Ferrari, Lamborghini Reaffirm No Plans For Electric Sports Cars



LaFerrari Hypercar is a Mild Hybrid

And that’s a shame.

While companies like Bentley and Porsche are committing to electric sports cars, Ferrari and Lamborghini, it seems, have other plans in mind. According to Automotive News, the two Italian marque’s aren’t convinced that electric supercars are the way forward… but hybrid options will likely be coming in the near future.

In an interview with the publication at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ferrari’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Leiters, said “there is a need for more time, more innovation to get the same performance, and, what’s even more challenging, to get the same driving pleasure that we have today.”

DragTimes: Lamborghini Aventador SV vs Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous And Yes, The Electric Tesla Wins

What we heard … his boss Sergio Marchionne said no.

Leiters continued on, saying “Just think of the sound and things like that which are essential for us. For us the first step is hybridization.”

That hybridization technology will eventually trickle down from the limited LaFerrari to more mainstream models like the 488 GTB. The prototype pictured below is rumored to have a hybrid setup.

As for Lamborghini, the company will continue to develop its new Urus SUV with a plug-in hybrid option, but the marque remains committed to naturally aspirated V10 and V12 engines.

CEO Stefano Domenicali said: “I don’t see electric to be an immediate development in the super sports car segment,” at the Frankfurt Motor Show. “But hybridization for sure will come, in the next five years for sure.”

Again, what we hear ‘my boss said no, so I am putting a brave face on it’.

The new Urus will come standard with a biturbo V8, but will be the first Lamborghini built with a plug-in hybrid option. While the Italian supercar maker remains mum on the subject of a hybrid sports car (for now), a new report suggests that a special one-off could be in the works with “new technology.”

Source: Automotive News

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Four Electrics

Can any BEV can be made faster with an ICE? If these manufacturers are simply going for maximum power output, they could add an ICE to a BEV and reduce thermo problems with the battery packs and motors. Could be strictly better than a BEV from a sustained power viewpoint.


But realistically how would that handle?

Most of the people that buy Ferrari’s or Lambo’s who actually care about the performance aspect don’t care about the 0-60 times. It’s more about what can it do at the track which is really where handling matters a lot and right now most BEVs and PHEVs are just inferior there because of the additional weight.

I would also really question how much the thermo problems could be managed by just throwing in an ICE. Sure you’ve got the ICE for help but if you keep pushing the electrical components, and they for sure would be, they sooner or later are going to overheat. Likely later than sooner with an ICE helping out but I don’t think the type of people who buy Lambo’s or Ferrari’s and their gold chains would be too happy if their car told them it needed to enter limited power mode to cool down 😀


Inferior like NIO EP9..?


Yes, inferior. All you have to do is look at a Formula 1 car and a Formula E car, the pinnacle of ICE and EV cars built specifically for the track. The F1 car wipes the track with the Formula E car currently.

The EP 9 is impressive no doubt but how many Huracan Performante’s can you buy for the price of an EP 9? It’s also not the fastest at the current yardstick track anymore. How many laps can the EP 9 do before it has to cool down> I honestly don’t know but I bet it’s less than a Huracan. While the EP 9 can go very fast for an EV it’s top speed is under 200 mph and these days a surprising amount of ICE’s can go over 200 mph.

So yes when it comes to the track EVs and PHEVs are currently inferior in many ways.

earl colby pottinger

You are comparing the second generation of Formula E to I don’t know how many generations of Formula X?

What happens when you start on the third, fourth, fifth generation of Formula E?

earl colby pottinger

Since cars like Tesla sedans are not made to be faster or to handle like a sports car from the beginning we have only a few examples what an electric can do.

The NIO EP9 already shows what can be done by electrics, what do Ferrari and Lamborghini plan to do when the next generation of electric sports cars leave them in the dust?


…open up a museum for prehistoric technology!


Yes the sound is such an issue especially when I have to hear it!
It’s not good enough to be powerful you have to be loud ?
Noise is a form of pollution that seems to be harder to get away from.It may not be harmful but causes stress , It’s not needed only for vanity , yes you have a nice car but do you have to rub it in my ears.


Sports cars don’t even register compared to the nuisance that Harleys are.

Jim J Fox

+10! Hate Harleys, though people tell me they are built quiet but removing muffler baffles is ‘de rigeur’ for the Harley bunch.
Two-wheeled tractor, IMO; is it true that HPR 50 oil was compulsory for Harleys til recently? A mechanic told me this was due to poor mechanical tolerances… who knows?
Oddly, there is a town in Australia that has the highest proportion of Harley owners in the world. Most of whom are gang members!

Only good thing- belt drive.


We don’t all remove the muffler baffles. That’s hyperbole.
Many of us simply choose less restrictive exhaust components.

