Best Gifts For Tesla Owners That They Will Love

Finish your holiday shopping early with a visit to Tesloid. Save 25% on all accessories and $100 off winter tire packages.

Tesloid Holiday Gift Guide Tesloid Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas, Christmas time is here. Time for toys and time for Tesla accessories for the EV owner in your life. Upgrading your car or SUV is one of the best aspects of Tesla ownership, so we’ve made a guide for the best products from Tesloid to put under the tree this year. Any one of these will bring a smile to you or your driver’s face, plus Tesloid’s offering a big 25% discount if you use coupon code GIFT25 with your purchase before November 30th. 

Luggage Bags for Model Y and Model 3

One of the coolest things about buying a supercar in the ‘80s was the custom luggage set you could buy to fit their oddly shaped cargo spaces. Tesloid makes something similar for the Model Y and Model 3 that fit the cars’ famous frunk. Designed to take up every square inch of available frunk space, these luggage bags are made from high quality 1200D fabrics to handle maximum loads and have a laptop pocket, dual zippers, and a shoulder pad for easy transport from the car to your hotel room. They come in sets of two. USE COUPON CODE GIFT25 TO SAVE ANOTHER 25%.

Cooler Bags for Model Y and Model 3

In case you want to leave your Tesla’s frunk free for food transport, Tesloid offers one of the industry’s best cooler bags for the Model Y and Model 3. Designed with two sides to accommodate both hot and cold food at the same time, the Tesloid cooler bag is made from durable and high quality 600D fabrics with stuffing to handle maximum loads and has lift handles, auxiliary pockets, and interior dividers to keep your course separated. Short of hauling a mini-fridge in your Model Y, the Tesloid cooler bag is the best solution for transporting food in your Tesla and costs just $89.99 after the 25% discount. USE COUPON CODE GIFT25 TO SAVE ANOTHER 25%.

Floor Mats for Model Y and Model 3

Protect your investment with a complete set of floor mats from Tesloid. The company makes two kinds of floor mats for the Model Y and Model 3: the 3D Extreme Performance set and the 3D Comfort Performance set, both on sale for $159.99. The 3D Extreme Performance set is meant for an active style with durable materials set in an aggressive pattern to trap mud, snow, and spills. The 3D Comfort Performance floor mats blend in with your Tesla’s interior but still protects at a high-level with a durable carpet-like surface. Both sets come with two floor mats for the front footwells and a rear seat mat that spans the vehicle’s entire width. USE COUPON CODE GIFT25 TO SAVE ANOTHER 25%.

Camping Tent for Model Y 

The custom-fitted Model Y tent from Tesloid has seven feet of standing headroom inside and 50 square feet of enclosed living space. That’s not counting the sleeping area inside the car or the extra 25 square feet of shaded area underneath the awning. It also folds up into a small bag when not in use and even stands on its own if you want to take the Model Y elsewhere for the day. The Tesloid Model Y Tent will come out to $337.49 after the 25% discount. USE COUPON CODE GIFT25 TO SAVE ANOTHER 25%.

Winter Tires for the Model Y and Model 3

Winter is here, and Tesla tires from the factory were designed more for efficiency than traction. Gift yourself or someone else a Winter Tire Package from Tesloid for the Model Y or Model 3 and you're giving the gift of security. Each package comes with four genuine Michelin X-Ice winter tires, four OEM 19-inch Gemini rims, and four tire pressure monitoring sensors. The whole kit comes with the tires mounted and balanced on the rims, as well. For a very limited time, these winter tire packages for the Model Y and Model 3 are $100 off using the coupon code TIRE100. They won't fit beneath a Christmas tree, but they're a perfect fit for your Tesla. USE COUPON CODE TIRE100 TO SAVE ANOTHER $100.

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