Ferrari Chairman Says Italian Automaker “Will Never Manufacture an Electric Car”



Ferrari certainly makes some of the world’s most spectacular automotive machinery.

But No Ferrari Will Be Pure Electric

But No Ferrari Will Be Pure Electric

And its latest extreme hypercar, the LaFerrari, is on the cutting-edge of hybrid technology.

So, is an electric vehicle to follow?

Absolutely not, says Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo.

Just days ago, di Montezemolo made it clear that Ferrari will never manufacture a vehicle without a gasoline engine.  At least not while he’s still at the helm.

“We will never manufacture an electric car as long as I’m chairman.”

That doesn’t rule out a plug-in hybrid Ferrari, perhaps similar to the McLaren P1, but a pure electric Ferrari ain’t coming anytime soon.  Looks like Tesla’s competition in the high-end, ultra-performance electric category will be incredibly slim.

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It seems hard to imagine that if a magical battery comes along, combined with software driven selectable engine audio, that Ferrari would not seriously consider an electric car. It’s not as though Ferrari is always pure V12, or pure anything. They have made some strange things in the past under Enzo’s DNA.

But then, Fiat owns Ferrari (?), and Maserati has been dismissive of electric cars. It makes me wonder whether Italy has a national capability deficiency in high performance electric powertrains.

Perhaps the Italian prestige brands look more to bio fuel for their future performance cars. Or they still think the earth is flat and centred on Rome.

Not throwing stones, as we in Australia are without a credible production capable organic electric powertrain capability. The last electric motor manufacturer died years ago. Assembling Camry Hybrids doesn’t count.

Most of Italys motor industry is controlled by ENI, europe’s
largest oil and gas company !

I have an announcement as well: “I will never buy a Ferrari.”

Thank you. That is all.

These old farts just need to move on already and let in some new blood.
There I said it.

I’m guessing once all the other super-car automakers are blowing the Ferrari #’s away with their EVs, they will make the switch. Gotta keep up w/the Joneses!

Sounds like Luca might loose his chair in the process.

Ferraris are beautiful cars, I always get stopped in my tracks passing one, but they are really falling behind in drivetrain technology. The fact that Porsche and McClarin both have plug in supercars on pre-sale and Ferrari is only just talking about a mild hybrid, is sad. Audi has also tested the engineering waters with the E-tron.

An inevitable doubling of battery capacity in the next 5 – 7 years could leave them producing the slowest cars in the class. If you compare the power curves of an electric motor and an ICE, it seems obvious that a dual drivetrain would be the ultimate in performance, but maybe not in cost and complexity.

I put that quote right after:

“I think there is a world market for about five computers” – Thomas J. Watson (Chairman of the Board of IBM in 1943)

Ahaha, nice quote!

Sounds like he’s stepping down within a couple of years… so no, they won’t produce one while he’s chairman…


the only aspect this comment with the added disclaimer “while i am the chairman” portrays is he has given up on the company and may be on the entire super car segment. All he is saying is sorry I cannot set a path for this company to follow for next 50 years, I just don’t understand this world anymore, but till the time this board allows me to earn the multi millions I will keep following my old ways. What a pathetic approach to leading a famous company.