If you follow the space, you're probably aware of Tesla owner and popular YouTube influencer Andy Slye. If you know of Andy, you may have noticed that he likes to talk about "secret" Tesla stuff and unique ideas. We appreciate this since much of the content out there tends to be pretty similar.

Slye's latest video talks about Tesla's secret advantage, but it's not specifically about charging, the Supercharger Network, manufacturing, FSD Beta, Artificial Intelligence, or Elon Musk. Instead, it dives into an advantage that Tesla owners and other electric car owners may be able to bank on.

Slye has shared his successes with the world on numerous occasions. It seems he is always looking for an opportunity to apply himself in some new and exciting way, which often leads to a new revenue stream. Aside from his day job, Andy is obviously a YouTuber, but he's also a photographer, and he drives for Uber and Lyft.

Andy says when he drives for Uber and Lyft, he can track his miles and claim them on his taxes as a business expense. Since the cost of electricity is cheap where he lives, this is a big benefit to him. Taking it a step further, he points out that he has plenty of free Supercharging miles, which many other Tesla owners may also have.

While Tesla notes that you shouldn't use Superchargers if you're working for a rideshare company, it specifically excludes folks who charge on a "pay per use basis," which is true of most new Tesla owners, including Andy. In addition, even if he didn't have free miles to use, Supercharging is cheaper than paying for gas, and that's true of charging most EVs at most charging stations, so the advantage really applies to anyone who owns an EV.  

Andy also points out that if you're self-employed and have a dedicated home office, you can deduct part of your electric bill on your tax return. If you charge at home, this could also be a substantial benefit.

Slye makes it clear that he's not giving financial or legal advice here. Rather, he's really just pointing out the obvious, which many people simply may not have realized.

We've noticed a lot of delivery drivers in our area driving EVs. One Chevy Bolt owner works at a local pizzeria and he told us he gets a stipend for miles based on gas prices, which, as you can probably imagine, works out very well for him.

Once you've watched the video for all the details, let us know what you think of this plan. Have you driven your EV for Uber or Lyft? Have you taken advantage of writing off the miles or deducting part of your utility bill on your taxes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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