Cheapest Cars To Own And Operate Under Warranty 2021-22

YouTuber B Rich compares ownership and running costs to find the cheapest car to currently own and operate under warranty in the US.

One of the leading benefits of driving an EV is undoubtedly the low running costs. And with more and more affordable electric cars reaching the market, surely a budget EV would cost less to own over an extended period than an equivalent low-cost petrol or diesel car? Well, YouTuber B Rich decided to find out.

Having analyzed several costs such as service, tire and fuel / electricity costs and factoring in the federal tax credit for EVs, B Rich discovered the Mini Cooper SE was currently the cheapest car to own and operate in the US. Provided you are eligible for the complete $7,500 federal tax rebate, over a 5-year period the Mini SE will cost you just $192 a month.

However, he also noted the all-electric Mini might not necessarily be your best option. It has a limited EPA range of just 110 miles after all.  Perhaps a smarter choice for those of you after more range would be the entry-level Nissan Leaf, which costs a total of just $200 a month according to B Rich’s calculations yet manages 150 miles per charge.

If you wanted even more range (and space) the Hyundai Kona Electric came in at a reasonable $232 a month after the federal tax rebate had been applied.  Other affordable all-electric options included the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro RWD ($252 per month) and the Standard Range RWD Ford Mustang Mach-E ($260 a month).

Interestingly the cheapest new ICE car, the Chevy Spark, still came in at a hefty $202 a month – more than both the Mini SE and Nissan Leaf. Perhaps we have now reached the tipping point where EVs make more sense to own for the budget-conscious buyer than ICE vehicles do.

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