Tesla Is #1 Selling Brand In Europe’s Electric Car Race In February

MAR 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 59

In March it will be total domination for the Tesla Model 3

Well, it didn’t take long for Tesla to conquer Western Europe with volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3. According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt (schmidtmatthias.de), in February Tesla sold the most all-electric cars the region (over 4,000, including 3,730 Model 3 registrations). And we must remember, Model 3 wasn’t even at full speed yet.

Another interesting note is that February wasn’t the strongest month for other manufacturers, but as of today, Tesla improved its share of the battery-electric vehicle market to about one fifth. Total electric car sales are estimated at 20,100 (about 1.9% of total volume).

The other interesting finding is that Hyundai/Kia were #2, ahead of Renault and Nissan, which makes sense given that the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV are two outstanding choices among long-range electric cars.

Come next month, we expect absolute domination by Tesla with the Model 3.

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I hope we see global sales for January and February soon

The Global EV Sales for January 2019 are already posted:


Tesla will hopefully soon be selling about 12000 vehicles per month in Europe. That should be doable when mid range arrives.

Another Euro point of view

12000 vehicles should be Tesla March sales in Europe.

Once they’re doing 10K/week, I expect the monthly breakdown will be around 12K/month in China, 18K/month in the US, and 10K/month in Europe.

They’re selling under 10k in the US for January and February.

They are selling every one they can make. If they sold more in the US they would have to decrease sales in other markets.

That sounds about right. However, Tesla also have sales in other Asia counties Japan, Korea, Australia, NZ, Taiwan and Middle East, Canada and Mexico. So I think you’re too high for China.

What’s the basis for that? Looking at last year sales, Model S and X were selling 3-4 times fewer units in Europe than in US. It wouldn’t be surprising if that was repeated for Model 3.
If we’re going to see 18k in US, I would expect 4.5-6k in Europe. This is of course a lot (last year European bestseller was Nissan Leaf with 40k), through 18k for US seems optimistic as for first 2 months of 2019 it averages only one third of that (~6k).

Current prospects for Model 3 are a bit hard to get right as on one hand there is a supply limitation and on the other hand there is peped up demand, both affecting the numbers we see and it’s not unreasonable for them to swing in either direction.

In short: Tesla is not nearly as popular in Europe as in US, Model 3 will be very popular, but will not get close to the position it has in US.

Unfortunatelly, big part of buyers at least in Spain are quite angry about Tesla and the service they provide. One of the main spanish websites about cars, km77.com, had purchased a Model 3 and they are going to make a long term test. The first opinions about Tesla quality service were very, very bad for a car of that cost. Other Tesla buyers like the youtuber MacVoltio, are very disappointed with Tesla. I let you both links:

MacVoltio, Tesla buyer: Title “Tesla nos tima”, “Tesla tricks us”.


Tesla seller hide the down of 3000 € to lot of buyers.

km77.com, they buy a Model 3 for the long range test and this is how Tesla delivered it:


Charles Koch? Shouldn’t you be building wind farms about now?

MC voltios only wants to get free autopilot that Feb buyers gets with the down price and Jan buyers don’t have the free autopilot of 3k the same than down price of tm3

Another Euro point of view

That’s right, now what are the opponents:

1/ a compliance e-Golf based on an ICE.
2/ a Leaf 2 which body form seems as it was designed as a cure for people with a car addiction.
3/ production restrained Korean cars
4/ expensive/production restrained I-pace.
5/ a Zoe which design dates from the Napoleonic wars

We need to have car manufacturers to start believing in EVs. This should start as from 2020, partly thanks Tesla but mostly due to strict EU emissions regulations.

@Another Euro point of view said: “…We need to have car manufacturers to start believing in EVs. This should start as from 2020, partly thanks Tesla but mostly due to strict EU emissions regulations.”


And when manufacturers start believing in EVs not as an emissions compliance must-do solution but instead as a solution preferable to ICE for its own inherit merits (such as simpler mechanics, wider design flexibility, higher performance capability, and profitable at scale) then that is when traditional car makers will truly embrace EVs and be eager to make great EVs in volume… they will get there in time… it’s a process.

Traditional car makers are currently reluctant EV participants… for them like paying taxes or taking caugh medicine.

True, and WLTP has proven to be a tremendous challenge for OEMs. But would it even exist if EV makers hadn’t shown that there was a viable and economic alternative to the ICE business as usual vehicle production process?

Harsh but true.

2/ a Leaf 2 which body form seems as it was designed as a cure for people with a car addiction.

The Leaf has the preferred body form in Europe and in the rest of the world. Hatchbacks are much more rational than sedans. And even US consumers are starting to agree with this since current SUVs are little more than raised hatchbacks.

It still amazes me that coventional (i.e., ICE) car manufacturers are so willing to allow an upstart like Tesla to get a dominant position in what is so obviously the long-term future of their business. This is not to disparage Tesla (my Model 3 is awesome), but seriously, they’ve had years to see it coming.

