The ID.4 is the first of a new breed of VW electric vehicles available in the US. Sharing the MEB modular electric vehicle architecture with the ID.3 compact hatchback sold in Europe, the ID.4 fits North American car buyers’ tastes better since it’s an SUV.

But what is the VW ID.4 like compared to America’s best-selling EV, the Tesla Model 3? Well, Dave Erickson, a.k.a. Everyman Driver on YouTube, may be just the right person to offer an answer.

He has owned a Tesla Model 3 since October 2020, and recently got the chance to drive the VW ID.4 for a week. The first thing he noticed was the Volkswagen's less immediate response when accelerating. The ID.4 is fast alright, but the acceleration feels smoother, which is not necessarily a bad thing when you think about it; after all, this is a family SUV.

Something the reviewer failed to mention was that this particular ID.4 is a 1st Edition, which means it’s a single motor, rear-wheel-drive model with 201 horsepower. That said, comparing it to his 258-hp Model 3 Standard Range (also a RWD model) is not entirely fair, seeing as the Tesla is both more powerful and some 1,100 pounds (500 kg) lighter.

Moving on, Dave also talks about the ID.4’s two-screen setup, which he prefers to the Model 3’s single screen, although he says adjusting to the Tesla was no big deal for him.

Another thing he likes about the ID.4 is that it feels like a normal car compared to the Tesla, and therefore makes the transition from an ICE car to an EV more seamless. The list of pros also includes the cool design, reasonable pricing, and SUV practicality.

Head over to the video if you also want to know what the negatives are.

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