And some of us are very interested in BEV’s

If you get to know us, you’ll see we come in all kinds.


What makes a Harley Davidson a nuisance?

Is there a possibility you are confusing the bike for it’s rider?


No. If someone starts up a Harley and then goes in their house the Harley is still F’ing annoying.

I’m sure the rider can and likely will make it more annoying but they are annoying enough on their own 😀


Ah, you have a problem with a neighbor.

There’s a guy with an old muscle car on my street, every Saturday he’s up at oh dark 30 working on it. When I don’t hear the engine, I hear his air tools.

I don’t blame the car, I blame the jerk who owns it.


I don’t think ICE vs electric is really a thing when it comes to supercars. Our phones tell the time eons more precisely than a mechanical watch. And yet, the latter still grace our wrists and will for the foreseeable future: not to tell the time but as a celebration of engineering, craftsmanship and the arts. Leonardo da Vinci for the wrist and Michelangelo on wheels to enjoy and reflect… and a Tesla to get to work:)


Yes, there is that; but on the other hand, every Ferrari or Lamborghini driver is going to re-think his opinion about PEVs when he gets beat at a stoplight drag race by a stock Tesla car.

And heck, if they’re that addicted to the sound of “VROOM! VROOM!” when they push on the accelerator, I’m sure some creative people will (or perhaps already have) come up with apps for various BEVs which will pipe the roar of a high-octane engine thru the car’s speakers when you stomp on the “go pedal”.

Heck, hot-rodders who join the EV revolution can even pay an aftermarket shop to hook up those in-seat subwoofers to the car seats, if they want to feel the rumble while still enjoying the benefits of driving a BEV. 😉


#1 Ferrari’s are almost never seen at the drag strip. That’s for red necks. Ferrari’s go to the race track, which Tesla’s cannot do nearly as well because of their weight.

#2 An EV were as light and faster, most people would not care about the sound because the performance would make up for the lack of it.

Come back with that smugness only when they’ve solved the battery weight issue.

Jim J Fox

Is Nurburgring considered a racetrack? If so you are very much mistaken… NIO EP9

earl colby pottinger

Weird, when I am in Miami I am always hearing bad thing about people renting supercars then drag racing them on the streets.


They’re not going to go electric anytime soon? Okay, good luck with that.


Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali said: “I don’t see electric to be an immediate development in the super sports car segment….But hybridization for sure will come, in the next five years for sure.”

Lamborghini has ~3-4 years before the updated Tesla Roadster goes into production…

Will be interesting to see in 2020-2021 if the performance market chooses Lambos’s ICE+Battery Hybrid or Tesla’s all-electric Battery+Capacitor.


The roadster is likely much farther away than that. They have the Model 3 to stabilize, the Model y to start, and the pickup. (And the semi).


The overwhelming majority of buyers are not lining up to buy exotics, so it is safe for them to say this within their business model

earl colby pottinger

And when the President of the United States used a BlackBerry everyone in politics wanted to show they were using a BlackBerry – yet overnight it seems to me the status switched to Apple IPhones.

The point I am trying to make is that even status symbols can change a very short time.


Driving pleasure = annoying engine noise?

No surprise at all, at least not from me. I think most of those who drive Ferraris and Lamborghinis are die-hard gearheads, the type of people who will say “They can take my gasmobile away when they pry the steering wheel from my cold, dead fingers!” I have a friend who is into street racing, and of course he has his souped-up hot rod. The subject of Tesla Motors came up the other day, and he launched into some conspiracy theory rant about how the company was secretly funded almost entirely by taxpayer money. I was startled at the time; why was he so worked up over the leader in EV tech? Later I realized that Tesla is a big threat to hot rod “modders”; any stock Tesla car can so easily and routinely beat nearly any gasmobile hot rod. Unfortunately for Ferrari and Lamborghini, as well as Bugatti and Alfa Romeo and a few others, the public is going to view gasmobiles as being old-fashioned within a few years, and obsolete not long after that. Altho there will of course be some appeal for nostalgia in gasmobile high-end sports cars, Ferrari and Lamborghini and the others ought to be… Read more »

Maybe when they increase battery density to the point where you can have a very light battery with decent range. An EV is fun going in straight line, but its weight takes throws off the dynamics in tight turns.


Seriously? Have you actually driven an EV, even as tame as a Leaf, in the twisties? The weight is all low on the car and it tracks flat like a go cart.
You must be thinking about a LICE car.


Yes. I own a eGolf as my beater/commuter car. And have driven the Leaf.

If your idea of fun is this car then I’d have to ask if you’ve ever driven a Ferrari in the twisties?