Though it’s probably hard to find a copy these days, Brock Yates’ 1983 book “The Decline and Fall of the American Automobile Industry” gives you some insight of how insular and blind the Detroit executive class became before it got successively hammered by foreign imports. They came up from the ranks and never socialized with other rich people in other industries. Maybe when you rely on ideology to maintain your hold on people, you or your successors come to believe it too.

Another Euro point of view

…and years to see Tesla making huge losses making them. They are no idiots, they had their accountants running the figures and who said, “no, not profitable now” “OK then, but profitable when ?” “Maybe 5 years from now depending on battery volume production” “Ok then let’s take that into account in our products strategy”. Those huge groups can be very nimble when needed, for example VW had a presence in China as early as from 1978 when almost no one could afford a private car there, they just saw the potential market it could one day become and are now making billions of profits every year there.

I think the Bolt was an example of about as quick a rapid pivot as you can make these days. Cars are probably so complicated these days, with both the software and hardware components that need efficient integration, that it is nearly impossible to rapidly pivot and make a profit.

I think GM is a good example, I just ordered an AWD Model 3 and it was basically the same cost as my 2012 Volt and it would have been about the same price as my Bolt if I had not chosen the AWD option. GM loses money and the AWD M3 is a profit center for Tesla.

I wonder if GM is lying about the Volt cost.
Then again, you could dump a lot of R&D expense into the Volt accounting.

You could treat its accounting differently than your other vehicles.

“…and years to see Tesla making huge losses making them.”

Great to see you found a new job Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. Thought you were dead.

“Tesla making huge losses”.
Another guy fooled by the senile financial news industry.
I finding it interesting that it’s never reported where that money went, but, it’s there on the balance sheet: Long Term Assets: Today: 29 BILLION Dollars.
Sitting out there in the Nevada Desert, the largest battery production plant in the world.
Also, the California assembly plant.

We need All CEO’s in America to start making “huge losses” every year, like Tesla because that’s the formula for massive success and market dominance.

I think it’s time Ford and Exxon shareholders started demanding their CEO’s too, made “huge losses”, to survive.

OK some peoples are not going to like this, but it is not worth for those companies so far, the market is small compare to ICE, most of them loose money when they sell BEV, Ford is probably making a killing with the F150.

They are all getting ready, when their revenue on ICE start to go down because of BEV; they will adjust.

One example of that are the gas station like Petro-Canada, they started to install charging stations only in small quantities; but they will adjust as time goes.

I do not think that the big companies are stupid enough to just wait and go bankrupt (they have peoples that are well paid to predict or influence the market), once volume is high enough, they will go into full production

Another Euro point of view


LMFAOn, If they have accountants as stupid as A-Euro they will go down with the ship

With the level of debt and pension obligations even profitable companies shoulder, it may not be enough to be the first among the classics. The laggards will disappear with the flood of ultra-cheap Chinese EVs. Do we really expect simple fully electric cars to be different from solar cells, smartphones, or e-bikes?

Ford cut its car model production.
They could just plan to shrink to the size of small companies then go bankrupt.

Have you ever heard of Kodak?

Wait, so Tesla is making ~5000 Model 3s a week. So combined in Jan and Feb they should’ve created 40k ish. In the US, they’ve sold 12,250 in Jan and Feb combined. Now you’re telling me in Europe they’ve delivered less than 4k Model 3s. That gets me to about 16k ish. Where are the other 24k? Are they really selling that many in China with all the tariff issues before their plant there opens up? That many still on the way to europe?

In transit

Tesla should have produced at least 30k Model 3s each month, and whatever did not sell in the US, would be sold in Europe and China. So yea, at least 24k Model 3 were sold in Europe and China last month. We just don’t have all those numbers until Tesla offers quarterly sales in April. But I am expecting about 50k units exported for the 1st quarter. 75k for 2nd qtr, 75k 3rd qtr and 75k for 4th qtr. Or about 275k Model 3 units exported for 2019. And anther 25k+ for North America. Tesla should end 2019 with at least 300k Model 3 sales. Which is a nice benchmark to lead into Y production and sales in 2020 for the US, and Model 3 production ramping up in China. Along with Semi production starting up in the US this year and Roadster in 2020.

I also expect Europe to start getting cars exported from China instead of the US with the huge Gigafactory 3. Get all around the whole unnecessary tariff cluster and better pricing for Europe and higher margins and volume for Tesla.

I don’t want to buy a Tesla made in China. Would you buy a Gucci dress made in China? Let gigafactory3 produce just and only for tariff-sheltered chinese market.

Don’t forget Canada too. There more to the world than just America, Europe and China.

In transit to China and Europe. Don’t forget that until Gigafactory 3 is operational they’ll have to send Model 3’s to China as well.
Also, there are other markets they are selling in such as Canada for example.

