Ferrari Quietly Testing Electric Prototype? (w/video)

APR 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Ferrari, as part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) under Sergio Marchionne’s management, appears to be staying away from all-electric cars, but there are signs that there could be an electric Ferrari in the works.

Sergio Marchionne said once that an electric Ferrari will sound and handle like a proper Ferrari, which indicates to us that we should expect to hear the sound of a gasoline engine and that suggests nothing more than a hybrid, or an electrified Ferrari, but not electric.

As it turns out, PurePerformance captured last month a Ferrari prototype that starts silently on the track, so maybe it’s a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric prototype.

Sergio Marchionne

“Marchionne, Ferrari’s chief executive officer, says the supercar manufacturer has been quietly—very quietly—testing a gasoline-electric hybrid car “you could run silently” at a track near its headquarters in the northern Italian town of Maranello.”

“Next year, Ferrari will start offering the technology in a sports car, its first model that can run entirely on battery power for any significant distance.”

For Ferrari, it’s last call time to begin development on plug-ins, as in the next couple of years it will be too late due to all of the competition that will arises.

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According to Bloomberg, analysts expect that Ferrari will increase its production from 9,000 cars in 2017 to 15,000 cars and double profits by introducing alternatively-powered models to an entire new group of consumers, those not interested in gasoline-supercars.

Source: Bloomberg

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It is pretty hard to test an electric car noisily! 😛

The Tesla Roadster 2 have grabbed the attention of every exotic, and sports, and super car maker.

Yep, Ferrari is getting nervous.
It’s called the Tesla Effect.

Yeah Sergio is probably not sure what the hell to do.

Poor dude is pained to join the EV party.

The TR2 may have grabbed more than just their attention (ouch!)

Yes indeed ‼️

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They should go Retro and build BEV Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS.

They will release an electric Maserati first.

Too little, too late imo – if you buy a super car it should be first at something, no to autonomy, no to ev, why is it better?

Usually a super car has superior handling. An old super car has that, mixed with a raw feel. A modern super car is good enough, and easy enough to take to the store. Sometimes (older super cars) have lots of power, feels nervous, raw, while making the driver know they can loose it real fast if they are not 100% focused. You have to really work to drive it. Like an old lambo. Not like the new easy to drive models. Then come low weight, stiffness and “exotic materials”. I’ve always been a Lamborghini fan myself, and at the drivers club we have a Countach from the 80s, with all the weird Lambo stuff. We also have a Diablo, which is more refined. Too bad it cost 100 euros for every 15 minutes to drive them. The V12, the sound, the firm ride, you know the engine is there. If I wanted a car with really controlled handling, I’d go for a Porsche. Can drive fast, for extended periods of time, with perfect control. But old school exotic cars gives a special feelings. A lot of weird, non practical solutions. . It all adds to the feeling. A super car… Read more »

Does that sign say ‘gas off’ … hahaha —

Of all the auto companies that never took Tesla seriously, FCA is the worst. The odds are stacked heavily against Ferrari because MBA’s run FCA and MBA’s are absolutely confident that they know EVERYTHING! If the engineers at FCA/Ferrari were allowed to do what they want to do (This never happens in real life, I know because I’m a retired engineer) Ferrari might do the right thing and come up with something that might come close to the performance of the next gen Tesla Roadster but it will cost way more than $200K. Prediction: FCA will be bankrupt withing five years. This makes me quite sad because my father, two brothers and my nephew all worked for Chrysler for a combined 86 years. My brother retired after 30 years which was just a few years before the entire Fenton Missouri (St. Louis area) “Chrysler” assembly plant closed down for good. That plant once employed about 14,000 people. They demolished the entire factory. The only thing left is a giant slab of concrete and asphalt.,-90.460288,2481m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en