck as company boss and FCA head honcho, Sergio Marchionne, has announced there are plans for a Ferrari EV. He went on to specify it “will be the first,” but Mercedes and its SLS AMG Electric Drive launched back in 2013 would disagree with the statement…

In an interview with Bloomberg, Marchionne briefly mentioned Tesla by saying that while what Elon Musk’s company has accomplished is truly impressive, he believes “it’s doable by all of us.” But first, the new business plan scheduled to be published in the first half of 2018 will include hybrid models and “going from there to an electric is easy,” added Marchionne.

Ferrari certainly knows a thing or two about electrification considering the company’s sold-out flagship, the LaFerrari, is a hybrid supercar with a mighty V12 engine developing 800 horsepower working together with an electric motor rated at 163 hp for a grand total of 963 hp. This setup has been installed in a total of 710 cars, 500 of which were coupes while the remaining 210 were the droptop Aperta. There’s also the hardcore LaFerrari-based FXX K Evo, but you can’t legally drive it on public roads.

It’s unclear at this point when the EV will be launched, but chances we will have to wait until well into the next decade to see it. Meanwhile, Ferrari’s first-ever SUV is locked in for a premiere either by the end of 2019 or in 2020. The reveal regarding its launch date was made Marchionne in the same interview and he was eager to promise the yet unnamed model will be “the fastest SUV on the market.” Lamborghini Urus, watch out.

Source: Bloomberg

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I believe the quote was (by the CEO of FCA, responding to a question of FCA building an electric supercar):

“If there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first,”

That does not say:

1) that it will be the first electric Ferrari
2) That they plan to build it

Can we try a little harder to capture the truth next time?

“It’s doable by all of us”
I would hope so. If Ferrari can’t do what a small startup did a decade ago that would be pretty embarrassing.
What’s shocking (and semi-embarrassing already) is they haven’t already.

I don’t see anything in this article to back up the overzealous headline.

What exactly will be unrivaled about it? The cost? The continuation of ridiculous periodic maintenance even though it no longer makes sense after the gas engine is removed from the equation?

Just overzealous vague claims by Marchionne. No specifics. What Marchionne doesn’t realize is that the morons that buy into that have no money to buy into that.

I think the Tesla Roadster reveal probably caused a few auto CEO’s to excuse themselves, to go change their drawers.

Of them Sergio Marchionne has been the biggest clown of them all.
Send in the clowns, don’t bother they’re here.

Agree with this…Remember “Governor Arrives In Dodge Demon doing a burn out To Deliver Electric Car Speech?”

This would require high level coordination with FCA…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Hype talk just like all other automotive CEO’s.
Yeah and that include EM.

Hope they come out with something great though. A 300mi Ferrari that can charge at over 100Kw+ would be nice.

Hope it cost less than the new Roadster……lol

An all electric Ferrari! I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. It’ll be fun to see how they interpret that idea. Of course whether Ferraris are electric or not is utterly irrelevant…

Oh, it is very relevant. The Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Aston Martins are the cars that average Joe drools over. They are the cars that they aspire to have and want to copy as much as they can.

And as long as Ferrari sticks to loud, smoking oil burners, they continue to provide an aura to that outdated technology.

Ferrari becomes a classic, combustion technology, hearkening to the yesteryears. I like the thought! I firmly believe that some companies will be road kill on the path to electrification, and Ferrari seems to have certainly earned the attitude/ reputation to be a candidate.

And then watch Sergio beg customers not to buy it because they will lose $15K on every one they sell.

haha so true. I remember Sergio begging customers not to buy the Fiat 500e because he was losing money on each one sold. But he’s a moron because he needs to sell those in order to meet compliance regulations. They will make the complete minimum needed to meet compliance (even if it’s at a loss) because of compliance. So begging people not to buy cars that need to be sold for compliance is a moron. Although, many other reasons why Sergio is a moron too.

I agree that some clarification would be appreciated as to what words exactly were used by Marchionne which led to the conclusion that Ferrari will build an EV. Is he just saying “we could if we wanted to”?

no price tag?

Barrett Jackson Jan 19 6-7Pm Arizona time 1978 Ferrari 308 EV by Electric GT is on the Auction Block… What will happen?