Yup.. Canada…and recently launched in Mexico! Seems nobody is paying attention to that market (Mexico), and those numbers yet! Model S & Model X, were already sold there! Now Model 3 is, too, and Deliveries have begun, as best as I can Understand!

Check out @EcoHeliGuy ‏ on twitter. He’s been tracking the boats and has fairly accurate Tesla numbers for Europe and China.

Due to pre orders, and the will to deliver, Tesla should sell more EVs then other brands at least until the summer.
Then we’ll see how the competition will price their vehicles and what volume they can deliver. Also.. most pre orders are done by then.
The cheaper model 3 should arrive, and spark Interest again.
I heard with a Renault dealer that they had good access to the Zoe, and would increase marketing efforts during the spring. Would go after people who had older cars, young customers, and elderly who was alone after the kids had left the best.
Maybe price adjustments would be included, since development and tooling costs had been covered by now.

Sorry, i took info about Zoe after anche interesting commercial.. What you get is an ugly electric box as expensive like an amazing Alfa Romeo diesel and less efficient and economic. Nope

Let’s forget other makers that are selling many non EVs.
Tesla sold 12k model 3 in the US in 2019, let’s assume they’ll double in Europe to 8000 for the next month, add 1000/month for China and 3000 for Europe in January (I think it’s exaggerated…)
That’s below 40k model 3 for Q1, we must include some other markets but the sum will be around 40k.
It seems very low, I was expecting 45k that would still be low… What am I doing wrong in here? What are the sales in China? (it was just a wild guess)…

One thing you are missing is the delay that naturally comes with opening up new pipelines in foreign markets.

A number of week’s more worth of production will be in transit for Q1, with those sales delayed until Q2.

This will be a one-time hit that automatically comes with opening these new pipelines, and every company that takes a product global suffers the same type of one-time transit hit in the quarter they open up sale in a new global market.

I’m not missing that. If you look at numbers I’m rounding it up big time. Also I’m exaggerating January to account for that.

Wait, I thought according to financial media the Model 3 had soft demand in Europe?

Everyone will have to wait and see what the demand is like when all the reservation holders have had not only the chance to order but actually get their cars. It seems that the USA is levelling off and I expect that the same will happen in Europe and could be even more pronounced given the following
1) Sedans are nowhere near as popular as Hatchbacks/Crossovers/CUV’s in Europe
2) People waiting for the Model Y
3) Places like Germany(almost), Italy(already there) and other European Countries to drop into recession
4) BREXIT screwing the UK up royally. Almost no one is spending money there. You only have to read the financial pages of the newspapers or BBC Business to find that out.

The Model 3 has now invaded Europe. It certainly has arrived but my guess is that the author really does not know what the word invaded means to Europeans. As the USA has not been invaded for 200 years, the meanings are different IMHO

Another Euro point of view


4000 cars isn’texactly disproving that?

Yes indeed, 4000 cars in Europe are not going to compensate for the lower sales in the US.

With your math skills, maybe you should think about ART as a major.

You keep saying that,, but you also keep missing all the other countries Tesla sells to,

People are getting bored of Tesla model3 in USA. They want freshly updates. Now they’ll wait for model Y 18 months. Meantime traditional marquees can catch up. Tesla future doesn’t look bright! But they have my sympathy and i sincerely hope they can make it

You obviously don’t work on a Tesla delivery team in the US. I hope you never change your mind, because they find comments like yours highly entertaining. Helps lighten the load with long hours doing deliveries.

@Asa Destrava said: “People are getting bored of Tesla model3 in USA… Tesla future doesn’t look bright!”

lol… perhaps in your dreams… supposedly dreaming is part of the human coping mechanism to relieve the mental trauma of dealing with real-world stress.

Bored of Model 3 after less than a year of full production? Dream on. If anything needs updates it’s the same same Golf, Camry, Accord etc- just add a few more knobs and dials and call it the “all new” xxxx year version. Yawn fossil cars.

Model 3 will outclass anything from legacy automakers for the next 5 years.

Is there a “Plug-In Sales Scorecard” for Europe? Even if it’s not hosted by IEVs?

Check out EV sales blogspot if you haven’t already. We leave the other countries and global sales to them. If you dig around a bit, there are also some nice shared spreadsheets out there, but they’re primarily tracking Tesla.

Read that Tesla will deliver all their Model 3 pre orders in March. About 2000 Model 3 will arrive in Norway, and if you order one now, it will be delivered this month. That was ok a rapport about the car carrier that they were unloading. Looks like they may beat the LEAF delivery record in Norway, with over 2000 in a month.
I would have thought there were enough pre orders to last to about summer.. so I was clearly wrong.
Can look like many people wait for the cheap version, and/or a version with a hitch.

Wow, what a wonderful news. Hope Model-3 worldwide sales last month crosses 10,000 mark.
Time for VW to seriously consider selling ID instead of just making news.