Modern EVs are battered on a daily basis with misinformation about their performance and what it’s like to own one. It’s more important than ever to combat these EV myths to stop them from spreading and preventing the next potential owner from making the switch. 

While the subject of these myths run the gamut from range to noise to weight to cold-weather performance, one common element unites them all: tires. Miss GoElectric visited the Electrify Expo in Long Beach, California to set the record straight about EV tires and these all too common myths.

Her lesson begins and ends at the Hankook Tires booth, which features the impressive lineup of iON tires designed specifically for EV applications. From the all-season iON evo AS to the winter-minded iON i*cept tires, there’s an EV-specific iON tire for every lifestyle. 

If your hesitation regarding EVs has to do with maximizing range, reducing noise, extending tire life, and performing well in the cold, Miss GoElectric addresses each one with the advanced technology and materials that go into iON tires. It’s a lesson not to be missed, especially if you’re on the fence about joining Team EV. 

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