So, what you are trying to prove is that the Ferrari is better than an eGolf, or Leaf.
At the moment there is no real counterpart for an ICE supercar, but Ferrari, Lamborghini and the other just have to wait a few more years. They will be the first to lose in the EV revolution.

earl colby pottinger

That is not true, there was review just a while ago where they replaced the ICE with batteries and motor of the same weight and balanced weight the same so the handling was just the same as the ICE except it did not make the noise that ICE have to.


Ferrari’s sound amazing.

When ICE owners say that they love the sound of engines, I look at them funny because 99.99% of engines out there sound and feel terrible. The silence of EV’s is better than the sound of a typical engine.

Ferrari’s are a different story. They sound amazing.

Anyhow even if everyone went EV and Ferrari stayed ICE, I doubt that there are enough owners that put enough miles to even matter.

The reason I would want a EV sports car is really because of the maintenance issue. Parking a car to be driven only once a month actually requires a lot of effort to keep it in top form. Taking to have a car serviced when you only drive 1000 miles a year is no fun at all.

earl colby pottinger

Yes, I remember after our salesman did good in the early days of selling microcomputers (1984-1986) he bought a Porsche.

But he only drove it on weekends, and during winter (we salt our roads here in Ontario) he had to store it in his garage.

After a few years he sold (and made a small profit) because it was a lot of money invested in a car he rarely drove.


Collectors cars are a different world. It’s where collectors have money to buy rare car, show them off to friends, then sell them for even more. It’s nice to have that kind of money.

earl colby pottinger

The other reason he sold was his son (17-18) was old enough to drive and of-course he was always begging to take out the car, but I think the salesman wanted to remove the temptation from his son.




Five years, eh? That’s how long it takes to bring a new vehicle to market…


A gas suicide pact.
So be it.


This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Steam engine enthusiasts are not replacing them with electric trains.

Hunting enthusiasts aren’t going to the supermarket to shoot a deer.

Watch enthusiasts aren’t trading a Rolex for an Apple Watch.

Etc etc.

High performance ICE cars are a pleasure for the people who wish to enjoy them, We all know EVs are the future of everyday vehicles, that has no relevance to specialist sports cars.

I do see a future where they may be restricted to off road use however, but that could be 30 years away.

Jim J Fox

Good answer. Only question is- how many hypercar/ICE makers can survive on annual sales in the single digits? Surely as the market shrinks due to EV’s, the Ferraris of the world will become more akin to Bugatti etc?
Billionaire’s market.

earl colby pottinger

I think the market will be at-least in the hundreds, but it will be the rare ICE supercar that is made in the thousands then.

PS. Are not some supercars only sold a few hundred and the limited supply part of the mystic?


We should stop using “polluting” and use “poisoning”.


Please stop using that car to pollute the air that my kids breathe.


Please stop using that car to poison the air that my kids breathe.

J P DeCaen

I wonder why Rimac has not posted lap times. With those four motors giving super precise control, and the low down center of gravity, you’d think they could pull something pretty good as a lap time.


Because Hammond wrecked it before it could go to Nürburgring. Only the NIO did a Nürburgring test.

earl colby pottinger

Another reason I dislike Top Gear.

Martin T.

Yes they will keep making cars that sound fast and go slow, all the while harness that Italian engineering to break down and catch fire.

Guess they want the old fireballs going as an electric sports car might actually be too durable for them.


Sport cars like Ferrari’s and Lambo’s will switch to electric almost instantly (or will face diving into history), as the guys who will drive them in the next few years will get constantly “smoked” by higher-end EV family cars, on highways around the world… Or they will be simply swiped away by models like NEO EP-9.

Question to Mr. Michael Leiters and Mr. Stefano Domenicali: Gentlemen, what’s the fun in driving a super sport car and being constantly smoked by regular family cars?… 🙂

Another Euro point of view

“what’s the fun in driving a super sport car and being constantly smoked by regular family cars”

Where are those ICE smoked ? On the 0-60mph run ? Yes agreed. That would be for example last the first seconds of a trip. What about the minutes, hours that follows. In my weekly trip to my home town on the highway we see Tesla’s from time to time. Speed limit is 130 km/h. Tesla typically drive 110-120 km/h in order to make it home or to the next supercharger. So rate at which they are overtaken by EUR 10k old ICE econobox is probably one every 10 seconds on an average day. This is unfortunate but nevertheless day to day reality for those driving a EUR 100’000 EV. So quick ? Yes, sort of.


So… You should not worry… 🙂 The fast charging, reasonably priced, 500+ miles real range per charge autonomy battery is just arround the corner! The point is that companies like Tesla are advancing so quickly in the EV market, that ICE only auto makers will most probably face extinction. Again, Nokia was a super brand, with huge market share, but even so 10 years after iPhone nobody wants their phones…